Mischa Popoff: It’s about time Canada lost its innocence

It’s about time Canada lost its innocence

Posted: Monday, October 27, 2014 6:00 am

Mischa Popoff | 18 comments

For years now, Liberals and New Democrats have pretended Islamic terrorists deserved to be treated with kid gloves.

They said the Bush-Cheney doctrine was distinctly un-Canadian and that aggression only gave rise to more terrorism.

But the cold-blooded killing of two of Canada’s soldiers last week puts the lie to this defeatist approach.

How did a proud nation that helped defeat Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, imperial Japan and the communist Soviets sink to the point where two of our men in uniform had to be murdered in cold blood on our own soil before we would collectively awaken from this isolationist trance?

First, we were told Maher Arar was tortured in 2002 when American intelligence pulled him off a flight and sent him to Syria for questioning about his ties to terrorists. He never proved his claims of torture and never denied having numerous conversations over the years with known terrorists. Continue reading

MISSISSAUGA: Dr. Sastri Maharajh back in business a year after admitting to sexually assaulting up to 13 female patients

Mississauga doctor sees male-only patients after sexual abuse discipline

Dr. Sastri Maharajh is back in business a year after admitting to sexually assaulting up to 13 female patients; experts are concerned about lax laws that allow less severe penalties for all but the most serious sexual transgressions.

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By:  Staff Reporter, Published on Thu Sep 18 2014

A Mississauga doctor disciplined by the province’s medical regulatory body for sexually abusing as many as 13 women is back in practice with conditions forbidding him from treating female patients.

“Important notice: Dr. Maharajh may treat male patients only,” reads a sign posted at the front desk inside Mississauga’s MD Walk-in clinic, where Dr. Sastri Maharajh has been working since late 2012.

Maharajh, 53, admitted to either placing his mouth on or resting his cheek on the breasts of up to 13 female patients between 2005 and 2011. He was disciplined for sexual abuse under the Regulated Health Professions Act after a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario discipline committee hearing last summer.

Months after Maharajh’s licence was reinstated in July following an eight-month suspension, the strength of the legislation, touted as a zero tolerance law since its inception more than two decades ago, is being called into question.

Only sexual intercourse, various forms of contact with the genitals, the anus and the mouth, and masturbation merit a mandatory revocation of a doctor’s licence. If a doctor performs another type of sexual act, the panel can also decide to either suspend or impose specified terms, conditions and limitations on their licence.


A University of Toronto graduate, Maharajh, who specializes in family medicine, earned his medical licence in 1985. He worked out of a private practice before transferring to the walk-in clinic almost two years. Online reviews from former patients called Maharajh an excellent doctor; many expressed surprise at his recent disciplinary record. Continue reading

QUEBEC: Close all Canadian mosques temporarily, André Drouin says

Close all Canadian mosques temporarily, André Drouin says 

A controversial Quebec politician says all mosques across the country should be temporarily closed after two soldiers were killed last week on Canadian soil.





RICHMOND, B.C.: Mayoral contender Lifeng Wei wants to implement Chinese-style city policies

ELECTION 2014: Civic pay, Chinese signs focus of Richmond mayoral debate

Richmond mayoral candidates Malcolm Brodie, Richard Lee and Cliff Lifeng Wei.  - Matthew Hoekstra

Richmond mayoral candidates Malcolm Brodie, Richard Lee andCliff Lifeng Wei.

— Image Credit: Matthew Hoekstra

In the wake of a report documenting a rapid rise in municipal compensation, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie defended city workers’ salaries in a Thursday mayoral debate.

Brodie, campaigning for a seventh term in the Nov. 15 vote, said unionized workers’ pay is governed by negotiated agreements. As for management—who are paid too much according to an Ernst and Young report made public last month—Brodie said “it’s all relative.”

“If we don’t pay our management enough, then they go somewhere else,” he said in front of a Minoru Place Activity Centre crowd of approximately 250 people. “That’s a huge cost, when you lose a longtime employee and that person goes elsewhere. So you have to pay market rate to your employees, and it’s also a matter of fairness.”

To probe municipal pay, the province hired consultants Ernst and Young, whose report criticized cities for allowing pay levels to climb by 38 per cent—twice the rate of the provincial public service—from 2001-12. The report also suggested municipal managers are paid too much and recommended the province take strong action to curb the trend.

Richard Lee, who is making a second run at the mayor’s job and running with Richmond Reform, said staff are entitled to their current deals, but suggested there’s room for wage scrutiny.

“I believe in the free market, we could have and in the future we will under my leadership, to hire somebody at a reasonable rate, not at the alarming rate that was shared with us in that study…”

Richmond City Hall’s payroll has grown by $15 million in five years. The city’s top earner is chief administrative officer George Duncan, who made $291,250 last year. Department heads also score high on the pay scale, as five of six general managers topped the $200,000 mark in 2013.

Thursday’s short debate, organized by the Richmond Centre for Disability, served as a prelude to a much larger forum featuring 28 candidates running for councillor.

Mayoral candidates also waded into the contentious waters of Chinese-only signs. Lee said they’re “not a good thing.” Some will argue for freedom of expression, he said, but added “all rights are conditional.” Continue reading

West Africans claim to be facing stigma of Ebola in Canada

Canadians from west Africa face stigma of Ebola

 Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press


The Ebola virus may not have crossed Canada’s border, but the epidemic sweeping parts of west Africa is taking a toll on many Canadians.

Those with parents, brothers, sisters and cousins in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea say they are living on the edge — filled with anxiety every time the phone rings and dealing with the stigma created by the disease.

Abu Bakarr Kamara, who immigrated from Sierra Leone in 2003 and lives in Winnipeg, said he often lets his phone go to voice mail when it rings for fear of hearing his father or sister have fallen ill.

“I listen to the voice mail before I call back,” he said. “If I don’t hear any terrible news on the voice mail, I say, ‘Thank God.’ That’s our life right now.

“It’s frustrating. It’s terrible. It’s terrifying. Sometimes you go to bed thinking about what horrible news you could get from back home. You just pray. It’s really heartbreaking.”

The World Health Organization estimates the disease has killed more than 4,900 people and infected about 10,000 — virtually all in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. A lack of beds in Ebola clinics is also forcing families to care for relatives at home, risking further spread of the virus, the WHO has said.

“The rate that people are getting infected in the capital city, it’s all so heartbreaking,” said Kamara, vice-president of the Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba. “It’s like there is no hope, even though we try to hope for the best.”


In Edmonton, members of the Canadian Liberian Friendship Association are raising money to buy an ambulance for their homeland. President John Gaye said he and many others feel helpless.

Liberian-Canadians are also feeling the effects of the epidemic in their adopted country, he said. People back away suspiciously when they find out someone is originally from Liberia. Others cast suspicion with questions: when were you last there? Have you entertained any visitors recently?


Abu Bakarr Kamara, a Toronto man from Sierra Leone who has the same name as the Winnipeg man but is not related, said his family back home faced a dilemma when his brother fell ill. No one wanted to take him to the hospital because, if he didn’t have Ebola, he could catch it there.

“Thankfully, he was suffering from malaria,” he said.

Canada’s health-care system is better equipped to contain and deal with the virus, he added. Canadians need to direct their energy into fighting the deadly disease on African soil to ensure it doesn’t ravage other countries around the world

“We live in a global world. People do travel; people do trade,” he said. “It’s better for these advanced countries to go to west Africa and stop this epidemic there rather than just sit here and wait to protect (Canada).

Debate on language used on signs in Canada spreading across Canada

Signs of language debate have sprouted all across Canada

Some other Canadian cities have already stared down the issue of languages on signs.

In Richmond Hill, an Ontario community with a population nearly the same as Richmond’s, a bylaw requires at least 50 per cent of a sign’s text to be in English or French. The most common ethnic origin in Richmond Hill is Chinese, at 17.5 per cent of the population.

Phyllis Carlyle, general manager of law and community safety at the City of Richmond, said Monday she’s not aware of the Ontario bylaw being challenged in court.

In Moncton, New Brunswick—which has a large francophone population—the language war involves English and French. The city of 124,055 people has long faced pressure to pass a bylaw to ensure signs are bilingual. But Moncton’s approach is to encourage bilingual signs through education and by offering free window signs.

“Council wanted to encourage and foster the increased use of bilingual signage in our community,” said Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc in a statement on the city’s website.

A brochure recently published by Moncton suggests bilingual exterior signs make “good business sense,” noting over 50 per cent of its residents speak both English and French.

A neighbouring city of Dieppe, however, approved a bylaw in 2010 requiring exterior commercial signs—including billboard advertisements—to be in both official languages of Canada.

According to the bylaw, lettering must be identical in French and in English—and French must be displayed first. The bylaw allows some exceptions, most notably the name of a business, which can be unilingual.

Although the bylaw doesn’t apply to signs erected before 2010, the City of Dieppe offers an incentive to businesses seeking to comply with the bylaw. The city offers up to $3,000 toward the purchase of a new sign or modification of an existing one.

Across the province of Quebec, the French Language Charter requires businesses to have French on their signs. According to a publication by Canadian law firm McCarthy Tétrault, rules differ according to whether the communication is in a public or private place.

“Billboards and signs visible from a public highway, on a public transport vehicle or in a bus shelter must be exclusively in French. Public signs, posters and commercial advertising located elsewhere may include other languages, but the French text must predominate.”

TORONTO: Street Team to pass out flyers re: AUSMA MALIK

Monday 3pm Bloor & Palmerston : Street Team to pass out flyers re: AUSMA MALIK – See more at: http://www.risecanada.com/2014/10/27/monday-3pm-bloor-palmerston-street-team-pass-flyers-re-ausma-malik/#sthash.J7TxQmuJ.dpuf

On Monday, Toronto will vote in municipal elections. One of the candidates for TDSB trustee (Trinity-Spadina), AUSMA MALIK, has participated in fundraising events for the infamous “Toronto 18″ charged Islamic terrorists. She has also participated in events where flags of banned Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah have been openly displayed. Tomorrow we shall be passing out the following flyer. – See more at: http://www.risecanada.com/2014/10/27/monday-3pm-bloor-palmerston-street-team-pass-flyers-re-ausma-malik/#sthash.J7TxQmuJ.dpuf


TORONTO: Dr. Oluleke Badmos charged with sexual assault and harassment of patient, police say there may be more victims

Clinic patient alleges inappropriate touching, harassment

CBC News Posted: Oct 23, 2014 1:03 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 23, 2014 11:22 PM ET

Police allege Dr. Oluleke Badmos inappropriately touched and harassed a patient of the CML Healthcare clinic. Police allege Dr. Oluleke Badmos inappropriately touched and harassed a patient of the CML Healthcare clinic. (Toronto Police Service)

A Toronto doctor has been charged with the sexual assault and harassment of a patient, and police say there may be more victims.

Police say a 26-year-old woman went to a clinic at 688 Coxwell Ave., near Danforth Ave., in spring 2013 for a routine medical exam.

Police say she was touched in a sexually inappropriate manner by the doctor. She stopped the examination and left the clinic but, in August 2014, police say the doctor started contacting her against her wishes.

Dr. Oluleke Badmos, 52, was on Wednesday charged with sexual assault and criminal harassment. Police say there may be more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 55 Division at (416) 808-5500 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS. Continue reading

TORONTO: Muslim candidates in municipal election report alleged racist attacks

Islamophobia: the ugly side of the municipal election?

Three people vying for positions in Monday’s municipal election have reported racist attacks this week

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Hateful messages were scrawled on some of Ward 2 council candidate Munira Abukar's campaign signs.


Hateful messages were scrawled on some of Ward 2 council candidate Munira Abukar’s campaign signs.

By:  News Reporter, Published on Fri Oct 24 2014

For three Muslim candidates, Toronto’s municipal election took a very nasty turn this week.

On Thursday night, a Purolator truck driver allegedly hurled garbage and shouted “terrorist” at a team of volunteers planting signs for Ward 2 council candidate Munira Abukar.

On Friday, a Purolator spokesperson issued a prepared statement that said the company is “deeply troubled about this report” and is “taking this matter seriously.” The spokesperson said Purolator President and CEO Patrick Nangle contacted Abukar on Friday morning “to apologize and express concern.”

This was not the first time Abukar has faced xenophobia on the campaign trail. Earlier this month, the Star reported that a campaign sign featuring Abukar wearing a hijab was defaced with the words “B—-” and “Go Back Home.”

“You can’t let a few election trolls ruin your city and ruin your home,” Abukar says. “There’s no room for hate of any kind in Canada”

TDSB Ward 10 trustee candidate Ausma Malik appears to be the target of an anonymous co-ordinated attack. In addition to being heckled at a candidates’ debate, her campaign office says that thousands of flyers were distributed throughout the ward this week which, among other things, accuse Malik of being a supporter of the Toronto 18 terrorist cell and a proponent of Sharia law. One flyer even has a photo of Malik superimposed over a yellow and green Hezbollah flag.

“The accusations are incredibly mean-spirited and they’re lies,” Malik says. “I’m doing this because I believe in public education, I believe in our community, and I believe that an inclusive, equitable and progressive public education system is possible — and especially in light of this, absolutely necessary.”

In Ward 18, council candidate Mohammad Uddin claims he has been the target of a steady stream of Islamophobic insults. On Thursday, he tweeted a photo of one of his campaign signs defaced with the words “F— Islam.” Uddin claims racist graffiti has been discovered outside his campaign office as recently as Friday, and earlier this month, he says his car windows were smashed and his campaign signs were stolen as the vehicle sat in his driveway.


OTTAWA: Gurpreet Ronald, charged with murder of Jagtar Gill, denied bail

Bail denied for alleged Transpo femme fatale



Gurpreet Ronald - accused in murder of Jagtar Gill
Gurpreet Ronald, 34, is accused of first-degree murder in the Barrhaven slaying of Jagtar Gill in her suburban Ottawa home.

A woman charged with murder in an alleged love-triangle slaying was denied bail Friday.

Gurpreet Ronald is charged with first-degree murder in the January death of Jagtar Gill along with the dead woman’s husband, Bhupinderpal Gill.


It has already been reported that Jagtar Gill was found dead by the couple’s teenaged daughter on Jan. 29.

Ronald, who is also married with children, was arrested in April after a lengthy police investigation.

Bhupinderpal Gill, Ronald’s OC Transpo colleague with whom she was allegedly having an affair, was arrested days later. He too remains in custody.

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