Abbotsford sex offender Jason "Booda" Reise deported to U.S.

Father and cop duo “elated” Abbotsford sex offender deported to U.S.
Pair team up to secure conviction of Jason “Booda” Reise
By Rochelle Baker, Abbotsford Times April 26, 2011

Abbotsford sex offender Jason “Booda” Reise was deported to U.S. after being sentenced last week.
Photograph by: Facebook photo, for the TIMES

An Abbotsford father and a police officer who paired up to nab a sex offender are thrilled with his deportation to the U.S. following his recent conviction.

Jason “Booda” Reise was handed over to U.S. authorities by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) last Wednesday, said Abbotsford Police Const. Kevin Murray.

“I’m elated,” said Murray. “I’m over the moon. This has been three years in the making.”

Reise was picked up by CBSA after his release from prison for time served after pleading guilty April 18 to sexual interference of a minor and using a computer to lure a child.

The 35-year-old is wanted in the States for violating parole in Pennsylvania after a conviction for property crime.

Reise, a landed immigrant whose parents live locally, has been living in Abbotsford for the past several years. He came to police attention in January 2009 after a stepfather contacted Murray with fears his 15-year-old daughter was being lured over the computer.

The father, who can’t be named to protect his daughter, continued to monitor Reise’s Internet presence after his original charge.

“Since his first arrest, I’ve been watching him like a hawk,” said the dad.

He alerted Murray again when he caught Reise violating his bail conditions by posting messages on a Facebook site protesting his possible deportation.

The father also gathered information about the offender’s U.S. criminal record via the Internet.

Following Reise’s second release and breach charge in November 2009, the father took his sleuthing further still and set up a Facebook site where he posed as a 14-year-old girl.


The father contacted Murray who was on hand, along with a bundle of printed emails, to arrest “Booda” when he showed up for the date.

Reise, who spent six months in jail after the arrest in October 2010, was given double credit for time served and released following his sentence of a year in prison last week.

But the victim’s father doesn’t fear Reise poses any threat now he’s been deported.

“I’m totally convinced he will not be back,” he said.

Murray agreed, noting Reise has been entered into the National Sex Offender Registry and is banned from ever re-entering Canada now he has served a six-month sentence behind bars.

What’s more Reise is due for another stint in a U.S. jail.

“[In Pennsylvania] if you are a parole absconder and are convicted of another offence in any other jurisdiction, including Canada, you have to re-serve your entire sentence,” Murray said.


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6 Responses to “Abbotsford sex offender Jason "Booda" Reise deported to U.S.”

  1. The Truth says:

    Officer murray obviously doesn’t know anything about the usa and how parole violations work. also the truth wasn’t told on this story but i know what really happened. tsk tsk tsk shameful that thw police had to make up a story to get rid of a small time weed dealer. and we are raised to trust the police. they are just as dirty as the people they arrest.

  2. The Real Real Truth says:

    Yeah that’s right. Jason Reise is a predator. Numerous minor females in his company constantly. Sex chat and dates with minors. He’s a pedophile and he will never change. It’s a shame when people will actually defend him just because he was their weed dealer.
    I suppose there are going to be other people who say he wasn’t a criminal in the US too.
    It’s good to know that “Booda” won’t be stalking teenage girls on this side of the border.

    • FourFooted_Messiah says:

      If an immigrant so much as _jaywalks_, deport him.

      Lord knows, there’s more where that one came from.

    • I knew Booda best. says:

      You obviously do not know Booda. I knew him best and worked for him for a very long time. Yes lots of females came and went of all ages. The Abbotsford cops had to threaten the alleged victim into helping them make a case. She was dating a man that was 29 at the time and they caught her redhanded with him and told her that if she didn’t help them they would go after her then boyfriend. She has told this to several people after the fact. So get yours straight before casting judgement on someone you obviously do not know.

    • I knew Booda best. says:

      Booda lives in the the united states now and is doing well. He is not on any offender registry in the USA or Canada. Seems like Constable Murray doesn’t have his facts straight either.

    • I knew Booda best. says:

      Also the “father” wasn’t her dad, he was her stepdad that physically hit her on numerous occasions.

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