North Vancouver: Iranian repeat rapist Farhan Farhadi sentenced to five years only

Repeat North Van sex offender gets five years in prison
By KEITH FRASER, The Province June 13, 2011 2:03 PM

A North Vancouver man who on Monday pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two teenage girls has been sentenced to five years in prison.

In January 2003, Farhan Farhadi sexually assaulted an 18-year-old Washington-state student in his vehicle in Stanley Park.

The victim had earlier been at a Vancouver nightclub with friends, had been drinking alcohol and had danced with several men.

Court heard that the victim was seen being escorted out of the nightclub by Farhadi but had no recollection of leaving the club.

She was taken to the park, where Farhadi twice had forceful oral sex and forceful vaginal intercourse with her, slapping her at one point.

Farhadi drove her back to her hotel where she called for police and an ambulance and was taken to the hospital.

The accused was interviewed by police but not arrested.

Several months later he travelled to Mexico, where he was arrested in connection with the sexual assaults of two women – a Canadian and an American – in Cancun.

He was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to seven years in jail.

While he was in Mexico, an arrest warrant was issued for him in connection with the Stanley Park assault.

After serving his time in a Mexican prison, Farhadi, who was born in Iran but became a Canadian citizen when his family moved to Canada, returned to Canada.

He turned himself in to police when a job application requiring a criminal record check revealed the outstanding arrest warrant.

Farhadi, who is now 36 years old, was released on bail but while on bail committed a second sexual assault, on a 17-year-old at-risk girl.

The October assault happened at the North Vancouver apartment of the accused’s mother after he’d provided the girl with ecstasy and ketamine, a tranquillizer used in veterinarian practice.

She blacked out and found Farhadi on top of her, forcing himself on her.

In a victim-impact statement read into court by Crown counsel Dasein Nearing, the Washington-state victim said her “entire life” has been harmed by the assault.

She said was unable to finish classes and couldn’t be out in public for fear that someone would attack her.


In a joint submission, the prosecutor and defence lawyer Jordan Allingham agreed that a five-year prison term was appropriate.

Allingham said his client had had a “very difficult” childhood in war-torn Iran, and had been physically and sexually assaulted in his youth.

He cautioned the judge about the Mexican conviction, saying the accused’s family had had to pay thousands of dollars to Mexican gangs who had threatened to kill him.


The judge said the circumstances of the case were “very disturbing” and “at first blush” a five-year jail term might seem inadequate.

She noted however that the B.C. Court of Appeal had set a range of four to six years for such offences and sentenced him to five years in jail, but declined to give him double-time credit.

Farhadi was ordered to provide a DNA sample and register for life with the sex offender registry. He also received a lifetime weapons ban.
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  1. Tina L says:

    Oh my god! We need to stop immigration NOW! …NOW I tell you. Especially Iranians!


  2. Krystal says:

    Exuse me? Im persian , well born in vancouver. But that is so rude. Just cause one guy was horrible and should go to hell, doesint mean all persians are like that. So think before you put stuff on the internet.

    • Euonymus says:

      “Krystal”, if you are Persian and proud to be one, why don’t you use a more Persian-sounding pen name?

      Unless Krystal is a Persian name…

  3. Most immigrants are law-abiding and hard working, they come here for a better life. This man is sick and hates himself as much as he hates women.

  4. FourFooted_Messiah says:

    ‘The victim had earlier been at a Vancouver nightclub with friends, had been drinking alcohol and had danced with several men’

    That, in a Muslim’s mind, makes a woman deserving of rape. I’m surprised he got punished at all. After all, he was only recognizing and practicing his religious culture.

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