Montreal: Russian born Jew Yafim Goikhberg claims to be persecuted by the grand-daughter of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler


An intimate family picture of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and two little girls, shown Nov. 17, 1945.

Montreal man convicted in immigration scam faces new charges

MONTREAL — A Montreal man already serving a five-year prison term for bilking the federal government while ruining the lives of people he was supposed to help faces 149 new criminal charges in a different investigation of his work as an immigration consultant.

 Yafim Goikhberg was returned to the Montreal courthouse Monday where he learned he faces new charges involving the cases of 48 people who sought refugee status or a temporary resident permit in Canada.

Just two weeks earlier, on Sept. 9, Superior Court Justice Sophie Bourque sentenced Goikhberg, who specialized in immigration cases involving Russia or countries close to it, to his current prison term for defrauding eight people who fell victim to him the moment they set foot on Canadian soil.

In a case that began in 2010 following a Montreal police investigation, Goikhberg was convicted of five counts of fraud, 13 counts related to false documents and two counts of extortion.

One of Goikhberg’s victims was reduced to begging for money in a subway station. Some spent three months behind bars because of Goikhberg’s advice.

He did this while collecting more than $25,000 from a federal government program designated to provide emergency funds to refugee claimants in Canada. The victims never saw a cent of the money.

The most recent charges were produced through an investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Goikhberg is accused of “having induced, aided or abetted people to misrepresent themselves and of using forged documents in order to obtain refugee status or a temporary resident permit,” CBSA said in a release issued after Goikhberg appeared at the Montreal courthouse on Monday.


 Goikhberg, a Canadian citizen who immigrated from Russia in 1992, acted as his own lawyer during a two-month trial before a jury during which he insulted his victims while cross-examining them. Bourque also accused him of lying during the trial about the Montreal police detective who led the investigation and the prosecutor.


Sophie Bourque

Two days before Bourque rendered sentence, Goikhberg filed a bizarre motion alleging the judge “is the grand-daughter of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler” and cited that as the reason why he was convicted by a jury.

Goikhberg would bring the victims straight from the airport to a condominium he owned and then took control of their lives. Before presenting their cases to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, he would take their legal identification, replace it with false documents and invent a story in an attempt to obtain refugee status. If the people objected, Goikhberg would tell them it was the only way to get into Canada.

The new case against Goikhberg returns to court in October.

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One Response to “Montreal: Russian born Jew Yafim Goikhberg claims to be persecuted by the grand-daughter of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler”

  1. bla bla says:

    Eva Brown or not , his case is a perfect example how a person who tries to help people to stay in Canada !!! (no one works for free, but he was doing the job) gets screwed because of some people who are doing exactly the same thing …. advising new arrivals , are greedy and will not tolerate people stepping in their way.

    Another fact is : the investigators used very dirty tactics to search without warrants , entrap and promise Canadian status to those who will come and testify (the police version , that is incriminating ) in court , the statements on the recordings of the interrogation by Immig. Officer and the recording of the interrogation of the same person contradicts all the way and proves that Police is using psychological tactics to force the “victims” who in reality are just trying to stay here anyway possible, to lie and to incriminate Goikhberg just so that they “the victims” could save their ” rears” .

    the end result is still the same for them : after disdainfully lying through their teeth they are still ordered deported…

    is it a conspiracy against the Jews (can’t prove it.) but a person who is making a good income and on top of it is of Jewish descent and on top is getting charged criminally publicly will always be called names , and I’m sure you know which ones…

    giving him a sentence of 5 years for helping people to stay in Canada is unreasonable his sentence was the hardest in Canadian history just because he’s trying to prove that everything about the investigation was illegal.
    why don’t you guys give the guy who got busted 25 times driving drunk this much or someone who following your little child near a playground 20 years..

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