Mississauga: Inas Kadri claims full body Islamic drapes her choice

Inas Kadri claims wearing full body cover "my choice"

GTA woman has niqab pulled off in assault CBC News Posted: Nov 22, 2011 8:57 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 22, 2011 9:07 PM ET Inas Kadri was assaulted at Sheridan Centre in Mississauga last year while she went shopping with her young children. (CBC) Niqab assault2:39 A Muslim woman from Mississauga, Ont., who had her niqab pulled from her face at a local mall, says her young children no longer feel secure with only her nearby. Inas Kadri, whose assault at Sheridan Centre in Mississauga was caught on a security camera, spoke to CBC News on Tuesday as she awaits the sentencing of the woman who attacked her.Kadri was shopping with her three-year-old son and two-year-old daughter when she was approached by two women. One of the women began swearing at her, about her religion and her veil, telling her, “Leave our country. Go back to your country,” Kadri said. The woman can be seen in the video grabbing Kadri’s veil and pulling her off-camera. The attacker walked away while Kadri ran for help. “Being attacked for no reason — for no reason — that’s something difficult,” she said.

Kadri’s victim impact statement reads, in part, that, “My kids don’t feel secure with me alone, and always prefer to have someone bigger in size than me to feel safe.” The accused, Rosemarie Creswell, pleaded guilty after the video was played in court. When CBC News spoke to Creswell on the phone, she admitted to pulling off the veil but insisted it was all just a misunderstanding, before hanging up mid-interview. Kadri believes the attack was motivated by hate, which could bring a stiffer sentence. (…) Kadri said she won’t stop wearing her face veil no matter what anyone else says or does. “Not my father, not my husband, not no one at all,” she said. ” It’s me, and it’s my choice.”

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  1. Euonymus says:

    Her three-year-old son and two-year-old daughter will be used by the prosecution as emotional tools.

    “A Muslim woman from Mississauga, Ont., who had her niqab pulled from her face at a local mall, says her young children no longer feel secure with only her nearby.”

    Compare this to David Menzies’ case:
    David was assaulted by a Muslim woman (punched in the face) for taking pictures in a public square.
    The Muslim woman assaulted him in front of his 9-year-old son.

    So, if those Muslim toddlers feel insecure (really?!), what about the young boy who is… 9 years old?
    His father was punched in the face by a hysterical Muslim woman!

    I re-read Davids’ interview and this is what he said about his son:

    ‘I have nothing but admiration for my son, Sean. He’s a brave little solider. The takeaway from the incident was this: As we walked back to the car, my son asked me, “Daddy, I thought the police are the ‘good guys.’ Why wouldn’t they help you?” I did not have an answer. How can you explain the nuances of political correctness to a nine-year-old?”


  2. Hisham says:

    Mr “Euonymus”, the assailant has already plead guilty and video shows the whole crime vividly, so the prosecution does not need the “emotional tool” you refer to. Yet, this remains a brutal hate crime that inflicted a Canadian woman and her little two kids.

    • Euonymus says:

      In return, I will not use quotes for your nickname.
      It is a disgusting thing to do, indeed. Nobody argues on that.
      As for the emotional tools, let’s be serious. The first to use the kids as such was their mother.
      Compare her approach (the kids do not feel safe wit her…) to that of David Menzies.
      David did not use his soon as emotional tool.

    • Jane says:

      Shes not canadian and never will be, shes a foreigner from a stupid backward land!

      • M says:

        Hmmm r u a foreigner what about your parent or grandparents? We’re they foreigners from a different land when they came here. Have some common sense and think…I hope ur children aren’t as narrow minded

        • FourFooted_Messiah says:

          I hope our children stand up and fight the third-worldization and Islamization of Canada with guns.

          Don’t like the backlash? LEAVE!!!!!

        • Canadian Born says:

          @M You refer to people that came 100, 150 years ago as foreigners. They came here as settlers and opened up this country to what it is today. They also came and assimilated and did not come with their faces covered!!! When you looked at their face you could see who you were talking to. They came and did not try to change any of the culture that was already here!! They did not bring their entire village with them and only brought 1 spouse not an entire harem!!! In the opinion of many Canadians these people would feel more comfortable in a country that accepts their cultural habits and then Canada would not be going through this turmoil that pits different cultures against each other!!!!

  3. sara says:

    Euonymus , these two incidents are not even related so you should not compare between both of them… what you said happened to mr. david is not inas’s fault…
    are you saying that what happened to inas kadri was acceptable?? hate won’t bring Canadians any closer, only tolerance and respect can do that… and about the story you mentioned.. do you know that some people take pictures and videos of muslim women only to make fun of them on youtube and other public networks? it happened a lot… if someone points his camera on me i would do something definitely…maybe i won’t punch his face but i won’t allow it… would you allow someone who you don’t know to take pictures of video of you or your family? i don’t think so.

    • Euonymus says:

      Who said that David’s episode was Kadri’s fault?!
      Also, where did you read that I see it right to behave like that idiot Canadian woman?
      Please, quote me.
      You are twisting my comment.
      As for taking videos of Muslim women wearing full body covers and eating pasta or pizza… you must admit that it is hilarious to watch them.
      And they shouldn’t care if someone is videotaping them as nobody will recognize them.
      Punching someone in the face for taking photographs is as ugly and primitive as pulling off this poor Muslim woman’s face cover.
      She is already being unfortunate for living like that… Why inflict more pain?

      • fdiddy says:

        Euonymus, the assult on Mr Davis was not motivated by hate. It was a criminal offense and she should have been charged for it. However, there’s a huge backlash against Muslims in this country and I fear it will lead to more serious hate crimes. We need to take a strong stance against hate motivated crimes like this. Period.

        you are feeding into this attitude against Muslims by turning this into a them v.s. us feud.

      • koua says:



        Inas, myself, and all other women who wear the niqb, wear it outside of our homes, just as you wear your clothes before you go out of your house.. (i’m assuming you do) .

        so, since when did it become “unfortunate” for people to cover themselves? are you also unfortunate for covering your body when you go out?

        you must have some standards as to what is decent and what not, don’t you? … you know that natural gauge we all have about covering up.

        where did you get your standards from?

        are nuns also unfortunate? because they cover.. with much thicker material than we do?

        or is it just muslim women?

        Perhaps the difference between us and you, is that before we go out, we include the face cover .. although i have seen plenty of canadians cover their faces in winter from wind-chill… and bikers wear masks, etc.. etc.. for protection..

        and what if i informed you that we were the face cover for protection as well.

        to protect marriages. ours, yours, and other people’s.

        to put it quiet bluntly, euonymus:
        we cover, so that men lust over their own wives, not over us.

        We have husbands.
        we’re not interested.
        we’re not looking for other mens’ approvals.

        if you are married and if you are a man, you probably have some sense of jealousy for your woman. the type of jealousy that makes you a man.

        that being said, all of the women i know, who wear the niqab, have Never been told by their husbands to do so. they do it voluntarily.

        And we do it because we want The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth (God) (…) to reward us for it.
        for being good women. (…) (God willing).

        we know that God does not like nakedness.
        maybe you do too, and that is why you don’t go out naked in public.

        when people do something for God’s sake, it is not unfortunate. it is actually good for them. and very fortunate. I can only hope that God will reward them.

        if you are christian you may have some understanding of Jesus’, and Mary’s, character.
        You have confused beliefs about Jesus and Mary, but nonetheless you most likely think Jesus and Mary wore decent clothing.

        If you are jewish, you may have some understanding of Moses’ character, and you probably know very well, how he responded when his clothes were taken away.
        perhaps you also know that in your religion, jewish women are supposed to cover up as well.

        Inas, myself and other women, have spent years studying the subject of the niqab.. we did our research.
        we understand where it comes from.

        We are not basing this action on ignorance, but rather on proof from God’s Book the Quran, which also took many years to study. and after much deliberation, and despite public opinion, we decided to wear it because we believed it was a good thing. having studied the History of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, we have decided to emulate the mothers of the believers, as they covered their faces.

        Euonymus, why are you reading this article?

        since we are not complaining to you about the niqab, please don’t defend us. you may think you are trying to help, but actually, you are insulting us by calling the result of our research, and the way we dress as “unfortunate”.

        People who do not have anything to wear… like the orphans, and the needy, and the children in palestine whose homes are being bombed, they deserve sympathy.

        we are actually quite alright. (…) Thanks are due to God for that.

  4. chris says:

    Multiculturalism proved to be a failure in Europe. Do we need it in Canada? What values are these people bringing in Canada, since they are not even willing to change their stupid religious beliefs. Why they are here? How about I am feeling uncomfortable to see masked faces in the crowd?


  5. Kevin Brown says:

    Give me a break!

    Trying to pull that stupid mask off of the Muslim woman’s head is akin to knocking the hat off another persons head. Cops would never lay charges of “assault” for knocking someones hat off. It is ridiculous to lay assault charges in such a minor incident as this. Meanwhile – in the David Menzies case – we see cops declining to lay charges when a Muslim women punched him in the face (caught on video).

  6. Euonymus says:

    Chris, this has been going on for a while in our countries. Nobody seems to be willing to investigate as fear dominates any such attempt.
    Look how eager we are to open old stories about catholic priests assaulting little boys, but what is going on inside of the “Islamic centres” doesn’t seem to bear an equal need for justice and truth.
    Remember the pedophile imam? His story was simply ignored as it came out during an islamic celebration.
    The entire media closed the subject.
    We let them in, now we have to deal with them…

  7. Jane says:

    I was attacked by 3 moslem teens in the middle of the day in ottawa because I was walking down the street with a man who was not my husband………they knew my husband was at work. THey kept taunting me and threw coke cans at me and called me whore and finally we went into a canadian tire store and they followed me in there. I told them many times to leave or I would call the police and charge them with harassment – finally they left. I am a white woman who is very respectful and quite shocked that I have to put up with stuff like this in my country.

  8. FourFooted_Messiah says:

    Let’s see. What have Muslems brought to the West.

    Terror attacks.

    Sexually segregated schools and venues (as in Toronto, which features a sexually segregated mosque inside of a PUBLIC school, and in Europe, where Muslims have demanded and won sexually segregated hours in PUBLIC swimming pools, as well as a theatre in Norway that agreed to sexually segregate for Muslim comfort).

    No go zones, all over Europe, and in London, England, you have Muslims putting up signs notifying Infidels of :”Shariah Law neighbourhoods” – any woman entering there without a hefty bag on is game for rape, and anyone with a dog or beer passing through is fair game for murder). Even EMS cannot enter Muslim zones without being ATTACKED (much like blacks attacked rescuers in New Oreleans. Bloody barbarians.)

    The UN anti-blasphemy resolution. Sorry, but until you can prove your god exists, and is also capable of carrying out the threats it makes, there’s no such thing as “blasphemy”.

    The removal of pork and alcohol from venues Muslims MIGHT enter. There was a case in the US a year or two ago where a newly built mosque demanded that a long-established restaurant nearby cease its pork roast specials, because Muslims on their way to mosque didn’t like smelling it. In England, many workplace and public cafeterias no longer offer pork because of Muslim whining.

    The general backsliding of society. Muslims are nothing but a drag on civilization, and can totally destroy it given a majority. Witness Byzantium.

    I’m going to make up a mess of bacon now, while drawing a pic of Mohammed to put in my cat’s litter box.

    I hope you muslims get your panties in a twist about it, I love to drink your tears.

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