Accusé d’avoir proféré des menaces de mort sur Internet

(THETFORD MINES) Les policiers de la Sûreté municipale de Thetford ont arrêté un homme de 37 ans, d’origine iranienne, pour avoir proféré des menaces de mort à l’endroit de personnes qui l’auraient aidé comme immigrant, lors de son arrivée dans la région. Mehran Dadpu aurait fait parvenir à deux personnes des courriels contenant des propos étant perçus comme étant des menaces de mort. L’enquête menée à Thetford Mines a permis de découvrir que le même suspect aurait commis le même crime à l’endroit de deux personnes de Montréal où il habitait auparavant.

L’escouade spécialisée en cybersurveillance à la Sûreté du Québec a mis son expertise à contribution dans ce dossier afin de démasquer l’auteur des crimes. Mehran Dadpu reviendra devant le tribunal, demain (mardi), pour subir son enquête sur remise en liberté.

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  • http://personel personel

    ce n’est pas normal qu’une personne qui a fait des menaces de mort
    tres graves a l’endroit de gens tres respectueux, Et qui soit Remis en Liberté ou est donc la vrai loi celle du plus fort ou de l’argent ce Mehran Dadpu ne devrais meme pas etre sorti de la prison d’orsinville ce n’est pas normal !il devrais plutot le deporter dans son pays d’origine en Iran .. Des gens ons soufferts
    mentalement a cause de lui et de c’est propos et menaces de mort quil a fait !!!!!


    I didn’t menace to death any person . In fact I was sharing my place in Thetford Mines city with other Spanish man who name is DARIO. He used from my laptop to send those messages to them. I was obligated to confess that I am guilty because all of evidences were against of me. my lawyer told me that is better to confessing about that crime and I confessed in the court in front of Judge…
    I couldn’t find DARIO , because he didn’t stay in Thetford Mines and he left that city before me and I was lone in apartment and I was arrested by police of Thetford Mines.
    Now I have a criminal code where as I am innocent and DARIO who is the principal guilty was not arrested never. This is my fortune and I am really depress for a crime that I didn’t do that…

    • BluePaper Frame

      Mehran, they say that you used to live in Montreal and that you have also menaced two people in Montreal. And why did the Spanish guy send the menaces from your laptop? How did he know them and their contact information?

      • Mehran Dadpu

        Unfortunately DARIO got acquainted with me since Nov-2009 until 2012 before he left Thetford Mines and we were together even in Montreal in the same place that two other persons received the massages of menace de mort. DARIO and me got acquainted together when we participated in the French courses and I was really choked when the police officers arrested me in Thetford Mines. you can imagine in my apartment I had not even the simple thing for using in the kitchen. how can kill them where as I am single, I have only 67 kg max and without any things for kill them. whether can I kill some body face to face with my slim body? never. never. never…

        I tried a lot to find DARIO after that I left Thetford Mines till now even in TORONTO & CALGARY , but I don’t know where is he exactly?

        you can imagine considering I am completely lone in Canada how much I am depress and how much I am sad for a criminal code where as I am chemist and I can not find any job with this problem.

        When I was arrested for a few days in Quebec Prison my lawyer told me if I confess that I am guilty I will be liberated but I got a really big mistake. I didn’t know the law about my problem and I was obligated to confess for liberty. in Thetford Mines city I requested to have a lawyer Iranian but they didn’t accept. I requested to have a translator but they didn’t accept. only they suggested me one francophone lawyer from Thetford Mines who unfortunately she didn’t defend from me in the court where as I explained for her what was happened in detail………………………….

        Now I want just ask you dear BluePaper Frame , why I have to menace to death these persons for only didn’t find a job in Thetford Mines? and what I have to menace to death the other persons in Montreal without any reason? am I mad? am I killer mad ? why I didn’t menace those persones in Montreal when I was living in Montreal during almost 2-years ? I am not guilty but I can not prove never because person don’t believe me and my history in Thetford Mines city. since Fevruary-2012 till now I didn’t trust to any person because I have a really bad experience from my acquaintance with DARIO. when two persons share together a place this is normal to use from one laptop to do their affairs or like that. However I couldn’t imagine he want send to other persons menace to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Not only me , But also those persons were choked when they were in the courant of my problem, because all time that I participated in their bureau I was joking very much and I didn’t need to bother them, because at the same time I was accepted for continuing my study in Ph.D from two university in Montreal and I was ready to come back to Montreal for that important motif. I don’t know what can I do with this problem? for the first time I have this catastrophe in my life and I am very sad about that. since the age of 22 years old I give my blood to the people who need that , even here in Canada I continue to give my blood to patient people and also I have signed on my assurance maladie carte for to give my organs after my death , so how can I menace the people who some of them use from my blood every 56-days during my life…

        I hadn’t even the bill of driving in my country Iran …it means that I am not a criminal person but according the justice system of Canada I have criminal code and I am guilty…
        I explain for you my really story in Thetford Mines, and you can believe that or not. but I am sure my GOD know very well who am I and what I say.
        Best Wishes for you in this new year …