Brossard, Que.: Inspired by acid-throwing cultures, Nikolas Stefanatos desfigures Tanya St-Arnaud sending her in coma


Tanya St-Arnauld is in a coma in hospital, with acid burns to her face, arms and upper body. (Facebook)

Quebec woman burned and in coma after acid attack
Woman’s boyfriend charged with aggravated assault
CBC News Posted: Aug 28, 2012 9:30 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 29, 2012 12:10 AM ET
Tanya St-Arnauld is in a coma in hospital, with acid burns to her face, arms and upper body. (Facebook) Facebook

A woman from Longueuil, Que., is in a coma, with serious burns to her upper body, after she was attacked with acid Sunday.

Police say the man arrested in the attack is her boyfriend, who is to appear in court for a bail hearing on Friday.

Nikolas Stefanatos, 27, of Brossard, Que., was charged with aggravated assault. In his first court appearance Monday, his bail hearing was held over.

Longueuil police spokesman Martin Simard called the attack a case of conjugal violence. He said police were called to the woman’s apartment on Ste-Catherine Street in the Montreal suburb at around 5 a.m. ET Sunday.

The woman, identified as Tanya St-Arnaud, 29, had burns to her face, arms and upper body, caused by a household product containing acid, Simard said.

“We know that the product is very dangerous for the skin if it’s not diluted,” Simard said. “The woman was taken to the hospital.”
Nikolas Stefanatos, 27, is charged with aggravated assault and will be back in court in Longueuil, Que., on Friday. (Facebook)

Simard said authorities do not fear for her life, but the woman is in a coma — likely medically induced — so it will be some time before investigators are able to interview her for her version of the events.

Simard said St-Arnaud’s assailant fled the apartment immediately after the attack, but was picked up by police a few hours later.



More on acid throwing

Acid throwing, also called an acid attack or vitriolage, is a form of violent assault. It is defined as the act of throwing acid onto the body of a person “with the intention of injuring or disfiguring [them] out of jealousy or revenge”.Perpetrators of these attacks throw acid at their victims, usually at their faces, burning them, and damaging skin tissue, often exposing and sometimes dissolving the bones.[4] The long term consequences of these attacks include blindness and permanent scarring of the face and body.

These attacks are most common in Cambodia, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other nearby countries.

Globally, at least 1500 people in 20 countries are attacked in this way yearly, 80% of whom are female and somewhere between 40% and 70% under 18 years of age. (Wikipedia)


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  1. The guy’s name is
    Nikolas Stefanatos… that’s a Greek name… I grew up in Greektown in Toronto, I know these guys inside out… IF their is any non-Muslim culture that would do this, its the Greeks.

    • Madi Lussier says:

      Is acid throwing common in Greece?

      • Medtech says:

        No it is not!I am a Greek civilian living in Greece and acid throwing is NOT part of the Greek culture.In fact in my 34 years of life I have only heard of two acid attacks which freaked Greek people out both times.I hope that vile bastard is locked up for life.Best wishes to the girl for a full recovery.

        • FourFooted_Messiah says:

          Frankly, I don’t see the Greeks doing this either. He is probably some Muslim convert with a Greek name.

          In fact, Greeks don’t like Muslims because of the things those barbarians get up to; that’s why they have the Golden Dawn to drive them out.

          Yes, I read Zorba; I do remember the scene where the accused prostitute was beheaded, but it was presented by the Greek writer as an aberration of rural culture at the time (and I noticed many Greeks don’t think much of Greeks from Crete, anyway, in the same way Canadians don’t think highly of Newfies.)

        • That comment (question) is sarcastic. Everybody knows that acid-throwing cultures are NOT European.

      • eleni says:

        Not at all. Never.

    • Love thy neighbour says:

      Thats the most racist thing i have ever heard . You insult the muslims and then you insult the Greeks! Mental instability and rage is not a cultural component! You sound like you have been snubbed by a Greek girl most probably because of a very tiny and ineffective penis! Grow up! Think like a man!

    • eleni says:

      Your are very wrong. I am Greek and have never heard of this as a common thing for Greek Culture.

  2. AlyssaMoh says:

    Totoally disgusting.
    The guy ALREADY has a conviction for assault from back in 2006.
    I hope he ends up in jail.
    If he doesn’t, he’s going to need a body guard – no man should be able to walk away with just a fine after that.
    The guy will do it again….

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