Mississauga: Reader claims front page of The News reflects “publication’s racist ideology”

Jamal Henderson, Mississauga
Jul 19, 2012 – 6:53 PM
Racist agenda

Letter to the Editor.
Dear Editor:
Re: Front page of The News, July 13 edition.
I’m always amazed by the front page of The News, because it reflects your publication’s racist ideology.
The headline reads: “How did this man’s body end up in a dump?”
The story is accompanied by a large photo of the victim. He’s a nice, smiling white man.
It remains to be seen if this man was involved in criminal activity that resulted in his own death. But your newspaper fails to suggest this. Instead, we are led to believe that this man, who had been drinking in a bar by himself, is entirely innocent.
I’m sick and tired of your newspaper.
I doubt your newspaper would have written that headline if the person who died was black. The only visible minorities I see on the front page of your racist newspaper are murder and terrorism suspects.
If I landed on this planet for the first time, and read your newspaper, I would conclude that white people are saints and visible minorities are evil.
Perhaps that’s your agenda?

2 Responses to “Mississauga: Reader claims front page of The News reflects “publication’s racist ideology””

  1. FourFooted_Messiah says:

    But if someone speculated on what caused a black man did to end up in a dumpster, the same hound would be crying “racissss!”

    And buddy, if all the dark-skinned people in the news are murderers and terrorists … well, we have a phrase over here. It starts: “If the shoe fits …”

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