August 17, 2012

On August 13, 2012, Gábor Barcsa-Turner, vice-president of one of Hungary’s officially registered neo-fascist political organizations, the Youth Movement of County Sixty-four (HVIM), sent a letter to those Canadian Hungarians who are active in the defense of internationally recognized human rights and democratic principles. (HVIM’s president, György Gyula Zagyva is a Member of Hungary’s Parliament. HVIM is in a close strategic alliance with Hungary’s largest far-right party, Jobbik).

Mr. Barcsa-Turner announced himself with the following words. “I am the one you need to deal with” and then, paradoxically, he immediately warns us not to set foot in Hungary, unless we wish to face him with murder weapons drawn, ready to counter our words: “Never come back here! Here … the neo Nazis and fascists are going to hang you for your disgusting articles. Here we are the masters …. Stay where you are, and die outside your homeland, or in honor of Israel, but let no more words about anything Hungarian pass your lips! … Be Canadians, Americans, Europeans, whatever you want, but mouth nothing about Hungarianness!”

The Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter hereby wishes to notify Mr Barcsa-Turner, that his life-threatening words do not impress or scare us. We shall continue with even greater resolve our fight in defense of human rights and universal democratic principles.

The leaders of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter also wish to advise Mr Barcsa-Turner, that they consider not him or his organization, but Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his government as their primary focus in the struggle for democracy in Hungary. It is thanks to Mr Orbán and his Party, the FIDESZ, that neo-fascism in Hungary is growing and asserting itself ever more violently. It is common knowledge that Jobbik was fledged in FIDESZ’s warm nest, and that Jobbik then drew HVIM, the Outlaw Band, the Hungarian Guards and the other neo-fascist groups into its alliance. These are all now proliferating undisturbed under the protective wings of the Hungarian government, fouling the air for all decent Hungarians. It was as a cherished lark from Fidesz’s inner circle that the erstwhile Orban disciple, Gábor Vona, flew aloft in Hungarian public life to become the leader of Jobbik. Nor is it with Mr. Vona’s anti-democratic spirit or his hate-mongering rhetoric that Fidesz now has a problem, but rather with the fact that he has drawn off several hundred thousand formerly faithful voters from FIDESZ.

In short: the primary target of the efforts of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter in defense of human rights and democracy in Hungary will not change as a consequence of Barcsa-Turner’s letter. Our primary target is the government of Viktor Orban, whose socially irresponsible leaders are steering Hungary out of Europe toward racial intolerance, oppressive state control and tyranny.

Signed: The founders and spokesmen of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter.

Dr. András B. Göllner, Founder and International Spokesperson, Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Christopher Adam, Founder and Spokesperson, Ottawa, Ont.

Dr. Éva Balogh, Founder and Spokesperson, New Haven, Conn.

Dr. Stevan Harnad, Founder and Spokesperson, Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Imre Szeman, Founder and Spokesperson, Edmonton, Alberta.



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