A brief note on Canadian Immigration Report being barred from Ottawa


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Earlier today, the webmasters of cireport.ca were scheduled to appear before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. Due to apparent interference by Liberal and NDP members of the Committee, our scheduled presentation did not happen. You may read what we intended to say by clicking here.

We had been invited to present a 10 minute opening statement and answer questions posed by the Committee members. We made the long drive to Parliament Hill and just a moment after entering the meeting room, a clerk informed us that our time had been given to someone else and that we were not to appear before the committee.

After leaving the room, journalists who were already apprised of the situation informed us that the topic of our presentation was deemed inappropriate and had several screen captures of our website on hand. Still quite shaken by the news of being censored so hastily, we spoke with them for some time and attempted to convey the profound disappointment and confusion regarding this decision to censor us.

The meeting had been planned and rescheduled six times since June 2012. We were very much looking forward to presenting our opinions to the Committee and receiving their questions. It was an honour to be involved in such an admirable democratic process, and a privilege to be among the few private citizens whom were to be permitted to convey their thoughts regarding immigration.

However, it seems that the Liberals and NDP did not believe in their immigration policies enough to defend them before us. Along with all the other Canadians we speak for, we were silenced, censored, discarded.

It is easy to take a cynical stance and state that this committee apparently exists solely to pat itself on the back, but we believe the truth is far more pernicious. It appears that immigration is the only public policy that does not get talked about.

Canada proclaims itself a liberal country.

Since when, we wonder, is it a liberal value to silence your opposition?

The individuals involved with the decision of barring us should be greatly ashamed.

We welcome your comments and will be updating this post shortly.

25 Responses to “A brief note on Canadian Immigration Report being barred from Ottawa”

  1. S says:

    From CBC
    Afterwards, Conservative MP Chungsen Leung told reporters he had requested the witnesses on the recommendation from people in his Toronto-area riding of Willowdale, but admitted he didn’t do due diligence in checking their backgrounds.
    “I was told these witnesses were lawyers, I was not told anything else, and I was not aware of the views or the website they are associated with,” he read from a statement.
    “The views stated in their website are disgusting, and anti-Canadian, and I’m outraged by them. So as a result, I have asked the clerk that they be pulled [from the committee list].”

  2. Euonymus says:

    What is happening in Canada?

  3. cecilhenry says:

    Contact your MP and ministers and yell loudly at this atrocious censorship.

    YOu must bother these politicians or they will run right over you, your country and your future.

    Contact them by phone, letter and in person.


    This is geNOcide by immigration.

    • Hank says:

      Amen brother. Once we get that done and lock down this country it’s time to take the trash out. No more will we sit by and let our brethren live like trash in trailer parks, beating their women, living poor uneducated lives, wasting their lives on drugs like oxy, crack, meth. I’m tired of all these homeless in my city, 90% are white!!!!! They make me ashamed to be the same race as them!! Hell, there are so many stupid white people ASIANS make more then us!!!!!

  4. Canadian Born says:

    Canada was once stood for freedom of speach not so anymore!!! If it is a minority group with their opinions their given all the time they want!!! Canadians wanting to give their opinions are shot down!!! Seems to me Canada is becoming a country that resembles one from the 1940’s and we all know what country that was. It was one that a leader said do as I say or you are eliminated!!!!

    • Hank says:

      Brother, wasn’t that country you are talking about against minorities and immigration? In fact I believe they tried to kill them all. So really, if Canada was becoming that country wouldn’t they support this?

  5. Winston_Jack says:

    This just goes to show the thin veneer of farce which
    separates the so-called conservatives from the liberals. “Conservative” MP Chungsen Leung pertains to
    be an elected representative of his riding, but when it comes to views he
    disagrees with he promptly denounces them as “anti-Canadian”.

    And what about silencing opposing viewpoints by asking the
    clerk that they be pulled [from the committee list]? Is that not anti-Canadian? I guess if not for hypocrisy and double
    standards, people like Chungsen would have no standards at all.

    • Hank says:

      His riding is predominantly asian, many of whom are first and second generation immigrants. He also has a large russian population. Needless to say his constituents most likely share that same view, and thus were represented. His censorship is definitely anti-Canadian, but when you invite white supremacists to an immigration and citizenship you gotta do something to save your political career. The only way that would fly is if your riding was full of trailer parks.

      • Winston_Jack says:

        Just goes to show, his constituents are Chinese first, and
        Canadians a distant second, whenever it suits their convenience.

        And what’s this about
        “white supremists”?!

        So by your standards, any White native born Canadian who
        objects to being displaced by massive third world immigration in their country
        of birth is a “White Supremist?” Really?

        Tell us Hank, why are White and ONLY White countries being
        systematically targeted for massive non-white immigration? Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White
        countries for Everybody! NO! That is genocide.

        You also seem to take a perverse kind of pleasure in
        disparaging poor, uneducated White people, with terms like “white trash” spewing
        freely from your posts. Needless to say,
        I would bet the farm that you wouldn’t be caught dead using a term like ni**er
        or s**c, right?

      • Anti-white says:

        Any white person that objects to their people’s genocide, is white trash, naziwantstokillsixmillionjews!

        They say they are anti-racist what they really are is anti-white.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      • … “white supremacists”?! What do you know about these two people?

  6. david dorian says:

    Why does the standing committee on immigration consist mainly of immigrants and minorities.
    Immigration must primarily address the interests of the ethnic majority. To allow minorities to run the immigration committee is allowing those with a vested ethnic interest in promoting immigration contrary to the interest of the majority.
    Its the fox guarding the henhouse. Call a spade a spade.
    AFrica for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for EVeryone!!! NO!!
    SEe here: http://www.parl.gc.ca/CommitteeBusiness/CommitteeMembership.aspx?Cmte=CIMM&Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=40&Ses=2

  7. Dodoforever Canspell says:

    I have at my blog now a string of 27 videos made by Paul Fromm. That means my blog is more “disgusting” and more “hateful” than yours. YAY !!! Me at top of the pile again for “disgusting” and “hateful”.

    It’s a sad day for each and every Canadian when all the parties in our government think like one on curtailing our freedom of speech. Our government has now aligned itself with countries they criticize for human right abuses.

  8. Raquel Winte says:

    It is totally untrue that white and white nations alone are being invaded. India, the only nation with a Hindu majority, is being invaded by white Christian pastors, who are using bribery and deceit, to convert millions to Christianity.
    I will support the halt to all non white immigration to white nations when these white Christian nations back off from India and STOP trying to destroy Hinduism and makign India into a Christian state.

    • Madi Lussier says:

      Ms Winte, we couldn’t agree more. The beauty of our planet consists of distinct countries, with their distinct languages, customs, traditions and demographics.

      • Ghost Wolf says:

        I agree, too. Leave them alone, and let them leave us alone. The whole reason for different countries is to allow different races and cultures to do their own thing as they choose, IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

        It is no more wrong for whites to want to be left alone than it is for East Indians to want to be left alone – however – will THEY agree and stop coming here and bringing with them their honour killings and mosques and things?

    • Marie Carron says:

      Are you from India? Have you been before?
      In fact, the rate of Eastern Indians coming to Canada is at an alarming rate as opposed to white Christian individuals going to India to preach about Christianity. I have been all through India and it still appears to be very Indian. Whereas, going to Toronto, where I am from, is now looking like a replicate of Mumbai. It is alarming. And exemplifies the poor immigration policies of our Country. Not to mention the rampant illegal immigration that has plagued Canada. We are not a hotel, our kindness has been taken advantage of completely.

  9. Immigration is a bad joke in Canada, I was intimately involved in the Banking on Fear Toronto Star story and know one hundred percent the lengths the secrecy will go in covering this mess up.

  10. Lenore Gold says:

    rofl wow the ignorance…reading responses i could only laugh

  11. Lenore Gold says:

    You guys can go back to Europe if you want! i kind of vote that way…oo wait your ancestors were kicked out of Europe! rofl


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