CIR: American punk rock band calling for white genocide invited to Toronto Riot Fest


American punk rock band NOFX calling for white genocide will be in Toronto at the Riot Fest


The punk rock Riot Fest has announced its first Canadian event and the inaugural edition will take place at Toronto’s Fort York: Garrison Common on September 9. Among those present will be Descendents, NOFX and Fucked Up.

NOFX is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California.

The band was formed in 1983 by vocalist/bassist Fat Mike (Michael John Burkett), of Jewish heritage, and  guitarist Eric Melvin. (Wikipedia)

NOFX has released eleven studio albums, fifteen extended plays[6] and a number of seven-inch singles.

 I Heard They Suck Live!! is a live album by NOFX. It was recorded January 8 and 9, 1995 in a Hollywood, CA club.

Track listing


1.      “(Witty Banter)” – 1:46

2.      “Linoleum” – 2:15

3.      “You’re Bleeding” – 2:36

4.      “Moron Brothers” – 3:09

5.      “Punk Guy” – 1:09

6.      “Bob” – 2:36

7.      “Life O’Riley” – 2:39

8.      “You Drink, You Drive, You Spill” – 3:31

9.      “Nothing but a Nightmare (sorta)” – 1:06

10.  “East Bay” – 1:53

11.  “Soul Doubt” – 3:00

12.  “Kill All The White Man” – 3:43

13.  “Beer Bong” – 2:16

14.  “Six Pack Girls” – 1:12

15.  “Together On The Sand” – 1:07

16.  “Nowhere” – 1:37

17.  “The Brews” – 2:41

18.  “Buggley Eyes” – 1:31

19.  “(Crowd Leaves)” – 0:53


NOFX - Kill All The White Man

The white man call himself civilized 
Cause he know how to take over
The white man come to pillage my village
Now he tell me I have to bend over

Oh yeah, kill all the white man

No I don’t like the white man up in me
He rape all my people as he rape my country
Everything I love and cherish, he try to take away
We will be rid of him, soon come the day

Oh yeah, kill all the white man
Oh yeah, kill all the white man
Oh yeah, kill all the white man
Oh yeah, kill all the white man



We have contacted the Riot Fest  twice and still waiting for their reply.


You might find this video thought-provoking. Give it a watch!



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  • Euonymus

    I can’t believe this. Very disturbing.

  • Blk Galaga

    Hope this is a joke. If not, you don’t know NOFX very well and need to do your research before making such stupid accusations.

  • Didi

    this is hilarious

  • James

    Haha, you’re stupid. This website is stupid. You have no idea what you’re talking about….hahahaha

  • Son of a Imigrant

    NoFX should be invited to emigrate here.

  • adam

    Good gods, talk about a knee-jerk reaction. Maybe listen to their whole discography before making this absurd accusation. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • James

    HAHAHA. WOW. This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Who is the CIR anyway? A bunch of old people who clearly don’t understand anything about….anything?

  • Jaime

    You know what SARCASM is?

  • CIReport_Are_DUMBFUCKS

    Wow. What a bunch of fucking morons. Find something constructive to do with your time please. Perhaps develop a sense of humor and an understanding of sarcasm. Do you take all music and art forms so seriously?

  • Brendan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I don’t even know what else to say about the journalist who wrote this…….

    • SHawn

      Slow news day.

    • Poopdog

      “journalist” XD

  • person

    hahaha is this the mom from “Detroit Rock City”?

    Quit being stupid and contribute to society

  • Steve-O

    1st off- the song was first released in 1995 and as far as I know, all the white men have not been killed.

    2nd- the song is an anti-imperialist satire. NOFX may be seemingly immature and sophomoric, but they tackle real issues in their music.

    If this song, or any song, offends you, then the message either cuts too close to home, makes you think (and your brain hurts), or you have been brainwashed by some cult and can’t think for yourself anyway.

    Don’t like it, don’t listen to it and don’t go to the show… but banning them from a country and stopping them from playing just denies people who know how to think AND have a good time from experiencing something awesome.

    I’ll leave you with this, but if you don’t like to think, don’t read it: “Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.” – Heinrich Heine

  • Tyler


  • didi

    hi pat

    • hedscrewdstr8

      haha hi!

    • Patrick Bateman

      Oh hi Johnny

  • Shakespeare

    Hi CIR, first time reader first time caller. I believe the song is what us regular people with common sense would call “satire” or what you may call “misdirected fear-mongering”
    Here’s how Oxford lists satire:
    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing,denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc

  • Emma

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile.

  • MlleNo

    Is this honestly for real? I can’t believe it.
    I went to a NOFX show in Toronto last year, with 3 male Caucasian friends. We all left together, not a dead white man in sight.

    • SHawn

      thats a damn good show, and, like you stated… no dead white men/women.

  • hedscrewdstr8

    First off…

    Satire. Do you know what it is? NoFX certainly do.

    They’re also one of those bands definitely do NOT support racism or genocide of any kind, as you eloquently suggest in your article.

    Do yer damn homework before grabbing for your torch and pitchfork, Cletus.

  • hedscrewdstr8

    And someone is downvoting all the posts berating the article. Quelle surprise…

  • STEG

    This article is stupid. I have no idea what this site is or what it stands for, so I guess I’m in the same boat as the author of this piece is when it comes to NOFX. Maybe I should write an article about CIR.

  • Not Quite as Vicious

    Are you serious? People are angry because the lyrics are so true, and theyre afraid NOFX is going to help give their children a mind of their own.

  • Billy Cobin

    Are you telling me all this time I thought I was worshiping Satan I was actually being racist?? NOFX!! GAAAAHHHH!! DAMN YOU’S!!!

  • Milo Volsky

    I hope the author of this article doesn’t have children, because I’d be scared of what kind of retarded offspring they’d bring into this world.

  • Brendan


  • Nathan Bouchard

    Are you Nazi fucks serious? Making it a point to show us the Mike is Jewish? Rot in Hell, fascist scumfucks. NOFX 4 LIFE!!

  • Perro

    Are you fucking kidding me!? This is a joke right?

  • Mark Johnston

    ahahahahahahahahahahah. outstanding article. easily the most absurd reaction to a song I’ve ever read. well done!

  • Ace Alva

    this shows how fucking dumb the editors on this site are

  • Pubs

    Doesn’t the band have a white man in it? “white trash, two heebs and a bean”

    • Jesse Jones

      Or the original title, white trash, two jews, and a spic!

  • Chris R

    I don’t usually care to comment on these kinds of things. But I feel compelled to tell you, that this the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life!! THEY ARE A BAND THAT LOVES SATIRE, SARCASM AND FUCKING WITH PEOPLE!! Why? Because they can and they should! It’s a funny song, that makes you think…I’m sorry your day has been ruined. A petition like this, is one big waste of time and a giant step backwards for us as a country. Take a joke guyz and please, stop being so afraid of everything. Been listening to NOFX for a good chunk of my life, can’t say I feel like killing anyone or anything. In fact it’s music like this, that’s helped me see through bullshit like this!! It’s music like this, that’s helped me understand what’s really going on and has helped me become a free thinker. NOFX and any other artists of the world that challenge us to use our heads, nothing but WIN in my books.

  • Pete from Canada

    All this mention of “kill all the white man” and nothing about “don’t call me white”? Were you limited to 3minutes of research before putting together this article? You missed another song to completely take out of context. Did you happen to lean your journalism talents from Joseph Goebbels?

  • What It Is

    Groupon is selling RIOT FEST tickets for $30.00, so now we can see NOFX for 20 dollars less.

  • Chris Chicken

    I call for the genocide of the jaded assholes who make petitions like this.

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  • dean williams

    we should ban jim carrey from canada

  • Goobacks

    Riot Fest looks amazing. Wish I could go…

  • M

    hahaha great joke!

  • Sugartube

    Loud Noises!

  • Punkrockfan

    Idiots (and yeah, I mean the people who run this website)

  • Jordan

    You’re an idiot. Way to hide behind anonymity idiot. Publish your name idiot.

  • Dave Henry

    This song was written 20 years ago. Clearly the message is above CIR’s heads as they are taking it too literally. This is sad and pathetic. CIR, you NEED to do something better with your days.

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  • Steve

    this site must be run by nazi morons! what a bunch of sad no lives :-(

  • Mike Desj

    wow, this group doesn’t know how to take a joke! Do they not realize that 3 of the 4 are fair skinned? Also, how come it’s only started bothering them now? Idiots!

  • theworkingman

    I’ve got my money on this being a joke. Good way to get some press.

  • BobDarker

    In an effort to not be a self hating cannibalistic threat to myself and my polarized group, or entertain anyone with funny jokes, or even having my own opinion and forming it by myself, regardless of what the group thinks, Ill simply revert to hating anyone who is not my skin color. It used to be just Jews and fags that were full of self loathing, but now I guess it is anyone who has friends or a sense of humor.


    I’m gonna try to explain this without resorting to namecalling. You need to do some research before getting your panties in a twist. This song is a joke that obviously went over your heads. NOFX wouldn’t call for white genocide, that would kill off about say 75% of their audience, and 3/4 of the band! You’re getting all butthurt for no reason. If you wanna get technical, since 2 guys in NOFX are Jewish, what about their drummer? You really think he’d play on the song if they truly wanted to “Kill All the White Man?” I think this boils down to the fact that you seem to be so caught up in your political correctness that you lost this thing called a sense of humor, which NOFX is well known for. Take a lesson from them and learn to laugh at our differences.

  • Skinny Mike

    This is ridiculous and plain stupid on so many levels. The song was originally released in 1992 (I’ll help you with the math….20 years ago) and in that time I have seen NoFX play in Toronto in excess of 10 times. You’re a little late to the party. Have you actually listened to the song, or done any research whatsoever on the band and the nature of their music? It’s satire; something which has permeated their albums and live shows for decades. I would suggest that in the future you do a little homework before making inflammatory and baseless accusations. NoFX will play on Sunday, their fans will enjoy themselves, and life will go on. Speaking of which, perhaps it’s time you got one.

  • garga

    this is a joke blog? or just don get the meaning of te song?

  • Ty Chuk

    This is ridiculous. Not surprising someone who doesn’t even know the band or listen to the music takes a title and lyrics at face value. Open your eyes. I guess they didn’t want to read the lyrics of “The Brews”…

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    CIR … you seem to have attracted the lost generation of degenerates with this post. This is the reason why I don’t see a future for America. These fans don’t see anything wrong with the lyrics “kill all the white men” but these same idiots would be howling like the crazed beasts they are if the lyrics were “kill all the black men” instead.
    The future is in the hands of these mad dogs.

    • maddog 20/20

      BARK BARK GRRRRRRRR MAD DOGS ARE ON THE LOOSE! Beware this with a functional grip on sarcasm

  • Jake Arthur

    Alexisonfire did not write The Dead Heart, its a cover of a midnight oil song.

  • Undead Whiteguy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So awesome. Stellar journalism. I bet all those white guys on stage were sacrificial. Go get ‘em CIR! You are not morons.

  • meg

    OH the irony. first off i would suggest you get your facts straight. for instance did you know that alexisonfire song you post isn’t even their song (they didn’t right it)… it’s a cover of midnight oil. go ahead and ostracize people for false ‘facts’ and now you doing exactly what you are supposed to stand against. Educate yourselves before you make such large claims. You have now just diminished your credibility extraordinarily.

  • meg

    haha woops write* (it’s late)

  • Andrew Wilkes

    You’re aware that 3/4 of nofx are white men? You understand that they mock everything they can. If you actually did research on the subject you’d understand that they are not a racists white-hating band. Just because you have an agenda of making the world a horrible place, doesn’t mean you can F*** with nofx or any other awesome band for that matter. Why don’t ya Nazi’s come to riot fest and see how punks treat Nazis in the real world. Die nazi scum.

    • Can Rep

      How classy!

  • Rhys Halliwell

    You forgot to mention that Hefe is a dirty mexican! How can you call yourself racists when you don’t even do your homework?

  • Christopher Fitch

    Oh yeah.. this song came out forever ago.. I killed at least fifty white men since i heard it. Good stuff. Canadians cant be this dumb. #obamasnewcampaignsong

  • Quebecois

    c’mon guys, have some sympathy..they care about clams!

  • Bengali

    So, you mean you have people that are 1st degree only ? This is chilling my bones …
    What would you think of Dying Degree then is not imaginable (LOL, don’t even try LOL)
    LOL @ the originator from that ban idea, he surely not lost his time doing it. Read between the lines <- but that is for smart people only maybe, are you ? Racism has no end when it comes to imagination, at least it looks like you are in a dead end.
    No but seriously: do your homework guys. Kill All The White Men is on The Longest Line first, then on a live album. That's not the problem, now is it ? And what about the cat ? and Lori Meyers ?
    Fat Mike seems to confirm that only punks are gentlemen these days. Crappy world.
    I might have a soregasm now, all because of you! Gladly you won't be listened to, nor even considered. Sad situation, you racists…

    Lastly: "The white man come to pillage my village, now he tell me I have to bend over" <- your History's hurting here ? What made you loose gravity ? Where ? Who ? How ? Why ?

  • Lagwagon

    How about we ban CIR from Canada instead?? OI OI OI!!



    kill al the colors of the rainbow!

    monochromatic supremacy forever!!!

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  • Paul

    this has to be a joke. I’d say 70% of the fans (and the band) are white

    this is a song about long-standing oppression caused by Caucasians worldwide even to today. This song is based on something we Americans like to call free speech. So I hope raising my middle finger doesn’t offend your delicate, fearful Canadian senses.