Canadian embassy in Saudi Arabia flooded by multiple wife visa requests from Saudi men


Under Islamic law, Muslim men can have four wives at the same time and such an edict has given rise to polygamy in the oil-rich Gulf.

Canada immigration confusion: Multiple wife visa requests by Saudi men
Embassy asks for government clarification on giving visas to more than one wife
By Staff
Published Monday, October 15, 2012

The Canadian embassy in Saudi Arabia says it has found itself in an awkward situation after it was flooded by applications from Saudi men seeking visas to visit the western country along with more than a wife. The embassy says while polygamy is permitted in Saudi Arabia, it is a punishable crime in Canada.
“The Canadian embassy in Riyadh said it has sent a letter to its government asking for clarification regarding visa for Saudi men having more than a wife,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said on Monday.

“The embassy said it had made such a request because many Saudis ask for visas for themselves and their wives, adding that many of them have more than a wife…it said this has put the embassy officials into an awkward and difficult situation.”

The paper, citing the letter, said the embassy had asked the Canadian government to clarify whether it can grant visa to a Saudi and more than one wife.

“The embassy also said it had found out that some Saudis are trying to trick its consular officials by asking for visa for them and one wife while the other wives apply for separate visas…some male applicants also lie about their marital status by saying they are not married or are divorced,” it said.

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  1. FourFooted_Messiah says:

    Simply tell the Saudis that polygamy is just as illegal in Canada as booze is in their country. Maybe they’ll understand THAT.

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