A brief note on Canadian Immigration Report being barred from Ottawa

 CIReport banned presentation to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

NDP Ethical Standards: MP Jinny Sims “appalled” by CIR, but not by the totalitarian, anti-democratic and anti-Canadian elements in the “Indo-Canadian Workers Association”, an association that consists of “old Communists”

 Alex Kurtagic: Is It a Liberal Value to Silence Opposition?

 Tim Murray: “Does recognizing an extreme predicament make one an ‘extremist’?”

 Anthony Hilton to Jason Kenney et Co.: “This is not Western Civilization. It’s like the Soviet Union. God save us.”

 Letter to Jason Kenney from Valerie Price: Immigration hearings and Nazi tactics

 Dodo Can Spell: “It took me until now to realize that I am a Supremacist too … albeit not a “white” one … because as I read up on Paul Fromm I found that many of his thoughts and opinions are akin to mine.”

 Julien Lussier: “Immigration is public policy. If we can’t talk about our public policy, we have no right criticizing a country like China for shutting down free speech.”

 Conservatives pull CIReport witnesses from immigration committee following accusations of intolerance

 Jennifer Ditchburn: Abortion, immigration debates test limits of dialogue in House of Commons

 The Commons: Racists, anarchists, women’s rights and ‘McCarthyite demagoguery’ by Aaron Wherry

Scrums: What is with this ‘McCarthyite’ immigration debate?

To Hon Jason Kenney from Canadian Hindu Advocacy

 Scrums: This is a nasty game

On Canadian immigration and freedom of speech

Paul Fromm: The Presentation the Commons Immigration Committee Refused to Hear





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