Documentary on queer refugees fleeing to Canada screening for free on NFB website

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Award-winning doc on queer refugees fleeing to Canada screening for free on NFB website

December 7, 2012. 9:48 am • Section: Pop Tart

Award-winning doc on queer refugees fleeing to Canada screening for free on NFB website
Trudi, a lesbian from Jamaica who was “correctively” raped at gunpoint., is one of five refugees chronicled in Montreal filmmaker Paul Émile d’Entremont’s award-winning NFB documentary Last Chance. (All photos courtesy National Film Board of Canada)

Gay Canadian pastors optimistic Jamaica will be gay-friendly

Gay Canadian pastors optimistic Ja will repeal buggery law

BY INGRID BROWN Associate editor — special assignments

Sunday, December 02, 2012

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VANCOUVER, Canada — Tim Stephenson is a former Canadian government minister, a current city councillor of Vancouver, and an ordained pastor, while Reverend Gary Paterson holds one of the highest positions in the United Church of Canada as its elected leader/moderator.

But the extensive political and religious accomplishments of both men are not what these two Canadians are most known for.

Government-sponsored refugees from Somalia experience their first Canadian Christmas

Reception House gives refugees their first Canadian Christmas

Ifrah Mohamed Abdirahman, from Somalia, helps decorate the Christmas tree at Reception House on Friday.

KITCHENER — Four little boys — two and three years old — are having a grand time in their new home.

Last week they arrive with their mothers at Reception House, a home for government-sponsored refugees. The Somali boys have been living in refugee camps, where they are used to running around.

First group of Chinese refugees to Vancouver brought into Canada only 50 years ago

Laura Madokoro: Jim and Joanne Chu, and remembering the first Chinese refugees settled in Canada

Stuart Davis / Postmedia News

Stuart Davis / Postmedia News
Jim Chu, now Vancouver Chief Constable, was one of 109 families who were brought into Canada from China 50 years ago.
Fifty years ago this month, three-year old Jim Chu and his sister Joanne, along with their parents, arrived in Calgary on a flight from Hong Kong. They didn’t know they were making history, but they were. They were part of the first group of Chinese refugees ever resettled to Canada. Their story, and that of others who came to Canada as part of the special Chinese Refugee Program, has largely been forgotten. Yet there are important lessons to be garnered from the past. Looking to the events of 1962 shows clearly how Canadian society benefits when governments take the lead on treating refugees with respect and dignity.

Rich Mexicans fleeing to Canada as refugees

Why rich Mexicans are fleeing to Canada as refugees

Gangs target financially successful families in the country’s ongoing drug war

by Charlie Gillis on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 11:41am – 7 Comments

When gangs targeted their children, the Balcortas fled to Calgary. (Chris Bolin)

In Mexico, Daniel Balcorta had it good. Three cars, a house with a pool, lavish meals at Cancun’s top restaurants—such were the perks of a successful realtor selling beachfront on the Yucatan coastline. A former professional soccer player, Balcorta had paired minor celebrity with a strong grasp of Internet commerce, and developed a thriving business catering to well-heeled snowbirds from the U.S. and Canada. “I even had a private jet I’d rent to fly around my clients viewing properties,” says the 34-year-old ruefully. “We lived a very comfortable life.”