Haitian Jean Pascal, who moved to Canada for a better life, derisively calls Lucian Bute “a Romanian who came to Quebec to make money and he did it because of Quebeckers”

Lucian Bute

Haitian Jean Pascal

Last update: 12/19/2012
Pascal Rips Bute: A Romanian Who Came Here To Profit! 
By Edward Chaykovsky

Former WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal is back in the hunt for fellow Canadian star Lucian Bute. Both boxers suffered big defeats in the last two years and both of them recently returned to the ring to secure wins. Pascal appears to be heading to rematch with WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson in March, and Bute is pushing to have a rematch with Carl Froch around the same time period.

Pascal (27-2-1, 16 KO) wants the Canadian boxing fans to apply the pressure on Bute (31-1, 24 KO) to make their fight happen in 2013. The fight has been discussed for several years but never comes close to happening. It would be a mega-match between the two most popular boxers in the country.

“The fans should put pressure on Bute, since he and (his promoter) InterBox owe it to them,” Pascal told QMI Agency this week. “He’s a Romanian who came to Quebec to make money and he did it because of Quebeckers. It’s the least he can do to give them that. It would be an historic event.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bluepaper.frame BluePaper Frame

    The Haitian is arrogant. He knows that he couldn’t have said the same about any other non-white boxer living in Canada. Bute is an easy pray as he is white and European.
    Assuming that the Haitian came to Canada to learn how to sky, and not “for a better life and education” and… money (by the way, he seems to have gotten a lot of the latest !!!), slashing Bute for “coming to Quebec to make money” is just pathetic.
    I guess the Haitian gent turns a blind eye on the daily hoards of Haitians arriving at the airport in Montreal, abandoning a putrid country, eager to live in Quebec and take advantage of all our benefits.
    I truly hope that Bute will shut his filthy mouth and administrate him a few good Carpathian uppercuts.

  • GoBute

    Yes, the Haitian is more than arrogant.Bute indeed made money, but in a legal and honest way.He is paying taxes.Romania is now in a financial crisis but surely there is a lot of education and smart people there.Let’s make the difference between a value in a certain field (eg: boxing) and a refugee with an empty stomach, happy to see the skyline of Montreal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bluepaper.frame BluePaper Frame

      Obviously, the Haitian believes that only visible minorities should come to Canada for a better life. He is more than sure one of those who believe that white countries owe blacks something.
      Also, how has the Haitian gotten his money, if not from the same “Quebeckers” he had mentioned related to Bute?
      I am positive that it was not the Haitian community who bought all the tickets to his matches.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    How many Haitians come here and just live off of government benefits?

    If they do fight, I hope Bute knocks that gorilla’s teeth out of his head.