Intruder Ibrahim Abukar shot to death in home invasion; two male blacks still at large


The homeowner, Mike Vrga, had found three intruders, two armed, in his house, his two young children and wife at home.

Man shot dead during Mississauga home invasion
Published 13 minutes ago

Alex Consiglio/Toronto Star
A man was shot dead during a home invasion-style robbery in Mississauga at a house on Corkstone Glade, near Fieldgate Dr. and Rathburn Rd. E., around 12:25 a.m. Friday.
Alex Consiglio
Staff Reporter

A man was shot dead after allegedly breaking into a Mississauga home with two other men who remain at large.

Peel Regional Police were called to a home on Corkstone Glade shortly after midnight Friday after a 911 call about a home invasion.

The homeowner, Mike Vrga, had found three intruders, two armed, in his house, his two young children and wife at home.

A short time later, one of the alleged intruders was dead.

Police said Vrga had struggled with one of the armed men. Ibrahim Abukar, 22, of Toronto, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Peel homicide detectives are continuing to investigate how Abukar was shot dead.

“Detectives are trying to piece together the sequence of events,” said Const. Thomas Ruttan.

Ruttan said the two other suspects, described as male, black and wearing dark clothing, remain on the run.

Vrga, questioned by police and released, suffered minor injuries, said Ruttan. No charges are pending against Vrga. A friend of the family told the Star that Vrga is 6’4”, 240 lbs and in his mid-30s.

From homes on the neighbouring street, a smashed back door of Vrga’s home could be seen, an officer standing guard.

Police had used a tactical team and K-9 unit to track the fleeing suspects without success.

“If anyone has seen or heard anything in relation to this event, homicide investigators would like to speak to them,” said Ruttan.

Vrga lives with his wife Sandy in their home, near Fieldgate Dr. and Rathburn Rd. E. The couple has a newborn daughter and a 1-year-old son.

Vrga rents his basement to a woman in her twenties. The tenant moved in two years ago with her young son, said neighbour Trudy Nunes.

Abukar’s body was discovered in the basement. Police are not yet aware of any link between Vrga and Abukar.

Vrga operates VTM Mechanical, a heating and air-conditioning company, from his home.

Mark Guluzian, an employee of Vrga’s, arrived at the home Friday morning expecting to head to work with his boss.

“It’s quite a shock,” said Guluzian, 32. “It’s not something I was expecting when heading to work like any other day.”

Guluzian described Vrga as a “straight arrow family-oriented guy” who works hard and heads home to his kids.

Guluzian said Vrga likes to go hunting once in a while, but wasn’t sure if he kept any guns in his home.

Guluzian added he has never spoken to the tenant.

Josie Dinardo, whose 89-year-old mother lives next door to Vrga, said her mother’s caregiver heard two or three gunshots.

“Then she heard a lot of commotion and moaning,” she said, adding her mother has lived there for more than 30 years without any violence. “It’s a nice neighbourhood.”

Police still had the home taped off as the investigation continued Friday night.

With files from Alex Nino Gheciu and Alexandra Bosanac

27 Responses to “Intruder Ibrahim Abukar shot to death in home invasion; two male blacks still at large”

  1. Kordun says:

    Bravo Mike!
    No monkey business with a Krajisnik.

  2. CanadianImmigrationReport says:

    Well done, Mr Vrga!

  3. Justice says:

    Justice served on the spot…. Losers….
    Too bad the other two got away….

  4. Not A Sheep says:

    Very sad story, we should not be condoning this type of violence. Very sketchy to me. A home invasion? what was worth taking from the home? And a homeowner with a gun? was the gun licensed? how do we know? why would somebody own an unlicensed gun? And why was the home owner in the rental suite in the basement which is rented out to a female in her mid 20s. Sadly i know the victim, and he was a Schulich school of business fourth year student, he was an A++ student, with his own iPhone APP, a company, and scholarships left right and center. He was very successful and a good role model. I have the proof for all of this. Now i need to know, why was a A+ Business school senior, with his whole life ahead of him, and job offers left right and center. A potential CEO, somebody worth more then this, why would he be found in a basement dead. With hardly any detail? Very fishy, the truth will surface soon.

    • CanadianImmigrationReport says:

      Mr Vrga is an occasional hunter. In order to hunt, one needs a hunting and gun permit.

    • What is fishy in this story? Listen, if someone gets into your basement and your family is upstairs, I guess you would give the intruder(-s) a cup of tea and some cookies? Ah, the dead intruder was a great guy, wasn’t he…? The what a f**ck was he doing in someone’s basement?! Playing darts?!
      Was he dragged there by the other two blacks? If so, why? Drug dealers?

    • Sam says:

      Give me a break dude, I am sick of people like you who put this guy on a pedestal. This guy is scum. He didn’t live there, he was robbing the place and got what he deserved.

    • Winston_Jack says:

      “I guess you would give the intruder(-s) a cup of tea and some cookies?”

      Sounds just like what this Not A (sic) Sheep would do, along with accusing anyone who wants to protect their family from home invasion of RACISM!!!! and finding a way of using “White Privilege” to sanctify and excuse these so-called victims.

      Liberalism is definitely a mental disease.

  5. Brutal says:

    Very successful student and future CEO, give me a break…home intrusion looks great on your resume. Two of the intruders had guns, and picked the wrong guy to mess with. Would you not protect your family? One less skid on the streets, hope he doesn’t get charged. Bleeding heart liberals reply now.

    • Layss says:

      What do you mean “give me a break” ? You never knew the man who was shot so how can you judge him?

    • “(…) home intrusion looks great on your resume.” LOL
      @Brutal, plenty of libtards will try to victimize this lowlife. It is incomprehensible that people would be ready to judge a man shooting and killing someone who BROKE into his home…

    • kristinka.b says:

      Where is the proof of the home intrusion? Where is the proof that there actually were accomplices? Where is the proof that the accomplices had guns? Why was Abukar in the basement apartment at the time? Where is the information about the tenant in the basement apartment knowing Abukar? How come the homeowner was so readily accessible to a gun? And lastly where was abukars guns or “other weapons” if he actually was armed…….. seems rather magical that they disappeared….

      • Blaming the victim? What is odd about having a tenant, many people have to resort to renting to get extra income these days! Would it have been better to have this man be shot down instead and his family?

        You wonder why the man had a gun, well why THE INTRUDERS had guns? Did they have a licence and where did they get them and to what purpose?

  6. hodaan wise says:

    well i don’t knoe why u should be shooting or gun in the house u could have simply call the cops instead of kiling a person life rather then shooting the person…btw i might be the other two instead of this on that got shoot and sad story too hear that one of family member has died from us

  7. Rock wood says:

    Good for the homeowner, he has 2babies in the house and this trash decides to break in and I don’t care how good of a kid he was, he was not that good if he was breaking into a house. Too bad kid, you want to be a bad ass and see what happens. Stay in your hood where u live and stay out of our nice neighborhood. These kids nowadays have no life and watch too much Internet and movies and have no idea of fun so they committ stupid crimes. I hope they catch the rest of the cowards or if there tough enough come back to our neighborhood and try it again,,….losers. Get a life and stay out of ours, you true wanna be gangsters

    • messy says:

      you must be out of your mind ” stay in your hood where u live and stay out of our nice neighborhood’ , dude your one racist human been. let me say one thing dont always believe what the media post about someone. i believe there is more to this story, when the truths comes out i feel sorry for all you judgmental. i don’t know him but i don’t think him as gang-banger like i said there is more to this story…. to all your ingnorance people out there learn the whole truths before posting…

  8. OPEN YOUR MIND says:

    Some questions

    I’m not going to step into the debate below. However, I do have some questions. First, what do we know? There was a tenant renting the basement. The incident occurred in the basement. The incident involved Vrga, who lived on the first floor and rented out the basement to the tenant. (1) Was the basement apartment “legal”? If it were a legal apartment, then how did Vrga have the ablility to get into the basement? Apartments are supposed to have separate/dedicated entrances with no access between the two floors. (2) Very little is mentioned in the article about the tenant. Why? Did the tenant know the intruders? Where was the tenant during the altercation? I think that the police are probably trying to sort out the questions posed in (2) and “maybe” be able to find the other two through that possible connection. I’m not saying that the tenant knew the intruders. We only know that “investigators have no information connecting the deceased to the homeowner”. I’m curious about the tenant angle.

  9. saw the reactions from friends of the victims on another websites video. Funny, how they were all black and all shocked at the events. Also said he was a role model in the community. Really?????? With this as a role model, all I can say is—–shoot straight and shoot to kill!!!!And try to get them all next time.

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