Toronto: Two black thugs break into seniors’ home

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Senior spends Christmas in hospital after home invasion

6:57 pm, December 25th, 2012


TORONTO — Relatives of a senior marking his 78th birthday in hospital Monday fear brutal home invaders targeted him and his wife for Christmas cash intended for their grandchildren.

The couple was sleeping early Saturday when two men burst into their home around 4:30 a.m., daughter-in-law Nadia Iantorno told QMI Agency, asking that the seniors’ names not be published. The intruders demanded cash and jewelry, then forced the couple onto a floor and tied them with clothing, police said.

Before fleeing, one thug pounded the man’s face with his fists, Det.-Const. Steve Blenkhorn said.

The couple managed to get help from a neighbour after freeing themselves. Although police said Christmas presents were stolen by the home invaders, she believes most of the loss was in currency.

“Italians use a lot of cash at Christmas,” Iantorno said. Iantorno said her 78-year-old father-in-law remains in hospital with facial injuries. His 75-year-old wife, now staying with their daughter, was released after a checkup and treatment for anxiety.

After visiting the senior in hospital earlier in the day, Blenkhorn said he’s doing “all right,” remaining “mostly for observation.” Despite being armed, whoever struck him appears to have used fists, Blenkhorn said.

“He took a few lumps.” Police have no firm leads, other than the thugs being described as black, with thin builds, between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot-2. They wore dark clothing.

Blenkhorn said it’s possible they were “being watched” and followed home after shopping, then attacked when the house was in darkness.

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  1. BluePaper Frame says:

    Again, black thugs? Wasn’t it recently that some blacks were caught in the basement and one of them was hsot to death?

    • Jane says:

      Ottawa has had alot of sexual attacks on women in recent weeks and there is no security at the bus stations. Almost all attacks are blacks either somali or some other immigrant. One woman was raped on a sunday morning at blair station by 4 black somali then they robbed and beat her but thank godness someone heard the screaming……the woman did not know her attackers. Another woman was raped waiting at the bus stop at trainyards station which is kind of isolated near walmart. Another woman raped walking from walkley stastion not sure if it was night time. I talked to police and they wont put officers there or security but u can call octranspo security to come but who would have time if 4 men attack u??Its bullshit. THe bus is unionized and downplaying the attacks……ottawa is not that big to have all this crime its the mix of the people here is the reason for it. Halifax is mostly white and they have the same population and I would bet to say less than half of the attacks that happen here……

  2. FourFooted_Messiah says:

    Anyone remember the black London Riots of a year or two ago? That was the first time I ever heard of home invasions during rioting – blacks breaking into homes and robbing, threatening, and harming people within.

    I was following the news as it was happening and before the media noticed what was going on and started the PR spin machine. The Telegraph tried to downplay that kind of stuff after the first day or so, and then latched on to a picture of some dumb young wigger chick to say “SEE?! IT’S NOT ALL BLACKS!” Maybe not, but they were the ones doing the home invasions, and they were the ones starting the riot over some black criminal thug being shot for threatening police.

  3. Lindsey says:

    BluePaper Frame,
    what do you want to say? Yes some blacks are criminals but not all criminals are black

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