Deported from Canada in 2008, Libyan family to return to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds

Lawyer says decision a ‘measure of justice’ after Benhmuda father tortured in Libya

CBC News Posted: Jan 18, 2013 12:51 PM ET Last Updated: Jan 18, 2013 8:08 PM ET

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A picture of Adam and Omar Benhmuda, from the petition sponsored by their Mississauga, Ont., school friends and neighbours.A picture of Adam and Omar Benhmuda, from the petition sponsored by their Mississauga, Ont., school friends and neighbours. (Benhmuda family)

A Libyan family deported by Canadian immigration officials five years ago is being allowed to return to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds after a Federal Court judge ordered a review of their case.

After the review, Citizenship and Immigration Canada approved the Benhmuda family’s return to Canada.

Efforts to get the family back to Canada were spearheaded by Ingrid Kerrigan, the younger children’s kindergarten teacher at Springfield Public School in Mississauga, Ont.


The petition posted on, an online petition platform, garnered 15,674 signatures.

“It wasn’t just the Benhmudas who were asking to come back, it was more than 15,000 people who had read their story and were so moved by it that they took the step of signing the petition,” said Andrew Brouwer, the family’s lawyer.


Adel Benhmuda, his wife and four sons — two of whom, Adam and Omar, were born in Canada — were deported to Libya in 2008 after their claim for refugee status in Canada was denied.

The Benhmudas had lived in Canada since 2000 and applied for refugee status, saying they were in danger because Adel Benhmuda’s brother was linked to a group opposed to the regime of the late dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

As soon as the family arrived in Libya, Adel Benhmuda was arrested by Libyan police and spent four months in prison, where he was tortured.

After paying a bribe, the family fled to a refugee camp in Malta, where the UN High Commission for Refugees declared the family to be legitimate refugees and asked Canada to take them back.

Aisha Benmatug (Benhmuda) with her sons in front of a container with their possessions at a refugee camp in Malta.Aisha Benmatug (Benhmuda) with her sons in front of a container with their possessions at a refugee camp in Malta.(Benhmuda family)But a visa officer with the Canadian Embassy in Rome rejected that idea, alleging the family had been a welfare drain after arriving in Canada. That was not the case.

In a scathing ruling last October, a federal judge ruled the visa officer was biased and had placed wrong information in their file. She ordered the case to be sent to another visa post.


She, and other supporters of the Benhmuda family’s plight, will help the family re-integrate back into Canadian culture.


The family will still need to complete steps, such as new police checks and medical evaluations before they get the final approval to return to Canada.


Montreal: Marisol Mendez, Fernando Reyes and daughters deported; Mexicans United for Regularization “demanding” status

“We are very angry and very disappointed at the same time, because we don’t think we deserve this kind of treatment. We are not criminals. We are demanding status… Also, we are sure we have the right to be here. We are honest, hardworking people,” said Roberto Sanchez, a journalist from Mexico City and member of Mexicans for a Unites Regularization.

Outcry as Mexican family is deported despite safety fears Read more: Canadian Press Published Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 12:32PM EST Last Updated Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 6:46PM EST MONTREAL – The deportation of a Mexican family that has lived in Montreal since 2008 has caused an outcry, especially among Mexicans living in Canada. (…) Canada ordered the deportation of Marisol Mendez, Fernando Reyes and their two teenaged children, Ingrid and Eduardo, after refusing their refugee status. (…) The family fled Mexico in 2008 after Reyes had been kidnapped three times, allegedly by Mexican police. They have lived here since, running a printmaking shop and a taco restaurant, as well as teaching Sunday school.

Montreal: Mohamed Amin claims he was humiliated at license office

Montreal man claims he was humiliated at license office
Posted By: Luciano Pipia · 1/18/2013 9:25:00 PM

A Montreal man says he was humiliated at a license bureau in front of his family.

Mohamed Amin spoke English at the S-A-A-Q outlet on Decarie.

He told the Barry Morgan show he intervened after his wife failed to get a bureau worker to address her in English.

“I told her why are you doing this to us, in front of everyone”, Amin told the show.

“Why it’s so lovely to you to see us being like that. And then she answered me, with a very cold bood, tu est in Quebec, you are in Quebec, you have to address me in French. And I told her listen to me, my lady, I’m in Canada. The official two languages, English and French” Amin went on to say.

Amin added he pays taxes and therefore should be addresed in either official language with respect.

He also says the worker then looked at him and called out for another customer by saying “next”.