Canada erects billboards in Hungary warning of bogus refugee claims


This giant billboard was spotted in the city of Miskolc, Hungary.

No phony refugees allowed: Canadian billboard in Hungary
5:58 pm, January 22nd, 2013



OTTAWA — New billboards in Hungary tell residents not to bother coming to Canada to file an unfounded refugee claim because the rules have changed and they’ll quickly be deported.

“People with unfounded claims will be deported faster,” warn the billboards, bearing the Government of Canada logo and directing people to the Citizenship and Immigration website.

Late last week, the billboards were placed in Miskolc, a city in northeast Hungary that is home to many Roma.


One Response to “Canada erects billboards in Hungary warning of bogus refugee claims”

  1. Canada should erect similar billboards in India, China, Mexico, etc. I guess the guts begin and end with Hungary, as it is a European country…
    Every week bogus refugee claimants from Mexico are being deported from Canada.
    I would love to see such billboards in Mexico.
    As for China, China is probably holding our government under its thumb; birth-tourism from China is massive in Canada. Why not erect billboards saying that tourists who give birth in Canada will not add a Canadian citizen to their family.
    Sun TV did a great job bombarding us with Roma people’s case.
    Hope to see the same passion in relation to Mexicans, Chinese, South-Asians…

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