Canadian passport holder may have been involved in hostage standoff at Sahara natural gas plant in Algeria

Canadian among Algerian hostage-takers, 12 hostages killed: reports
The Associated Press and Global News: Friday, January 18, 2013 8:32 PM

Read it on Global News: National | Ottawa probing reports of Canadian among Algerian militant hostage-takers

TORONTO – Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed they are aware of reports that a Canadian may have been involved in the bloody three-day hostage standoff at a Sahara natural gas plant in Algeria.

A department spokesperson told Global News they are actively seeking further information on the reports, and are in close contact with the Algerian authorities.

“Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms this deplorable and cowardly attack and all terrorist groups which seek to create and perpetuate insecurity in the Sahel countries of West Africa,” the department said in a statement to Global News.

In the Mauritian News report, a source with the “Signatories of blood brigade” said the hostage takers were from Algeria, Canada, Mali, Egypt, Niger, and Mauritania.

The source also said the hostage takers didn’t intend to leave with the hostages, but that they wanted to move them to a location inside the complex. The source said that was when helicopters bombed the cars in which both the hostages and hostage takers were travelling.

Algeria’s state news agency reports an unidentified security source says 12 hostages have been killed since the start of the operation to free the kidnapped workers.

Read it on Global News: National | Ottawa probing reports of Canadian among Algerian militant hostage-takers.




Algeria: Day 4 of hostage standoff at Sahara plant





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