Génération Identitaire/Generation Identity Wages War on France Islamization – CBN.com

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  2. FourFooted_Messiah says:

    It’s about time that at least some are waking up.

    I hope the drivel about “supremacists” gets ignored, like it should. It’s only natural for the French (or anyone else) to prefer their own culture, and wish to practice it in the privacy of their own country.

    The Netherlands has been waking up, too, given the increasing popularity of Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party. There’s a problem when gays in Amsterdam fear getting beat up – by Muslim immigrants.

    Oslo has already become a de facto Muslim city, with a Muslim mayor. Jews have been fleeing for their lives.

    And that’s not even to mention the rise of Greece’s Golden Dawn. I visited that country in 1992, and was told that there was no such thing as welfare, when I asked about all the elderly and disabled folks selling pencils and lighters on the street. From what I can figure out, the EU must have forced Greece to support all the “refugees” the EU told it it must take in. I can see Greeks being right pissed at that!

  3. Canadian Born says:

    I would like to know why more Canadians are not objecting to the way the government is forcing us to accept mass immigration? If this continues we will become like France and England and every other country that won’t stop this!! Where are the politicians that will stand up for the Canadians? When you have immigrants running the immigration and politicians in government that were not born in Canada we have a real problem!!! Canadians wake up before it is too late!!!

    • FourFooted_Messiah says:

      Unfortunately, we have no politicians who care about us any more. Our interests have been sold out for a new world order kind of ideology, in which everything our ancestors accomplished belongs to the third world.

      The Left doesn’t like us because we’re white, and therefore evil, in their philosophy. The Right doesn’t like us because we actually want to be paid a living wage to work, and we won’t ‘save money’ by living 50 to a house.

      The two views dovetail in the middle – businesses want to import lots and lots of cheap second and third world labour, and the Left gets their “diversity” and kitschy ethnic restaurants, and foreigners running every Mac’s Milk store.

      Political Correctness is designed to shut us up about it, because if we complain, we’re “racists”. And according to the New Philosophy, only whites can be racist, anyway.

      It’s a way to set up a new fascism. We’re not really hive-minded enough for it to work, so the immigration allows for two things – the import of people used to dictatorial regimes, and the chaos required to break society down and rebuild it as a communist/fascist paradise.

      They’re bound and determined to turn all of Western society – that the Leftists hate so much – into a nightmare dystopia, like Somalia, China and Pakistan, and the various other nasty places our immigrants hail from.

      It will come down to war. WWIII, when it comes, won’t be a nuclear holocaust, nor will it be the massive nation vs nation war the last two were. No, it’s going to be a series of civil wars all across the Western world, in which non-Europeans (unfortunately, even the decent ones) will be kicked the hell out of our countries, and the traitors of the Left strung up at the ends of ropes. Or we could just force them to go live in Africa or Pakistan, but why risk their leftist virus resurging?

      It doesn’t have to involve death camps, of course. In fact, I think us whites are the ones up for death cam … uhh, sorry, “re-education” camps. But It’ll take a lot of boats to send third worlders back to where they bloody well belong.

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