Montreal: Mohamed Amin claims he was humiliated at license office

Montreal man claims he was humiliated at license office
Posted By: Luciano Pipia · 1/18/2013 9:25:00 PM

A Montreal man says he was humiliated at a license bureau in front of his family.

Mohamed Amin spoke English at the S-A-A-Q outlet on Decarie.

He told the Barry Morgan show he intervened after his wife failed to get a bureau worker to address her in English.

“I told her why are you doing this to us, in front of everyone”, Amin told the show.

“Why it’s so lovely to you to see us being like that. And then she answered me, with a very cold bood, tu est in Quebec, you are in Quebec, you have to address me in French. And I told her listen to me, my lady, I’m in Canada. The official two languages, English and French” Amin went on to say.

Amin added he pays taxes and therefore should be addresed in either official language with respect.

He also says the worker then looked at him and called out for another customer by saying “next”.

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