Students and visitors from Punjab flocking to Canada

While observing 41st anniversary of the formation of the Punjab, radical political party Dal Khalsa sounded the alarm bells on the issue of demographic change in Punjab due to heavy influx of the migrant population into the state.

Posted on January 12, 2013

Visitors and Students to Canada From India Booming According to Immigration Department

The Canadian High Commission in Chandigarh. The visa office has seen rapid growth in the number of study permits and visitor visas issued to Indian nationals in the region (GOOGLE MAPS)
The number of visitor visas the Canadian government issues in India’s Punjab region has increased by 300 percent from 2005 levels according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

CIC says that approximately 17,608 visitor visas were issued in 2012 by its Chandigarh office, which serves the Punjab region.

The growth in the number of Indian visitors to Canada has corresponded with the rapid growth of India’s economy and the emergence of an increasingly sizeable Indian middle class with the disposable income to travel abroad.

The number of student visas issued has seen an even more dramatic increase. According to CIC, 5,200 student permits were issued by the Chandigarh office in 2012, a more than 3000 percent increase from the 173 issued by the office in 2004 when it first opened.

At Friday’s press conference, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney lauded his department’s achievements in reducing processing times for visitor visas for Indian visitors, from 12-days for 80 percent of cases in 2011, to 5-days in 2012 for the same portion of cases.

He also celebrated an 80 percent approval rate for applications it received through the office for its new Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, which CIC introduced in December 2011 as a replacement for the parent and grand-parent sponsorship stream of the Family Class permanent residence immigration program.

The Super Visa grants parents and grand-parents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents permission to stay in Canada for up to ten years without the need to apply for extensions to their visa.



Dal Khalsa sounds alarm bell on influx of migrants in Punjab
WSN Network

Nawan Shahr: While observing 41st anniversary of the formation of the Punjab, radical political party Dal Khalsa sounded the alarm bells on the issue of demographic change in Punjab due to heavy influx of the migrant population into the state.

At a rally here, party leader Harcharnjit Singh Dhami said that Dal Khalsa perceives that an Assam-like serious foreigners issue is going to quickly emerge as far as demographic scene is concerned. because of the unmindful support to the migrant population by all parties.

Terming the economic need for migrant labour as hogwash, he said that it was not an economic issue, it was a political one.

Strongly criticizing the Election Commission for its failure to check double standards in Punjab, the president of Dal Khalsa Satnam Singh posed a string of questions to the Election Commission of India. He queried, “Can any Punjabi have a double vote in another state of India? There are more than ten lakh voters in Punjab who are voters in more than one place in India.

There is more than enough Punjabi labour, but both in the farmlands and in industrial units, employers look for cheap labour by flouting legal provisions of the Minimum Wages Act. Malls, buildings, residential estates all have their head offices in Delhi and beyond, they employ non-Punjabi labour and white collar staff and use heavy machinery from outside Punjab. The so-called developmental process that we see all around is benefitting only the non-Punjabis and unscrupulous leaders of Akali Dal Badal and Congress. Taking the discourse to a high pitch, Satnam Singh said, “if this was not colonialism, then what was?”

He said the Dal Khalsa will soon present a detailed research study on the subject. Kanwarpal Singh, the Dal Khalsa spokesperson, the problem would not be resolved with force. Bhai Mohkam Singh and Bhai Jasbir Singh Rode, both senior members of the Khalsa Action Committee, rued that Punjabi language and culture was being ruined in a planned way.

7 November, 2007




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    Do we not have enough Canadians that need educating!!! Wait we do but with the price of education they can’t afford it because their parents are paying extremly high taxes to support newcomers to this country!! Why not invest in the kids that are here already?

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    Interesting. The Punjabis don’t want mass immigration, because it would make the Punjab less Sikh. But they have no problem with flooding Canada, and making it less white and secular.

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