Deportation of serial rapist Louay Khalil to Lebanon, accused of assaulting mentally challenged woman

Khalil’s entry into Canada was made possible by marrying his own cousin

Original source article: Sex offender turned over to immigration authorities after deportation stalled

A man ordered deported in 2011 but who stayed in the country because of ongoing legal issues has now been handed over to immigration authorities.

Louay Khalil was ordered deported to Lebanon in 2011 for two sexual assaults in 2007.

Police say he reoffended in March 2010 and March 2012, and was rearrested.

He could not be deported until those matters were settled in court. In one case he was charged with sexual interference and sexual assault, and in the other case he was accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman.

Both cases were stayed in court this month. On Tuesday, Khalil was handed over to the Canada Border Services Agency. He appeared briefly before an immigration hearing in Calgary on Wednesday morning, but it was delayed for a day to translate documents into Arabic.

In a decision dated Feb. 18, 2012, Lynne Cunningham of the Immigration and Refugee Board said Khalil did not seek professional help after his earlier convictions for sexual assault.

“These offences are serious and without a credible promise of change, I find the appellant is likely to reoffend,” she wrote.

Khalil came to Canada in 2006 sponsored by his cousin, who was his then-wife, and was convicted of sexually assaulting two women on a bus in 2007. He claimed the crime happened because he had been drugged at a Tim Hortons, a claim the IRB dismissed.

In March 2012, Calgary police said Khalil met a developmentally disabled woman at a restaurant and they got into his vehicle. He drove her to his house and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

A detention review will take place Thursday in Calgary.

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