VIA derailment plotter Raed Jaser and his family spent two years in Berlin before coming to Canada as “refugees”

Accused Raed Jaser // Copies of the identity documents of Jaser’s parents

Man charged in VIA derailment plot fled Germany after family ‘terrorized’ by anti-immigrant groups: documents
Adrian Humphreys and Stewart Bell | 13/04/24 | Last Updated: 13/04/24 10:20 PM ET

Illustration Mike Faille // Documents
Accused Raed Jaser // Copies of the identity documents of Jaser’s parents

TORONTO — A Toronto man charged with plotting to derail a VIA Rail train fled to Canada from Germany after his family was “terrorized” by anti-immigrant groups there, according to federal refugee documents.

Before arriving in Canada, Raed Jaser and his family spent two years in Berlin, where a Molotov cocktail was thrown at their home. The incident “terrorized his entire family,” their lawyer argued during their refugee proceedings.

Worried about their children’s future amid Germany’s “racial problems,” the Jasers left for Canada in 1993 using false French passports bought from a Turkish man, they told the Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB). They claimed refugee status when they arrived in Toronto.

Twenty years later, the eldest son, Raed Jaser, 35, is under arrest, accused of plotting to terrorize the Canadians who gave his family a second chance. He was arrested Monday for conspiring with Chiheb Esseghaier to attack a train on the New York-Toronto route.


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  • Canadian Born

    Why are we still taking in refugees? Will Canada never learn their lesson? If there is one then there are hundreds starting with the Toronto 18 and Omar Khadr. Canadian government needs to say enough is enough!!!

  • Mark

    I would like to point out that Muslim is not a race, and Germany, like the rest of the civilized world does not necessarily have a “racism problem”, but they undoubtedly have a problem with Islam extremists. This jack-off is successfully using Shari’a Law in a Canadian Court, just the same as that waste of carbon Sidime argued that the honour killing of his 13 year old daughter Noutene was “God’s will”. Sidime, is serving 60 days in jail, 30 consecutive Mondays and Tuesdays. Get this garbage out of here. Seeing as how our government has no qualms about using race or religion specific laws, since the plot to blow up the bridge was averted, I imagine Canadians will wind up paying Esseghaier’s court costs, along with punitive damages. Every woman and non Muslim in Canada is being stripped of Human and Charter rights with each Shari’a Law precedent set in our courts.

    • Canadian Born

      Agree completly with you Mark and yet we stand by and do nothing!!