Warrant issued for “White” suspect Jugraj Singh



This is 51 Division’s latest version of “Project Captivate.” They are requesting the public’s
assistance locating a wanted man.
A warrant has been issued for Jugraj Singh, 28, of Toronto, for:
1) Assault with a weapon
2) Assault
3) Theft Under
He is described as white, 6’8”, 200 lbs., brown eyes, long black hair with a long beard.

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3 Responses to “Warrant issued for “White” suspect Jugraj Singh”

  1. Winston_Jack says:

    He’s a “White East Indian”. You know, kind of like how Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”.

    I imagine that the media just isn’t getting enough White crime to report on, so they have to start inventing new descriptions for people to help maintain their anti-white track record.

  2. Canadian Born says:

    Someone has to be colour blind, don’t you think? This country is going to hell faster than it is going anywhere else!!!

  3. That is correct! The media is trying to … fill in the gaps. There are some US TV shows dealing with crime and they are trying to show more white crime than coloured one.

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