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Dr. David A. Yeagley (1951-2014)

David Yeagley is with us no more.

David, descendent of Comanche leader Bad Eagle, was a bird of a rare feather. His voice was a lone dissenter, appealing for Whites to look to the contemporary plight of Native Americans as an insight into the future of being a minority culture in our own land. David cautioned us with a unique perspective towards immigration which unfortunately too few have yet heard.

Our deepest gratitude to David for permitting this interview filmed at the 2012 American Renaissance conference.

CIR expresses sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Be sure that David will be missed but certainly not forgotten by those he has touched.

Google AdSense ad serving disabled to CIR for “hate/anti violations”


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HATE/ANTI: Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on sites with content advocating against any individual, group, or organization. More information about this policy can be found in our help center ( ).

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Scrums: This is a nasty game

Scrums: This is a nasty game
By Colin Horgan | Sep 28, 2012 3:52 pm |

At Maclean’s Thursday, Aaron Wherry called it the “new game of ‘Let’s See Which Disparate Subjects We Can Link For The Sake Of Denigrating Our Opponents’.” These are the catch-all statements or questions that attempt to grind two axes at once, even though they’re unrelated.

On Thursday, NDP MP Jinny Sims and immigration minister Jason Kenney explored this ridiculous debating tactic, and Friday, Sims gave it another try in the members’ statement she read out before question period. Continue reading

CIR: Today’s immigration policy is a form of White Supremacy

CIReport: Today’s immigration policy is a form of White Supremacy

CIReport banned presentation to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

Foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to the Committee for being open to hearing the thoughts of private citizens in regards to immigration and refugee matters. Without wishing to minimize the important work of Government and civil servants, it is ordinary people who, like ourselves, work in the private sector and use public transportation on a daily basis that experience the brunt of Canada’s immigration policies. We must note how frustrating it is for many Canadians to be tremendously impacted by these issues, but far too seldom consulted.

We have been running a website called Canadian Immigration Report for the past three years and have followed and posted over 4,000 immigration-related news items.

We are extremely aware of the problems related to Canada’s immigration and refugee policy and appear today to present the unspoken thoughts of many Canadians, whom are generally too timid and fearful to voice their criticism of immigration matters.

A growing number of people in this country are extremely frustrated about the risks of commenting on Canada’s immigration policy for fear of prompting a string of overused epithets.

Immigration is simply the act of processing applications. It is essentially a matter of who gets a rubber stamp on their passport. Nothing more. Immigration is not an immutable chimera that cannot be discussed or debated. It is not beyond questioning and demands the same scrutiny as any other public policy.

Immigration is indeed our most important public policy because we are, in effect, choosing our public. These rubber stamps are deciding what our population will look like and how its future will be shaped. Is Canada to continue the legacy of our European settlers, or are we to disintegrate into linguistic, religious and ethnic micro-societies? Will the same European values we have today still exist in a hundred years? Continue reading

A brief note on Canadian Immigration Report being barred from Ottawa


Earlier today, the webmasters of were scheduled to appear before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. Due to apparent interference by Liberal and NDP members of the Committee, our scheduled presentation did not happen. You may read what we intended to say by clicking here.

We had been invited to present a 10 minute opening statement and answer questions posed by the Committee members. We made the long drive to Parliament Hill and just a moment after entering the meeting room, a clerk informed us that our time had been given to someone else and that we were not to appear before the committee.

After leaving the room, journalists who were already apprised of the situation informed us that the topic of our presentation was deemed inappropriate and had several screen captures of our website on hand. Still quite shaken by the news of being censored so hastily, we spoke with them for some time and attempted to convey the profound disappointment and confusion regarding this decision to censor us.

The meeting had been planned and rescheduled six times since June 2012. We were very much looking forward to presenting our opinions to the Committee and receiving their questions. It was an honour to be involved in such an admirable democratic process, and a privilege to be among the few private citizens whom were to be permitted to convey their thoughts regarding immigration.

However, it seems that the Liberals and NDP did not believe in their immigration policies enough to defend them before us. Along with all the other Canadians we speak for, we were silenced, censored, discarded.

It is easy to take a cynical stance and state that this committee apparently exists solely to pat itself on the back, but we believe the truth is far more pernicious. It appears that immigration is the only public policy that does not get talked about.

Canada proclaims itself a liberal country.

Since when, we wonder, is it a liberal value to silence your opposition?

The individuals involved with the decision of barring us should be greatly ashamed.

We welcome your comments and will be updating this post shortly.