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MONTREAL: Jewish tourist punched in the face

CTV Montreal
Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5:23PM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2014 8:11PM EDT

Montreal police are investigating a possible hate crime in which a Jewish man was punched in the face in Snowdon on Monday.

The alleged assault is just one of seven reported cases of anti-Semitism in Montreal since last weekend, a direct effect of growing tensions arising from increased violence between Israel and Gaza.


A French tourist, the man, who does not want to be identified because he fears for his safety, said he was walking out of a kosher restaurant on Queen Mary Rd Monday, talking to his sister about Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when two men approached them in front of the Pharmaprix drug store.

One of the men punched him.  Continue reading

Protests against Israeli military action in Gaza held in major Canadian cities

Photo: Shannon Kelly/CTV Montreal

Hundreds of Canadians protested Israeli military action in Gaza Saturday with demonstrations held in some of Canada’s major cities.

The protests were on the second day of an Israeli ground offensive that saw the death toll in Gaza top 330 people.

In Montreal, several hundred people marched through the streets in the city’s north end to denounce the attacks.

Jaoudat Abouazza, who emigrated from the West Bank in 1977 and still has family throughout the region, said it’s been harrowing watching the tragedy unfold. Continue reading

CALGARY: Israeli–Palestinian conflict brought into Canadian streets

July 18, 2014 7:48 pm

Tensions flare at Calgary protest over conflict in Gaza Strip

By   Global News

CALGARY- A protest in downtown Calgary about the conflict in the Gaza Stripturned violent on Friday.

Around 6 p.m., hundreds of people gathered in front of City Hall in support of Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza. However, a handful of Israeli supporters showed up, and a confrontation broke out.

Some men began pushing and shoving, and one man even stomped on an Israeli flag.

That prompted police to get involved, and a line of police officers set up across Macleod Trail to try and ease tensions.

As a result, all four lanes of Macleod Trail near Olympic Plaza were shut down.


Infant circumcision evangelist Dr. Neil Pollock ready to train Haitians to circumcise their male-infants

Vancouver doctor will train physicians in Haiti in circumcision

Friday 04th, April 2014 Written by 

in World
Vancouver doctor will train physicians in Haiti in circumcision

Dr. Neil Pollock instructs a team of surgeons in Rwanda on carrying out his technique of circumcision. (photo from Dr. Neil Pollock)

Dr. Neil Pollock specializes in circumcision, from newborn to adult, and adult vasectomy. As a leading expert in circumcision, he has traveled around the world to train physicians and, this summer, he will head to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to teach a team of doctors in medical newborn and infant circumcision.

“After carrying out 50,000 infant circumcisions and traveling recently to Turkey, China and Africa to exchange ideas, I have evolved my technique to make it applicable to infants, children, teenagers and adults,” Pollock told the Independent in a recent interview. “I have developed a technique to do circumcision in this older age group under local anesthetic without using sutures and using, instead, a cyanocrylate skin glue that closes the wound. Being able to do the procedure under local anesthetic and with skin glue instead of a general anesthetic in hospital provides for a much simpler, easier, quicker, safer and improved cosmetic outcome for patients.” Continue reading

Jewish groups want immigration reform

Jewish Groups Support Canadian Immigration Reform

C-24 bill could tighten immigration restrictions, bring to justice immigration fraud cases and prevent terrorism, supporters say.

In early February, Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander, presented Bill C-24, which is supposed to bring about fundamental change in the immigration process.

The bill, which is designed to reduce immigration fraud, was brought to parliament for approval this week. According to the proposal, permanent residents of Canada will be required to stay at least four full years within a period of six years (instead of three of the four) and at least 183 days in each year. The language requirements (English / French proficiency) would be more rigorous, immigrants ages 14-64 would be subject to language tests (vs. 18-54), and the citizenship test would be comprehensive and more rigorous.  Continue reading

Montreal: La Ronde amusement park implements religious accommodations for Jews and Muslims

La Ronde : Un accommodement raisonnable qui déplaît à certains
Affiché par: François Coulombe-Giguère · 2013-07-17 07:45:00

Des habitués de La Ronde sont outrés que les juifs et les musulmans puissent entrer sur le site avec leurs lunchs, alors que c’est interdit pour les autres.

Une journaliste du Journal de Montréal a fait le test avec un voile et on l’a laissé entrer avec son lunch. On appose alors un collant “autorisation médicale”.

Selon des témoignages, ce serait toléré car il n’y a pas de mets casher et halal dans les restaurants du parc d’attraction.

La direction de La Ronde se contente de répondre que tous les clients peuvent apporter leurs lunchs et le consommer dans les aires réservées.



Some La Ronde fans are shocked to discover that outside food is now banned from the amusement park, except for Jewish and Muslim visitors.

A reporter from Journal de Montreal wore a headscarf and had no trouble bringing her lunch into the park after La Ronde staff  labelled it with a “medical authorization” sticker.  According to reports, these exceptions are being made due to a lack of Kosher and Halal food in the park’s concessions.

La Ronde officials maintain that all visitors are permitted to bring outside food and enjoy their meals in dedicated eating spaces.


This  petition is on Facebook on the page of Fédération Québécois Souche .

Bonjour à tous. J’ai mis en ligne cette pétition suite à un article que j’ai lu sur des accommodements raisonnables pour les juifs et les musulmans à La Ronde. (voir le lien en bas de page) La Ronde à une politique qui empêche les gens d’entrée sur le site avec un lunch. Tous les sacs sont fouillés pour qu’aucune nourriture n’entre sur le site. Par contre, avec cet “accommodement”, les juifs et les musulmans peuvent amener leur lunch sans problèmes. Cette pétition à pour but l’égalité, peu importe la religion. La Ronde se doit de révoquer cet “accommodement”. Il n’y a que 2 solutions possibles: 1) Obliger TOUS les gens à manger à l’extérieur du parc (telle est la situation actuelle de la plupart des clients de la ronde) ou autoriser TOUS les gens à amener un lunch sur le site. Autrement que ses 2 solutions, c’est de la discrimination, point à la ligne. Signons cette pétition pour que ca change, pour que ce soit égal pour TOUS!!!

Lorsqu’un bon nombre de personne auront signé la pétition, je la ferai parvenir au parc d’attraction La Ronde, et à Six Flags.



La Ronde has reversed the decision and allows  all visitors to bring their own food.

Katz vs Chan: Who will be the winner?


Cathay House restaurant owner Joe Chan is suing Winnipeg’s mayor over his decision to hold a holiday party for city council and staff at Hu’s Asian Bistro in December 2010, a restaurant Katz owned at the time.

Winnipeg mayor faces conflict of interest lawsuit
12:23 am, March 31st, 2013

Joe Chan, of Cathay House restaurant, has launched a lawsuit against the mayor.
Credits: Winnipeg Sun

Mayor Sam Katz heads to court Tuesday to face a lawsuit, the loss of which could get him kicked out of office.

Cathay House restaurant owner Joe Chan is suing Winnipeg’s mayor over his decision to hold a holiday party for city council and staff at Hu’s Asian Bistro in December 2010, a restaurant Katz owned at the time. Continue reading

Montreal: Côte-des-Neiges swimming pool enforces gender-apartheid


Saudi-Arabia-Rules for a female only swimming pool.

Côte-des-Neiges under fire for offering gender-segregated swimming
Sessions an ‘infringment on rights’: Drainville
CBC News Posted: Jan 14, 2013 2:32 PM ET Last Updated: Jan 14, 2013 3:40 PM ET
Gender-segregated swimming hours should not be allowed, say Bernard Drainville, Quebec’s minister for democratic institutions. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis) Facebook
Seperate pool hours for women and men8:41

Gender-segregated swimming sessions at the Côte-des-Neiges sports centre have come under fire after an official complaint was filed with the borough.

Every Sunday, an hour is set aside for women-only swimming and another hour for men at the public swimming pool. The borough implemented the sessions 16 years ago at the request of some of its Muslim and Jewish citizens. Continue reading

Religious accommodations: Montréal City Council Majority Leader Marvin Rotrand demanded that Mayor Anie Samson of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension formally apologize to Montréal’s Jewish Community for suggesting that the City Administration is seeking to impose a Jewish holiday on all city councillors

Montréal City Council Majority Leader Marvin Rotrand

September 23, 2012 4:20 PM

Mayor Anie Samson of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension

Council Session on Yom Kippur – Anie Samson and Vision Montreal must apologize to the Jewish community

MONTREAL, Sept. 23, 2012 /CNW Telbec/ – Montréal City Council Majority Leader Marvin Rotrand demanded that Mayor Anie Samson of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension formally apologize to Montréal’s Jewish Community for suggesting that the City Administration is seeking to impose a Jewish holiday on all city councillors.

“Anie Samson’s suggestions are absurd and offensive to the entire Jewish community. Ms. Samson must apologize publicly. The fact is, Montréal’s different mayors and administrations have, for the past three decades, always respected the holidays of the major religions throughout Montréal. Just as it would be unthinkable to hold a City Council meeting on December 25 or during Ramadan, we do not meet during the Jewish High Holy Day of Yom Kippur, which starts at sundown on Tuesday, September 25,” Mr. Rotrand noted. Continue reading

Montreal: Ukrainian born Yafim Goikhberg serving 5-year term for defrauding immigrants believes he is in prison because he is Jewish


Yafim Goikhberg
Publié par Delf Berg/Published by Delf Berg

Parole denied to LaSalle man serving 5-year term for defrauding immigrants
By Paul Cherry, THE GAZETTE September 11, 2012

MONTREAL — A man serving a five-year prison term for defrauding several immigrants while pretending to act as their consultant has been denied parole.

One might assume Yafim Goikhberg, 47, of LaSalle, was turned down because he has another case pending in which 149 new charges have been brought against him. But what was of even more concern to the Parole Board of Canada was that Goikhberg plans to work with immigrants again in the near future. Continue reading