An Ecuadorian man who came to the Yukon in a final attempt to attain permanent residency — and whose work permit is about to run out — says he’s frustrated by a lack of information available to foreign workers.

Juan Carlos Escobar Hernandez, 30, flew to Whitehorse from Edmonton earlier this month with the hope of being hired into the Yukon Nominee Program, which offers a pathway to citizenship. So far, he says, he hasn’t had much success.

“I think I applied to 90 per cent of the hotels in Whitehorse. I’ve applied to a few restaurants, a few stores,” he said 10 days after his arrival.

He said one company offered to hire him but didn’t want to have to go through the nominee program.

Escobar Hernandez, who has a diploma in tourism from Ontario’s Fanshawe College, said it’s frustrating not knowing what businesses are part of the nominee program.

“You hear from other foreigners to go to Canadian Tire or to go to different hotels, but it’s not advertised. There’s no way to find out who’s hiring and who’s not. Especially for the nominee program.”