Toronto: Girl so terrified to return to Fiji that accepts to be sexually abused by her uncle

Court records show the uncle administered birth control to the girl, and told her that if she told anyone about the sexual activities, she would be deported to Fiji, a prospect she dreaded.

Man who sexually abused teen niece gets increased sentence
The Canadian Press
Published Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012 4:34PM EDT

TORONTO — A man who sexually assaulted his teenaged niece from Fiji more than 100 times over a three-year period has had his sentence more than doubled by Ontario’s top court.

In siding with the Crown, the Ontario Court of Appeal said the three-year sentence originally handed to the man was manifestly unfit and instead substituted a seven-year term.

“This case presented the court with a variant of the pattern of conduct of adult abusers in a position of trust over children,” the justices said in their ruling.

“Here, the child was a teenager, but her extra vulnerability came from the fact that she was an immigrant to Canada…she was in his power in every way.”