Montreal residents Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali charged with participating in activity of a terrorist group, tip from the community helps the RCMP

Two Montréal Residents Charged with Participating in Activity of a Terrorist Group: Tip from the Community Helps the RCMP

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Montréal, April 20, 2015 – The Montréal Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) announces today that charges have been filed against Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali, both aged 18. The two Montréal residents are currently in preventive detention. They face the following charges under the Criminal Code of Canada:

  • 83.181 – Attempting to leave Canada to participate in activity of a terrorist group
  • 83.19 – Facilitating terrorist activity
  • 83.2 – Commission of an offence for a terrorist group
  • 81 (1)(d) – Using explosives

These charges result from a short police investigation launched after information was received from the community. The investigation showed that Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali were planning to leave the country to commit a terrorist act abroad.

Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali appeared in court in Montréal this morning to face the charges filed against him.

The investigation is still ongoing. The INSET is trying to determine if other individuals associated to the accused could have conspired with them. The INSET asks for the cooperation of the public. Information can be reported to the National Security Information Line at 1 800 420-5805, by email at or your local police.

Ottawa police seeking help to identify man and woman for questioning on stabbing death of Connor Stevenson

Published on: April 19, 2015
Last Updated: April 19, 2015 9:57 PM EDT

The Ottawa police major crime section is seeking help to identify two individuals who may have important information related to a homicide on Jasmine Crescent.Ottawa police

Police hope someone will come forward to identity two people — a man and a woman — whom investigators believe have “important information” in connection with the recent stabbing death of Connor Stevenson.

Early last week, the 18-year-old, a one-time Gloucester High School student, became the city’s second homicide of year after being stabbed at least three times in the chest while in the sixth floor stairwell of Sutton Place, part of a two-tower highrise complex at 2020 Jasmine Cres., in Ottawa’s east side, where he lived with his mother and stepfather. He was pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital.

The Ottawa police major crime section released photos Sunday of a man and woman, both black, they want to identify, saying the two “may have important information related to a homicide on Jasmine Crescent.”

One photo shows a hooded young woman in a bright pinkish coat talking on a cellphone while riding an elevator in the building. Another shows her in the hallway approaching the elevators still on a cellphone.

The man’s pictures show him wearing a black leather coat over a hoodie, with the hood on his head. Despite the hood, man’s face is revealed both as he enters an elevator and when as he looks up at the floor indicator on the elevator.

“The man and woman shown in these images were at the building at the time of the incident, and investigators believe they have important information to contribute to the investigation,” major crimes Staff Sgt. Robert Drummond said Sunday.

TORONTO: Maziar Masoudi arrested in human trafficking investigation, warrant issued for Milad Chehelamiran

Toronto man arrested, another sought in human trafficking case

DavidShum-headshotBy Web Producer  Global News

Maziar Masoudi, 23 (left), arrested in human trafficking investigation. Warrant issued for Milad Chehelamiran, 29 (right).

Maziar Masoudi, 23 (left), arrested in human trafficking investigation. Warrant issued for Milad Chehelamiran, 29 (right).

Toronto Police Service

TORONTO – Toronto police have announced the arrest of a man connected to a human trafficking investigation which began in November 2014.

It is alleged a 26-year-old woman was taken from the Greater Toronto Area to Calgary where she was forced to work in the sex trade for nearly a month.

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Police said in a media release that she was also forced to hand over her earnings.

Mazier Masoudi, 23, of Toronto was arrested on April 3 and charged with trafficking in persons, material benefit, procure person to be a prostitute, exercise control of person for prostitution and uttering threats.

Police have issued a warrant for Milad Chehelamiran, 29, of Toronto who is also wanted in connection to the investigation.

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Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

Marc Wabafiyebazu, 15, charged with first-degree murder in drug-related shootout

Marc Wabafiyebazu, 15, indicted on first-degree murder charge

The Canadian Press Posted: Apr 15, 2015 2:02 PM ET Last Updated: Apr 15, 2015 5:08 PM ET

Marc Wabafiyebazu, the son of a Canadian diplomat , was charged with first-degree murder in what police say was a drug-related shootout.Marc Wabafiyebazu, the son of a Canadian diplomat , was charged with first-degree murder in what police say was a drug-related shootout. (Handout/Canadian Press)

 A Canadian diplomat’s teenage son accused of involvement in a drug-related shootout that killed his older brother in Florida has been charged with murder and will be tried as an adult.

A Miami-Dade County grand jury indicted 15-year-old Marc Wabafiyebazu on first-degree felony murder charges Wednesday.

TORONTO: Four men face over 100 charges in shooting

Police said several people were gathered outside a townhouse at 5:50 p.m. Thursday when another group approached and began firing.

Five of the people milling about were shot, they said. Three men were sent to hospital — one with life-threatening wounds.

About 25 minutes later, officers investigating a car several kilometres away had an interaction with the occupants of the vehicle, during which police shot one man, the province’s police watchdog said in a statement.

The man suffered non-life threatening injuries, the Special Investigations Unit said.

Glenn Howell, who lives near where that incident happened, was sitting at his dinner table with his family eating “awesome homemade hamburgers,” when he saw the commotion.

“I’m facing the window and we notice this car driving up my driveway at a fast speed,” Howell told The Canadian Press.

The black car hit Howell’s car and drove it into his carport, he said.

Then he heard a huge bang and saw a bunch of people running around his front yard with guns.

He yelled at his wife, son, mother and sister — all over for dinner — to get down as he peered around a wall to watch the events unfold.

He finally saw a man with a vest with the word “police” on it.

“He looked at me and made a phone gesture with his hand and so I called 911,” Howell said.

He saw one officer pin and handcuff one man in his front yard and other officers bolt through his and his neighbours’ backyard.

Three Toronto men — Akeem Bailey, 25, Clifton Vassel Youria, 29, and Maurice Smith, 21 — and twenty-year-old Daniel Duarte-Alvarez, of Mississauga, face a total of 112 charges.

They are scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Li Dongzhe one of the many Chinese fugitives hiding in Vancouver

Jailed man’s lawyer says documents show China reneges on negotiated deals
Lawyer's warning to fugitives hiding in Metro Vancouver: Don't do deals with China

Li Dongzhe is escorted into a courtroom in Harbin, China, by bailiffs. — HARBIN INTERMEDIATE PEOPLE¹S COURT, CHINA

The many Chinese corruption fugitives hiding in Metro Vancouver should keep running from the law based on the “brutal” treatment Chinese officials have handed several high-profile suspects, according to a Vancouver immigration lawyer.

Douglas Cannon — who represented Li Dongzhe — said his client has authorized him to publicize secret documents that show how Vancouver police and the RCMP conducted costly surveillance and pursued Li and his brother Li Donghu in Vancouver.

Li, a businessman accused of leading a $113-million bank embezzlement scheme, returned to China in December 2011, seven years after fleeing to Vancouver with his brother.

The documents reveal how the corruption suspects laundered money in Vancouver real estate and vehicles, and established companies long before they ran to B.C. They then sold assets and used “nominees” to make purchases and hold assets when they feared pursuit by officials.

Documents also reveal how China pressures Canada’s legal system — and Canadian tax dollars — into action to trap fugitive suspects.

 As The Province recently reported, secret Chinese “Fox Hunt” operations are believed to be growing in Vancouver, as a prime destination for many of the estimated thousands of suspects and billions in assets that China is currently seeking abroad.