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Toronto: Asian store owners cram at least 32 employees into two suburban houses


These homes help us embrace the rich cultural heritage of diverse working conditions

The owners of an Asian grocery store housing employees on Beaverbrook Ave. have been fined after bylaw officers found at least 32 people living in the two single-family homes.

Food Island, a store on Wonderland Rd. and Oxford St., came into the spotlight in January after a stabbing near a home several blocks away.

The owners face fines of $3,500.

After the stabbing, several neighbours complained about the number of people living at 1703 and 1709 Beaverbrook Ave.

Both homes are zoned as residential, meaning they can’t have more than five bedrooms each.

However, a total of 17 bedrooms were constructed – eight at 1709 and nine at 1703, said Orest Katolyk, the city’s bylaw manager.

“This was one of the most intensified single detached dwellings we have seen,” Katolyk said.

“Based on a bed count, a minimum of 32 occupants resided at these homes in this developing area.”

Beaverbrook Ave., is within walking distance of Food Island. The two homes were build less than five years go, Katolyk said.

The additional bedrooms were constructed mostly in the basement, he said.

“The bedrooms were for multiple occupancy. There were basically mattresses everywhere,” Katolyk said.

Curtis Nguyen, a store manager who spoke on behalf of the owners, who don’t speak English, said Monday the additional bedrooms were taken down shortly after the police and bylaw officer presence in January.

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Vancouver: Charged with human trafficking, Reza Moazami now facing additional charges


Reza Moazami accused of pimping girls as young as 14-years-old
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Human trafficking suspect faces additional charges
CBC News Posted: Dec 28, 2012 10:02 AM PT Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012 11:40 AM PT
A Vancouver man facing human trafficking charges is now facing additional charges after allegedly breaching his court-ordered conditions.

Reza Moazami, 28, was arrested last year and charged with a number of criminal offences, including trafficking, sexual exploitation and living off the avails of a juvenile.

Vancouver police say Moazami was arrested on Dec. 18 after he allegedly contacted one of his victims through other people.

He has been charged with breach of a court order and obstruction of justice.

A 22-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man were also arrested as a result of the investigation.

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USA citizen Joe Callahan fined $5,000 for smuggling two Latinos into Canada

Joe Callahan fined $5,000 for smuggling two Latinos into Canada

American who brought refugees to Canada now expelled

Judge says Joe Callahan allowed his humanitarian convictions to cloud his judgment
CBC News Posted: Nov 2, 2012 2:01 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 2, 2012 1:56 PM ET

An American man was relieved he didn’t wake up in a Thunder Bay jail on Friday.

On Thursday afternoon, a judge fined Joe Callahan $5,000 for helping two acquaintances from central America illegally come into Canada at the Pigeon River border crossing.

Just outside the courtroom, Joe Callahan signed an agreement to pay his fine within 60 days.

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Toronto: Jamie Byron and Katherine Edwards worked together to pimp out 17-year-old girl

Jamie Byron (pictured) and Katherine Edwards worked together to pimp out a 17-year-old girl

Toronto woman helped pimp out teen, court hears
7:57 pm, August 27th, 2012
3:03 pm, August 27th, 2012


OTTAWA — The worst thing about a former teen prostitute who helped pimp out an underage girl is that she victimized someone as she’d been victimized herself, said the judge who nonetheless spared her any more jail time Monday.

Katharine Edwards, 23, was in the midst of a preliminary hearing on human trafficking charges along with co-accused Jamie Byron but pleaded guilty to the much-reduced charge of procuring prostitution.

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Hungarian “refugees” Anna Maria Lukacs and Janos Szanto guilty in human trafficking case and mailbox cheque theft ring

Nicole O’Reilly Mon, 30 Jul 2012
Woman pleads guilty in human trafficking case

Anna Maria Lukacs came to this country with her husband and children claiming to be a refugee in need of Canada’s protection. But she will leave a convicted criminal, brought down in the largest human trafficking ring bust in Canadian history.

Lukacs, 37, pleaded guilty Friday to participating in the criminal organization that recruited human trafficking victims from Hungary and also organized an elaborate mailbox cheque theft ring. She was sentenced to six months in jail.

The organization is made up of an extended Roma Hungarian family who would bring unknowing victims to Canada on the promise of a good job, only to seize control of their bank accounts, documentation and movements, force them to work for virtually no pay in the family’s construction business and coerce them to falsely claim refugee status and welfare.

Lukacs was arrested by RCMP July 10 in a Toronto apartment.

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Bill C-31 set to clear Commons

Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration: 'Visa requirements can be quite injurious to our commercial and diplomatic interests and we need other tools to combat widespread abuse of our immigration system.'

Refugee bill set to clear Commons


OTTAWA — With the contentious budget bill set to dominate parliamentary business Monday in what could be the start of a multi-day opposition filibuster at the report stage, another controversial omnibus bill is set to clear the Commons.

The government’s sweeping refugee bill is scheduled for a final vote Monday before heading to the Senate.

It comes as Citizenship and Immigration officials float new figures that suggest the Hungarian refugee problem isn’t going away.

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