Vasant Chotai got a scary phone call on Thursday.

It was a long distance call, and when he answered the caller knew his name and address, and knew he was an immigrant.

The caller told Chotai he was from Immigration Canada, and said he would put his “supervisor” on the line.

“He told me the government was reviewing files of all the immigrants for the last 60 years,” Chotai said, “and they’re looking at any discrepancies in the files.”

He was told he hadn’t provided his “permanent resident” number to the embassy in Kenya, back when he moved here in 1970. He was told the call was being recorded, and anything he said could be used against him in court.

The “supervisor” said there were two ways to solve the problem. He could either send the RCMP to the door in 45 minutes, or Chotai could give them his “PR” number and pay a penalty.

“It felt a little bit scary,” Chotai said. But he quickly realized it was a scam.

Edmonton police say several members of city’s Indo-Canadian community, and other recent immigrants, have been targets of the same scam, which threatens people with deportation if they don’t hand over thousands of dollars.

Police have received numerous reports about the scam, which appears to have started in April.