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VANCOUVER: Iraqi refugge Faris Namrud pleads guilty to 6 counts of fraud over $5K

CBC News Posted: Nov 11, 2014 7:00 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 11, 2014 9:32 AM PT

An Iraqi refugee with a long history of romancing and ripping off women in Canada has pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud and could be deported once his sentence is served.

Faris Namrud, who arrived in Canada in 1999, already served jail time for romancing victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past.

On Monday, Namrud appeared in provincial court in Vancouver via video link and pleaded guilty to six counts of fraud over $5,000.

In the spring, CBC Investigates told the story of one Vancouver woman who said she lost $88,000 to the 46-year-old contractor, who took deposits but didn’t deliver on the work he promised.

A short time after the story aired, Namrud, who was then facing his 11th fraud charge in 10 years, turned himself in to police. More victims also came forward, and more fraud charges were laid.

Faris Namrud

Iraqi refugee Faris Namrud has already served jail time for romancing victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. (CBC)

In some of the scams, women who fell victim said he used various Italian aliases, including Gino Montana and Franco Nemro Loranzo, and that he had romanced them out of their savings. Continue reading

Hungarian Roma human traffickers deported from Canada

Josh Elliott,
Published Tuesday, July 22, 2014 10:48AM EDT
Last Updated Tuesday, July 22, 2014 2:56PM EDT

The federal government has announced that 20 members of a large human trafficking ring based out of Hamilton, Ont. have been deported from Canada.

The 20 deported individuals were members of the Domotor-Kolompar ring and helped run the largest proven human trafficking ring in Canada, according to the statement put out by the border agency. As of Tuesday, at least 22 members of this ring have been convicted on human trafficking charges, the BSA has confirmed. All but two were deported.

The Domotor-Kolompar family brought Hungarians from their hometown to Canada with the promise of work and a better life in the Hamilton area, Canadian officials said. But the Hungarians who came over were subjected to brutal living conditions without adequate food and forced to work construction jobs for free. The human traffickers used intimidation and threats of violence to keep their victims in line, officials said.

“This flagrant abuse of persons in our immigration system demanded a strong response,” Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said in a news conference Tuesday. Continue reading

TORONTO: Bela Gulyas, 19, two 17-year-old teens and one 15-year-old, arrested in Allen-Eglinton robbery and gang rape

UPDATE: Four arrested in Allen-Eglinton robbery, sexual assault

York Guardian

One man and three youths have been arrested after a woman was sexually assaulted and robbed in the Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue area Thursday, July 17.

Police said the victim, 27, was walking on a pathway on the west side of Allen Road when a group of men surrounded her around 11:40 p.m.

She was then robbed, thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted by one man.

The suspects then fled south towards Eglinton Avenue on foot.

Four suspects were arrested Sunday, July 20.

Bela Gulyas, 19, two 17-year-old boys and one 15-year-old boy, all of Toronto, are each charged with robbery and gang sexual assault.

The youths cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Police are looking for one outstanding suspect. His name or description has not been released.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 416-808-7474 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-8477.

BRAMPTON, ont.: Ordered deported 10 years ago, Iqbal Singh is now accused of murder

Bogus refugee claimant accused of murder

Maclean’s investigates how a repeat felon, ordered deported 10 years ago, managed to stay in Canada

Michael Friscolanti

When emergency crews rushed through the front door that winter night—Jan. 21, 2014—they found white tiles covered in blood and two people clinging to life. It was a gruesome, chaotic scene, even for a seasoned paramedic. Whoever swung the blade, again and again, had already fled.

Anita Summan, who owned the home in Brampton, Ont., was lying at the bottom of the main wooden staircase, alert but fading. Summan’s daughter, in her bedroom when the assailant pounced, had sprinted to her side. “She was still alive,” says Sonali Summan, 22. “I was in a hysterical shock, trying to figure out what was going on.” Continue reading

Russian immigrant becomes citizen through fraud, feds try to strip him of his citizenship

Immigration fraud crackdown drastically increases the number of Canadians having their citizenship revoked
Stewart Bell | Dec 2, 2012 10:29 PM ET | Last Updated: Dec 3, 2012 2:40 PM ET
More from Stewart Bell

Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press
In September, Jason Kenney, the minister of citizenship and immigration, announced his department had sent letters to 530 Canadians advising them their citizenship was being rescinded. Investigations into another 3,100 suspected of citizenship fraud were still underway, he said.


The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration sends a Notice of Intention to Revoke Citizenship outlining the grounds for revocation.

The person concerned has the right to refer the matter to the Federal Court.

If the court finds citizenship was obtained through false representation, fraud or knowingly concealing material circumstances the Minister may prepare a report to the Governor in Council recommending that citizenship be revoked. Continue reading

Wanted for murder in the U.S., man gets permanent residency in Canada


Kai-Guo Huang is wanted in the U.S. in connection with a grisly murder and decapitation 14 years ago.

Wanted for murder in the U.S., man gets permanent residency in Canada

Hoi Yang, 27, was murdered, in Pemberton Township on July 27, 1998.

Published 32 minutes ago
Kai-Guo Huang, 35, was arrested in Toronto recently for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Huang had a murder warrant in effect for the 1998 slaying of a man in Philadelphia.
Andrew Livingstone
Toronto Star Staff Reporter

Afghan immigrant Peer Khairi slit his wife’s throat because he was disrespected

Afghan culture clash: Wife killer felt constantly disrespected by family, court hears
Published on Tuesday October 23, 2012

Video: Police interview murder suspect Peer Khairi
A video excerpt from a police interview with Peer Khairi, on trial for murdering his wife Randjida in 2008.
Peter Small
Courts Bureau

An Afghan immigrant told police he endured years of disrespect from his family, turning him suicidal, and was so stressed by his wife yelling at him during an argument about their son that he stabbed her and slit her throat. Continue reading

Dorval: Afghani Johra Kaleki feels sorry for repeatedly stabbing daughter in basement

Johra Kaleki, the Dorval woman charged with the attempted murder of her daughter, quickly went from defiant to repentant in the hours after her arrest.

Dorval mother accused of killing daughter cried after stabbing
Paul Cherry | Top News | September 27, 2012

Johra Kaleki, the Dorval woman charged with the attempted murder of her daughter, quickly went from defiant to repentant in the hours after her arrest.

A video of her police interrogation, conducted hours after her then 19-year-old daughter, Bahar Ebrahimi, was stabbed repeatedly in the basement of their home in Dorval, was shown to Quebec Court Judge Yves Paradis as part of a voir-dire, a request from the defence to have statements Kaleki made to police inadmissible. Continue reading

Bogus Turkish refugee declared war criminal

Among young people, Turkey’s unemployment rate is considerably lower than many countries in Europe, including Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy.

Canada declares bogus Turkish refugee a war criminal
Turkish refugee
August 24, 2012
By: Steffan Ileman

It’s hard for any refugee claimant, nowadays, to convince Canada’s Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB) that he or she is a real refugee since most claims are rejected offhand as lacking credibility. This claimant’s problem isn’t that the Board didn’t believe him. His problem is that the IRB was only too willing to believe everything he said about the story allegedly created by a member of a terrorist organisation, and his claim was rejected for the wrong reasons.

Like many “economic refugees” that Canada just loathes GY thought his only option to remain in Canada was to apply for refugee status after he dumped his Canadian wife. His father HY, who’s a naturalised Canadian citizen and drives a late model BMW, says this is a stupid kid that just doesn’t listen to advice from his elders. Although he lacks any formal education and hardly speaks any English, HY has successfully helped many inhabitants of his village in the old country settle in Canada. Judging by his car and brand-new SUV, he knows more about business and the system than the millions of university-educated immigrants that are barely scraping a living in this country. Continue reading

Montreal: Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham stabs wife to death in Ahuntsic-Cartierville apartment

Meurtre à Ahuntsic: le suspect accusé
24 HEURES – Le lundi 13 août 2012
Michaël Nguyen
13/08/2012 16h59

Une femme a été tuée dans un logement dans l’arrondissement Ahuntsic-Cartierville, à Montréal, le 12 août 2012.
Photo Agence QMI / Archives
MONTRÉAL – L’individu soupçonné d’avoir poignardé à mort sa conjointe de 21 ans, samedi soir dans un appartement du quartier Ahuntsic, a formellement été accusé lundi de meurtre non prémédité.

Vêtu d’un simple t-shirt et d’une paire de jeans, Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham a brièvement comparu au palais de justice de Montréal. L’accusé n’a dit un mot, mais il a jeté plusieurs regards dans la salle d’audience avant de retourner en détention.

Thanabalasingham, 27 ans, n’en est pas à ses premiers démêlés avec la justice. Dans la dernière année, il avait plaidé coupable à des accusations de harcèlement, de voies de fait et d’agressions armées et de bris de conditions.

Il devait revenir à la Cour en octobre pour les représentations sur sentence, mais était en liberté conditionnelle. Continue reading