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Marriage fraud: Jorge Manuel Batista Gonzalez abandons Canadian wife upon arrival into Canada


Standen says she met Gonzalez on vacation at the Club Amigo resort in Guardalavaca in April 2010, where he worked as an entertainer.

Marriage to Cuban leaves Brampton bride brokenhearted — and broke
Erin Standen says the man she met in April 2010 vanished three days after finally joining her in Canada — an all-too-familiar story for Border Services.
By: Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published on Thu Feb 07 2013

After Erin Standen married the man of her dreams a year ago, she showered him and his family in Cuba with love — and gifts.

In June, while waiting for the spousal sponsorship to come through in Havana, the 28-year-old Brampton single mother began renovating her basement apartment for their new life.

She ripped out the carpet, installed tile floors, bought a 47-inch big-screen TV and put in a $4,000 bedroom set, anticipating his arrival.

On Jan. 12, the long wait was finally over and Jorge Manuel Batista Gonzalez, 33, arrived at Pearson International Airport, embraced by an exhilarated Standen.

Three days later, Standen says, Gonzalez — after kissing her goodbye as she left for her waitressing job — walked out the door with all the clothes and other things she had bought for him, along with $1,000 tip money she had collected in the bedroom.

All that remained of him, she says, was a misspelled note on a crumpled napkin: “Sorry I don’t fell love anymore. Don’t lock for me. I’l be good. I will try to pay you back. Thank x Everithing. Jorge Manuel.”

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Langley: Linked to FMLN terrorist group, José Figueroa fighting deportation


Figueroa was ordered deported for belonging to the left-wing Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), a group linked to violent acts against the regime that ruled the country during the civil war from 1980 to 1992.

Rally for Langley man fighting deportation
By Dan Ferguson – Langley Times
Published: January 19, 2013 10:00 AM
Updated: January 22, 2013 11:01 AM

About 20 supporters of Langley resident José Figueroa and his fight against deportation staged a quiet rally outside the offices of Langley MP Mark Warawa Wednesday afternoon.

Figueroa attended the candlelight vigil and obtained an impromptu meeting with Warawa, who promised he will hand a letter from José and his wife Ivania to Public Safety minister Vic Toews in Ottawa.

“I will hand-deliver this to the minister on the 28th,” Warawa told Figueroa outside his office entrance.

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Alejandro Ernesto Solano-Aguilera arrested in connection with weekend stabbing at College and Spadina


Alejandro Ernesto Solano-Aguilera, 46.

Suspect arrested in connection with weekend stabbing at College and Spadina
Published on Monday December 17, 2012
Alejandro Ernesto Solano-Aguilera, 46.
Kim Magi and Touria Izri
Staff Reporters

Toronto police arrested and charged a man with attempted murder at a downtown shelter Sunday night.

Officers from 32 Division arrested the suspect at a homeless shelter around Peter and Queen Sts.The man was charged in connection with a Saturday morning stabbing near College St. and Spadina Ave. said Staff Sgt. Winston Bennett.

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Mississauga: Gustavo Valencia Gomez faces more charges in witchcraft case


Gustavo Valencia Gomez faces a new brace of charges.

Man faces more charges in witchcraft case
Published on Wednesday December 19, 2012
Gustavo Valencia Gomez faces a new brace of charges.
Kim Magi
Staff Reporter

A man charged with pretending to practise witchcraft and defrauding a Hamilton couple of nearly $8,000 has allegedly struck again, this time in Quebec.

An elderly Montreal couple was allegedly defrauded of $13,000 on Nov. 28 by a man claiming to be a “healer”, Toronto police said.

The day before, Gustavo Valencia Gomez, 40, of Mississauga, was arrested on four charges in Toronto, having been accused of similar acts.

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Convicted criminal Juan Carlos Cano Cifuentes suspect in series of armed robberies, sex assault and home invasions in Montreal


Suspect in a series of armed robberies and home invasions in Montreal. The suspect is Juan Carlos Cano Cifuentes, 30.

Man behind home invasions could be branded a dangerous offender
By Paul Cherry, GAZETTE CRIME REPORTER October 16, 2012 6:03 PM

Suspect in a series of armed robberies and home invasions in Montreal. The suspect is Juan Carlos Cano Cifuentes, 30.
Photograph by: Photo courtesy of Montreal police

MONTREAL — A Quebec Court Judge has ordered that a violent repeat offender — who started a string of six home invasions the day after he left a federal penitentiary — be evaluated as a potential dangerous offender.

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Bogus refugee claimants from safe countries abusing Canadian health care

Bogus refugee claimants from ‘safe’ countries abusing Canadian health care: Kenney
By Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News July 31, 2012

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney: ‘When you’re offering people free gold-plated medical services they can’t get in their country of origin, it’s just human nature.’

OTTAWA — Mexican, Hungarian, Colombian and American refugee claimants used Canadian health care services more than any other asylum claimants, according to new figures obtained by Postmedia News which the government argues supports its claim that so-called “bogus refugees” are abusing the system.

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