Immigrants hoping to find work in their professional field are getting some help from the Manitoba government.

Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun announced on Thursday more money and resources to improve the recognition of foreign qualifications and help connect employees and employers.

Many immigrants to Canada find themselves working as taxicab drivers or in the service industry, even though they have engineering or doctorate degrees from their home countries.

“Navigating the world of qualifications recognition can be complex,” said Judith Hayes, executive director of Manitoba Start, which provides career services to immigrants and connects them with businesses through a job-matching service.

Jobs announcementLabour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun announces money and resources for new Manitobans to find work in their fields. (Erin Brohman/CBC)

“By having better information and clear guidance on navigating the licensing process, newcomers will be in a better position to achieve full certification in their profession as quickly and efficiently as possible.”