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Permanent resident files prioritized

Foreign service job action threatens Canada’s annual immigration target

The number of immigrant visas granted from this summer dropped 7.5 per cent, while temporary visitor visas were up 11 per cent.


Sarah Hedley applied in November to sponsor her British husband, Christopher Hedley, as a permanent resident from within Canada. She said the expected processing time for the first stage of the application has been extended to 10 months from six months.

By:  Immigration reporter, Published on Tue Sep 10 2013
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Permanent residency applicants appear to be taking the biggest hit from ongoing job action by foreign affairs officers, prompting concerns about whether Ottawa’s 2013 immigration target can be met.

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Brampton, Ont.: Federick Gayle and Elizabeth Gayle guilty of first-degree murder in death of 15-year-old daughter Tiffany Gayle


Murderer Elizabeth Gayle

Ontario parents found guilty in grisly murder of teen Tiffany Gayle
By Matthew Coutts | Daily Brew – 17 hours ago

A court sketch shows murder victim Tiffany Gayle’s parents, Federick, and stepmother Elizabeth Gayle. She came to Canada to be with her family,
but there is little indication that she found a home here, not even for a moment.

Tiffany Gayle, a 15-year-old girl who moved to Brampton, Ont., from Jamaica, was found dead in June 2010, beaten and left in a bloody bathtub just 17 months after coming to Canada to live with her father and stepmother.

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Immigration rejects Mohammed Abdalmajid’s claim for refugee status

A family remains apart, waiting on Immigration to reunite them

By Hugh Adami, Ottawa Citizen May 31, 2013

Lamees Abdalmajid, who is the daughter of Mohammed Abdalmajid. He was deported last Jan. She really misses her dad. She’s almost three and won’t see him for father’s day.

OTTAWA — A really stupid thing happened on Jan. 11, the day after The Public Citizen recounted the story of Mohammed Abdalmajid, a husband and father who was deported last October to the West Bank.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada sent Abdalmajid a letter, through his Ottawa immigration lawyer, requesting he appear for an interview on Jan. 25 regarding his wife’s application to sponsor him as a permanent resident. Saly Rasheed submitted the application early last summer after Immigration rejected her husband’s claim for refugee status.

Immigration should have used someone’s brain and saved Canadian taxpayers the postage. With Abdalmajid already deported, the application, which couldn’t be found when it was really needed, meant nothing. Even if he had tried, he would not have been allowed into Canada for the interview.

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Chinese complains that private insurance for parents is too expensive

Ottawa has stopped accepting new sponsorships for permanent residence until 2014, hoping to cut the current backlog of 165,000 parents and grandparents by half.

Super visa only for those who can afford it
By Nicholas Keung
January 18, 2012
Felix Zhang was thrilled when Ottawa launched a “super visa” last month to allow parents and grandparents of newcomers to visit Canada and stay here for up to two years.

But the pricetag for the mandatory health insurance required under the program is a huge obstacle for the Zhangs and many other immigrant families. The private insurance typically costs $2,000 to $4,000 depending on which company is writing the policy and the age and medical history of the insured.

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Parent and Grandparent Super Visas allow holders to remain in Canada for up to two years on each stay

Canadian Immigration Department Issues over 15,000 Super Visas Since Dec 2011
Posted on March 7, 2013

Parents and grandparents of permanent residents and citizens of Canada can visit Canada for up to ten years with a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (Diego Grez)

The federal government has issued over 15,000 Parent and Grandparent Super Visas since the launch of the program in December 2011.

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Syrians living in Canada angry that feds don’t do more to bring their relatives to Canada

Syrian Canadians despair for relatives trapped by war, call on Kenney to do more
Mike Blanchfield, Friday, February 22, 2013 4:53 PM


OTTAWA – Every bomb that explodes in Damascus strikes at the heart of a woman in suburban Ottawa, leaving her to wonder why the government here is not helping to get her son out of the besieged Syrian capital.
Leila, not her real name, knows that her 27-year-old son is hiding somewhere in Damascus, trying to keep one step ahead of a security apparatus that has his name on a list of forced conscripts.

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