Harjit Sajjan: Meet Canada’s new ‘badass’ defence minister

Sajjan served with the Canadian military in Bosnia and Afghanistan, a VPD detective

By Tamara Baluja, CBC News Posted: Nov 04, 2015 8:02 PM PT Last Updated: Nov 05, 2015 9:57 AM PT

Harjit Sajjan, Canada's new defence minister, was a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a Vancouver police gang crime unit detective.Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s new defence minister, was a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a Vancouver police gang crime unit detective. (Twitter)

BLAINVILLE, QC.: Dr. Saideh Khadir says gluing laceration by receptionist “unacceptable”

Private medical clinic says doctor was performing ‘crucial medical task’ of holding boy

By Rosa Marchitelli, CBC News Posted: Sep 07, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Sep 07, 2015 9:53 AM ET

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 Boy’s eye glued shut by clinic receptionist 2:20

​The mother of a three-year-old Quebec boy is going public after a receptionist with no medical training at a private clinic accidentally glued her son’s eye shut while trying to seal a small cut on his eyelid.

“I thought I was going to faint. I got emotional, I got scared. I was angry. I didn’t know what to do. My son was screaming he was trying to open his eye … it was very, very, scary,” Julia Vavatsikos told Go Public.

On Canada Day, Vavatsikos took Vincenzo (Vinnie) to a private medical clinic called Clinique Médicale Privée Jean-Pierre Savaria et Associes located near their home in Blainville. The clinic has since changed its name to LeBlanc & Savaria Clinique Médicale Privée.

Julia Vavatsikos with son Vinnie Julia Vavatsikos is outraged that a receptionist with no medical training was the one who applied medical glue to her son’s eyelid. (CBC)

The family cat had scratched Vinnie’s eyelid. It was a small scratch, but his mom wanted to make sure everything was OK.

Dr. Jean Therrien was the only doctor working and decided the cut could be sealed with medical glue. He called a colleague into the room to help.

“I thought because it was Canada Day that maybe the clinic was short-staffed, and that he [the colleague] was either a nurse or medical student,” Vavatsikos said.

“The doctor was holding my son and kind of holding his eye and then the co-worker applied glue. He kind of missed and he glued my son’s eye shut.”

That co-worker was not a nurse or a medical student. Go Public has confirmed he was a clinic receptionist — a part-time employee with no medical training.

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 Vinnie en route to hospital with eye sealed shut0:28

“My son was yelling, ‘Mommy, mommy.’ He couldn’t open his eye and also the doctor looked like he was panicking. He was trying to open my son’s eye with water and his fingers, he was even swearing at that point. I’ve never met any doctors that swear. At that point, I knew something was really wrong,” Vavatsikos said.

Therrien then told Vavatsikos she needed to take Vinnie to an emergency room, where medical staff were waiting for them.

‘Nurse couldn’t believe it’

“The first nurse [we saw] couldn’t believe it. She said first of all, they try to avoid using glue because things like this could happen especially on places like an eye. But if they have to do it, the nurses aren’t allowed. It has to be a doctor or a specialist. At that point I was even more frustrated,” Vavatsikos said.

An ophthalmologist was called in to cut the boys eyelashes and carefully pry the eye open.

Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song wins international competition for high school students

Alex Song, 18, now ranks first on the Olympiad’s Hall of Fame

By Liam Casey, The Canadian Press Posted: Jul 27, 2015 3:32 PM ET Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015 5:28 PM ET

Left to right: Jinhao (Hunter) Xu, James Rickards (Observer), Kevin Sun, Jacob Tsimerman (Leader), Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song, Lindsey Shorser (Deputy Leader), Alexander Whatley, Michael Pang, Yan (Bill) Huang are shown at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand on July 16, 2015.

Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song (Perfect Score) HALL OF FAME “IMO” Ranking No. 1 http://www.edupark.co.th/site/images/NEWS/17-07-2015-IMO/16-07-2015-IMO-02.jpg

Left to right: Jinhao (Hunter) Xu, James Rickards (Observer), Kevin Sun, Jacob Tsimerman (Leader), Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song, Lindsey Shorser (Deputy Leader), Alexander Whatley, Michael Pang, Yan (Bill) Huang are shown at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand on July 16, 2015. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Canadian Mathematical Society)

The name Alex Song is spoken in reverential tones in Canadian mathematical circles.

The 18-year-old won the International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand in mid-July, achieving the rare perfect score in the two-day competition against more than 600 high school competitors from 104 countries.

Song has had an incredible run over the past six years, finishing with five gold medals and one bronze against the best in the world. Now he sits atop the all-time leaderboard, ranking first on the Olympiad’s Hall of Fame.

The Olympiad is a big deal in math. Previous participants have gone on to win prestigious international awards such as the Fields Medal, given out to a few mathematicians under 40 years old, every four years. It’s considered by many as the highest honour in mathematics.

For Song, the Olympiad win wasn’t that big of a deal.

“I was definitely very happy at the same time,” he says. “But, I mean, it was just whatever happened.”

CIC vows ‘to help’ Ottawa RedBlacks quarterback Henry Burris to remain in Canada

Immigration Canada vows ‘to help’ Burris




henry burris
Ottawa RedBlacks quarterback Henry Burris. Tim Baines/Ottawa Sun

Henry Burris’ citizenship snafu has already caught the attention of the feds prompting an Easter Sunday statement.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada responded Sunday — in a statement to the Sun — saying they will work to keep the Ottawa RedBlacks star quarterback in Ottawa.

“We will work with the Ottawa RedBlacks and Mr. Burris to ensure he can remain in Canada.” said Kevin Menard, spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

“Mr. Burris has shown a great commitment to Canada over many years, and his community work through his foundation is an example for Canadian youth and all Canadians.”

On Friday, Burris told the Sun he’s frustrated with the CIC in his attempt to secure permanent resident status or full-blown citizenship.

Burris said the main stumbling block is that his job as a CFL quarterback is considered “part-time work”.

But there may be hope for Burris, according to immigration lawyer Julie Taub.

ALBERTA: University of Alberta president Indira Samarasekera calls for more white men to enroll

Posters take swipe at U of A president

CBC News Posted: Nov 02, 2009 11:39 AM MT Last Updated: Nov 02, 2009 11:34 AM MT

A satirical poster campaign has sprung up on the University of Alberta campus in reaction to comments made by the president, Indira Samarasekera, about the issue of attracting more men to universities.

About 400 posters were put up. One states: “Only White Men Can Save our University!” Another reads: “Women: Stop! Drop! Men: Enroll.”

edm-poster-uofa2This is one of the posters that was put up at the University of Alberta last week by a group of students protesting comments made by university president Indira Samarasekera. ((Tina Faiz/CBC))

The posters are in response to comments made by Samarasekera in an interview on Oct. 21, when she said: “Presidents of the major universities are very concerned we are not attracting young men in the numbers we should.”

“I’m going to be an advocate for young white men, because I can be. No one is going to question me when I say we have a problem,” she said.

Samarasekera made the comments in response to new statistics that show  females make up about 58 per cent of the student body in Canada.

Samarasekera said her concern is that in 20 years, there will not be enough male talent at the heads of companies and elsewhere.

MONTREAL: D.A.D.’s Bagels owner Kashmir Singh Randhawa loses business in favour of Dollarama

Landlord casts out D.A.D.’s Bagels in favour of Dollarama expansion, Randhawa says

By Tracey Lindeman, CBC News Posted: Aug 31, 2014 12:42 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 01, 2014 11:01 AM ET

When a Dollarama opened next door to D.A.D.’s Bagels a few years ago, Kashmir Singh Randhawa knew his days were numbered.

“I played the waiting game,” Randhawa said.

Now the waiting is over. His beloved bagel shop is closing today.

He and wife Kuldeep established their Notre-Dame-de-Grâce bagel shop 20 years ago at the corner of Sherbrooke Street West and Wilson Avenue.

They made bagels the old-fashioned way, in a wood-burning oven. Over time, their menu grew to include samosas and other staples of Indian homemade cuisine.

The community around D.A.D.’s Bagels grew as well. Randhawa said he came to be known as a father figure of NDG, with some people even calling him “granddaddy.”

“We’re a family,”  he said.

He said he supported the community for many years, donating food to the NDG Food Depot and holding fundraisers for various charitable organizations with a mission he deemed worthwhile. The community responded, and D.A.D.’s Bagels became a neighbourhood institution.