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Ottawa urged to remove citizenship by birth on Canadian soil

Ottawa urged to remove citizenship by birth on Canadian soil

Officials recommend Ottawa removing citizenship rights to babies born to non-citizens and non-residents even though costs outweigh benefits.

By:  Immigration reporter, Published on Mon Aug 18 2014

Immigration officials have recommended that Ottawa remove citizenship rights to babies born in Canada to non-citizens and non-residents even though the small number of cases doesn’t justify the costs.

The proposal, marked “secret” and with inputs from various federal departments, found fewer than 500 cases of children being born to foreign nationals in Canada each year, amounting to just 0.14 per cent of the 360,000 total births per year in the country.

The issue of citizenship by birth on Canadian soil once again raises concerns among critics over the current government’s policy considerations being based on ideologies rather than evidence and objective cost-benefit analyses. Continue reading

Canada’s amended Citizenship Act passed into law

Canada passes new citizenship and immigration act

Canada passes new citizenship and immigration act

Controversial new rules aimed at strengthening the requirements for access to Canadian citizenship have now been passed into law.

The aim of the changes is to make certain that those applying for citizenship are fully prepared for integration and participation in Canadian society. The government is hoping that the requirements will help foster a better understanding of the country’s traditions and value systems. Continue reading

Filipino monopoly on Canada’s live-in caregiver program may soon end

Live-in caregivers may be next target of immigration reform

BILL CURRY OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail

Published Last updated 

The future of Canada’s live-in caregiver program, which allows families to bring nannies from abroad, is in limbo as the Conservative government says it is next in line for a shakeup.

The government is opting to leave the live-in caregiver program largely untouched for now, in spite of years of internal warnings from public servants that it has become a “hidden” family reunification program, particularly for Canada’s Filipino community. Continue reading

Citizenship reform hurts good immigrants, newcomers say

Citizenship reform hurts good immigrants, newcomers say

Ottawa’s proposed citizenship reform will punish good immigrants, many of them say, by putting more hurdles for them to become full-fledged members of society

By:  Immigration reporter, Published on Thu Feb 06 2014
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Ottawa’s proposed citizenship reform will punish good immigrants by putting more hurdles for them to become full-fledged members of society, many newcomers say.

They say restricting citizenship won’t strengthen the value of Canadian citizenship — an argument Immigration Minister Chris Alexander made Thursday — but discourage newcomers from full civic participation. Some even wonder if Canada is still a welcoming country to immigrants. Continue reading

Kitchener: Refugee clinic funded by the Ontario Health Insurance Program and the federal Interim Federal Health program opens

Frances Barrick, Record staff
Tue Apr 02 2013 16:19:00
Health clinic for refugees to open Thursday in Kitchener

KITCHENER – A health clinic dedicated to the ongoing care of refugees will open Thursday in Kitchener.

It is the first such clinic in Waterloo Region.

“I think it is a service that needs to exist….I think here is a huge need,” said Dr. Michael Stephenson, 34, who is the director and sole physician of this new clinic called Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre.

The clinic will operate on Thursdays at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church at 825 King St. W. until Stephenson said he finds a more permanent location. Continue reading

More changes in the Canadian immigration system

Canada: The HR Space: More Changes In The Canadian Immigration System 
06 February 2013
Article by Louise Béchamp , Karen Sargeant and Brian P. Smeenk

Winds of change keep blowing on Canadian immigration lands. In July 2012, we discussed several steps taken by the Federal government relating to the rules and processes applicable to temporary and permanent immigration applications. More changes have been announced in the recent months. These changes aim to allow more foreigners into Canada to meet growing labour shortages.
New Bridging Open Work Permits for certain Permanent Residence (“PR”) applicants

Since December 15, 2012, foreign nationals currently in Canada with a valid work permit and a PR application in process in one of the Federal Economic Programs, are now eligible for a Bridging Open Work Permit that will allow them to maintain their status and continue working in Canada until a final decision on their PR application is made. Continue reading

Hassan: Canadian government should have power to revoke citizenship of terror suspects


Conservative MP Devinder Shory

Hassan: Canadian government should have power to revoke citizenship of terror suspects
By Farzana Hassan, Special to QMI Agency
Friday, February 8, 2013 5:54:35 EST PM

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has stated what many have been thinking for some time: He has proposed that Canadian passport holders who commit acts of terror abroad or in Canada may have their citizenship revoked.

The scope of the private member’s Bill C-425 proposed by Conservative MP Devinder Shory will therefore be expanded to include the right of the Canadian government to revoke citizenship of individuals with dual nationalities who commit terror abroad or against Canada. Continue reading

Toronto lawyer Timothy Leahy suspended for seeking to overhaul Canada’s immigration system


RIGHT:Timothy E. Leahy

Government officials put on alert after immigration lawyer suspended
Tobi Cohen 
Published: February 1, 2013, 2:45 pm
Updated: 3 hours ago

OTTAWA — Citizenship and Immigration has taken the unusual step of warning staff about a Toronto lawyer who can only be described as a thorn in the side of the government as it seeks to overhaul Canada’s immigration system.

An internal “operational bulletin” sent Friday alerts CIC, Canada Border Services Agency and Foreign Affairs staff that Timothy Leahy has been suspended by the Law Society of Upper Canada, which regulates the legal profession in Ontario.

Officials say the decision to clarify his status was made because he regularly interacts with visa offices and that there was some confusion over his standing.




Kenney’s solution for Canada’s future: Brain drain from poor countries


Kibera (Kenya) street scene. Would this be an  entrepreneur fit for Canadian permanent residency?

Immigration Canada to lure foreign entrepreneurs with prize of permanent residency
Published on Thursday January 24, 2013

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney hopes a new entrepreneur program will make “Canada the destination of choice for the world’s best and brightest to launch their companies.”
Nicholas Keung
Immigration Reporter

Ottawa hopes to lure innovative entrepreneurs from abroad to Canada by offering them permanent residency.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Thursday the move will put Canada ahead of its competitors, such as Australia, the United Kingdom and United States, where entrepreneurs are offered only temporary residency, and their ultimate status hinges on business success. Continue reading