Last week, Ottawa announced there had been a 74 per cent reduction in the number of temporary foreign worker applications received in July and August when compared to the same period in 2012.

While the government says this shows its reforms to the program are “successful,” a decrease in temporary foreign worker applications will create a long-term problem in recruiting future Canadians, and contradicts other government goals of protecting the investment employers put into these types of workers.

To ensure that Canada continues to attract the immigrants we need, that it protects Canadian jobs and the investment employers put into temporary foreign workers, here is what the federal government must do with its temporary foreign worker program:


  • First, it is time that the federal government should call the temporary foreign worker program what it really is — a probationary permanent residency program.


Referring to individuals as temporary foreign workers gives the impression that they are here for a short time and are disposable. While not every temporary foreign worker wants to immigrate to Canada, changing the name of these employees to probationary permanent residents will more accurately reflect the eventual immigration purpose of many of these employees.