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Canadians United against Terror is pleased to announce a series of national events to coincide with our support for the proposed Quebec Values Charter.

 Our first major event of 2014 will be a picket in front of VALLEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL in Toronto to oppose Islamic prayers and gender apartheid in that publicly funded secular school.

 At the same time our Quebec and Atlantic Canada branches will be staging rallies.

We are a grassroots national movement to oppose the intrusion of fundamentalist religious ideologies into our society, with special focus on those that violate our norms of gender equity and other cherished values.

 We support the proposed Quebec Values Charter and will lobby to have similar legislation implemented across the nation. We have assembled a national team of prominent leaders to achieve this.

 We shall shortly announce a date for the Toronto VALLEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL PICKET. There will be simultaneous rallies in Montreal and Halifax.

 Media Contact Email: Website:

 Dr Bikram Lamba (National Spokesman, Ontario Regional Leader)

 Andre Drouin (Quebec Regional Leader)                       

Michele Walsh (Atlantic Canada Regional Leader)             


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Tim Murray: The Demolition of a Nation, One Step At A Time


The Demolition of a Nation, One Step At A Time


“…the people of Canada do not wish, as a result of mass immigration, to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population.” Prime Minister Mackenzie King, May 1st, 1947

It is rare for a nation… to turn in a completely new direction. It is unusual for a democracy take such a turn. People are therefore entitled to inquire whether the distinctive character of their nation—and some of its greatest achievements—will remain if people from very different cultures are encouraged to come and, as far as possible, to maintain their own cultures. “ Geoffrey Blainey (“All for Australia” p. 154)

 Demolitions, if viewed in slow motion, are revealed to be a sequential process. They begin with the destruction of the ground floor, and work their way up, until the entire building “suddenly” collapses. Viewed in hindsight, it may appear that the collapse of Canada’s identity was almost instantaneous. But in fact, it did not happen overnight. Our cultural, ethnic and environmental edifice was brought down incrementally, by a series of policies and laws that spanned some forty years. Let’s start at the beginning, in 1962, at the “ground floor” of implosion, and then follow the chain of disintegration up to 2006 and our present predicament, with Canada teetering on the edge of complete colonization and assimilation.

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Alberta’s Human Rights Tribunal’s dangerous foolishness

Alberta’s Human Rights Tribunal’s dangerous foolishness

  • 8:36 am, February 15th, 2014

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Passport investigator Trina Kennedy reassigned for alleged affair with Iran-linked businessman Arian Azarbar

Passport investigator reassigned for alleged affair with Iran-linked businessman


, Last Updated: 2:13 PM ET

MONTREAL — Passport Canada has reassigned a senior investigator for an alleged affair with an Iranian-Canadian businessman.

Trina Kennedy is the second Canadian public official to be reassigned for alleged links to Montrealer Arian Azarbar.

Montreal police Sgt.-Det. Philippe Paul was reassigned last month amid allegations he had leaked information to Azarbar.

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OTTAWA: Jagtar Gill murdered on her 17th wedding anniversary, in her upscale Barrhaven home

Jagtar Gill’s relatives struggling to cope with her death. 43-year-old mother of 3 found stabbed to death at her family’s Barrhaven home

Sikh community offer tearful goodbye for Jagtar Gill 

Still searching for answers into city’s first homicide



Clutching a framed photograph of murder victim Jagtar Gill to her chest, Gurpreet Kaur Chahal was in tears as she walked into the Sikh temple on Friday.

“We’re just giving our emotional support to the family,” said Chahal. “We’re doing our best wherever we can.”

The 43-year-old mother was slain on her 17th wedding anniversary, in her upscale Barrhaven home on Jan. 29. Gill had been home alone when her family returned, after buying cake and flowers, to find her dead on the living room floor.

“The community is shaken at this incident. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Everybody’s scared in their own home, because we’re not safe in our home. It happened in broad daylight,” said Chahal.

An estimated 300 people gathered to remember Gill on Friday; first at a private service at a Nepean funeral home, followed by a prayer gathering at a nearby Sikh temple.

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Ottawa-area woman denied birth control by Dr. Edmond Kyrillos

Ottawa-area woman denied birth control at walk-in clinic

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Angela Mulholland,
Published Friday, February 7, 2014 8:28AM EST
Last Updated Friday, February 7, 2014 9:30AM EST

When do a doctor’s personal beliefs trump medical care?

That’s the question being asked after a woman went to an Ottawa-area walk-in clinic for birth control, but was told the doctor refused to dispense such medications. The woman was handed a letter explaining the doctor’s position, which she then posted to Facebook.

In the note, the doctor, Dr. Edmond Kyrillos, wrote that he did not provide “artificial” contraception due to “ethical concerns.” In full, the note read:

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