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SFU student claims European Canada is a fiction

LABOVE: Holding tight to fiction of a European CanadaJOSH LABOVE / NORTH SHORE NEWS  JULY 20, 2014 12:00 AM

Xenophobe Brad Saltzberg has been on a bit of a media tear lately, as spokesperson for what can only be called a hate group for modern times, Putting Canada First.

Saltzberg and his cronies are largely dismissed by city councils and mainstream news media, but I would argue we need to take this group seriously as dangerously divisive and hateful. We should find their invocation of “Canada” and “European Canada” to be disturbing and hateful for the fictions such terms attempt to make of our multicultural, settler society.

Putting Canada First has powerfully worked to align the narrative of our hard-earned tax dollars to that of the greedy migrant. Saltzberg’s interviews attempt a dispassionate view of multiculturalism veiled as a waste of taxpayer resources, telling a Shaw Continue reading

Putting Canada First expresses concern on the future of English in Vancouver

Vancouver Anti-Chinese-Language Movement Focused On Chinese Language Signs, Advertisements
Vancouver, Canada Reuters

Canada’s West Coast hub, Vancouver, is home to a Chinese immigrant population so large that the city has earned the nickname “Hongcouver” and the title of“most Asian city” outside of Asia. The city’s Chinese have enriched the culture and created employment opportunities, but recently the growing number of Chinese-language signs and advertisements has sparked protests from some non-Chinese residents.

Brad Saltzberg, a North Vancouver resident, told the Vancouver Sun he takes issue with targeted Chinese advertising for real estate agents, financial planning and other products because it undermines “traditional English and French Canadian identity.”

Saltzberg is also the spokesperson and regional director for Putting Canada First, a nonprofit “dedicated to the maintenance and advancement of traditional Canadian identity, history and language.” It appears that Saltzberg isn’t the only one who has a problem with the increasing use of Chinese in public. Last week, stickers that said “Please Respect Canada’s Official Languages” covered Chinese-language advertisements in West Vancouver’s bus stations.   Continue reading

Metro Vancouver: Almost 4 in 10 of SUCCESS’s clients are from Mainland China

Mainland Chinese now benefit most from S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
June 3, 2013. 8:41 pm • Section: Immigration, The Search

Almost four in 10 of SUCCESS’s clients are from Mainland China. Newcomers from the People’s Republic of China have become the largest cohort by far of immigrants to Metro Vancouver, taking the place those from Hong Kong, who were the dominant group in the early 1990s. Continue reading

Quebec, Brossard Chinatown: More than one out of 10 residents are of Chinese origin

 Brossard Chinatown

À Brossard, plus d’un habitant sur dix est d’origine chinoise, soit la plus forte concentration pour une ville québécoise. Explorez les multiples facettes de cette communauté à travers les regards de cinq personnages. Une expérience interactive en français, en anglais et en chinois simplifié qui vous plonge au cœur de Brossard Chinatown.

In Brossard, more than one out of 10 residents are of Chinese origin, the highest concentration for a city in Quebec. Explore the many facets of this community through the profiles of different people. This interactive experience in English, French and simplified Chinese takes you to the heart of Brossard Chinatown.

Richmond, B.C.: Petition against all Chinese signage to be presented to City Council

Richmond is one of the most ethnic communities in all of Canada. According to the City, it has a population of 205,000 — of which over 50 per cent are of Chinese descent.

Group to petition Richmond, B.C., to police Chinese language signs in city
By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – 15 hours ago

Vancouver, B.C.
I think we all get a little annoyed at the ‘language police’ in Quebec.

These are the folks who complain about English language signage and harass restaurant owners about their menus. Continue reading


Vancouver: NDP Leader Tom Mulcair celebrates Chinese New Year


Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair joined the 40th annual parade, helping to ring in the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar.

Lion dancers and federal NDP leader celebrate Chinese New Year in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – Lion dance teams, marching bands and martial artists wove through Vancouver’s Chinatown on Sunday to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair also joined the 40th annual parade, helping to ring in the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar.

Mulcair also marked the occasion by launching a social media account that is popular among Chinese-Canadians, called Weibo.

Staff members will translate the posts on Mulcair’s behalf.

The Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver says the event is one of the three largest non-commercial annual parades in the city, and tends to draw about 3,000 participants and 50,000 spectators.

Non-Chinese need not apply: Opened just 3 weeks ago, Food Island Supermarket brings Chinese workers instead of using existing Canadian workforce


Food Island Supermarket, which opened just three weeks ago is located at Wonderland and Oxford streets in London. Two employees of the supermarket were involved in a stabbing at two homes on Beaverbrook Avenue nearby on Tuesday Jan 15. 2013. MIKE HENSEN/The London Free Press/QMI AGENCY

London stabbing thrusts Asian grocery stores under spotlight
By Kate Dubinski, Kelly Pedro, The London Free Press 
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 9:55:50 EST PM

Food Island Supermarket, which opened just three weeks ago is located at Wonderland and Oxford streets in London. Two employees of the supermarket were involved in a stabbing at two homes on Beaverbrook Avenue nearby on Tuesday Jan 15. 2013. MIKE HENSEN/The London Free Press/QMI AGENCY

It sticks out like a sore thumb — more than a dozen people packed into a house built for a single family in a quiet London suburb.

Next door, there’s another just like it. Continue reading

First group of Chinese refugees to Vancouver brought into Canada only 50 years ago

Laura Madokoro: Jim and Joanne Chu, and remembering the first Chinese refugees settled in Canada

Stuart Davis / Postmedia News

Stuart Davis / Postmedia News
Jim Chu, now Vancouver Chief Constable, was one of 109 families who were brought into Canada from China 50 years ago.
Fifty years ago this month, three-year old Jim Chu and his sister Joanne, along with their parents, arrived in Calgary on a flight from Hong Kong. They didn’t know they were making history, but they were. They were part of the first group of Chinese refugees ever resettled to Canada. Their story, and that of others who came to Canada as part of the special Chinese Refugee Program, has largely been forgotten. Yet there are important lessons to be garnered from the past. Looking to the events of 1962 shows clearly how Canadian society benefits when governments take the lead on treating refugees with respect and dignity. Continue reading

Conservatives pull CIReport witnesses from immigration committee following accusations of intolerance

Conservatives pull witnesses from immigration committee following accusations of intolerance
By Jennifer Ditchburn, The Canadian Press September 26, 2012

OTTAWA – The Conservative government pulled two of its own witnesses from an immigration committee at the eleventh-hour Wednesday, calling material on the group’s website disgusting and un-Canadian.

The witnesses from the Canadian Immigration Forum — Madi and Julien Lussier — had been scheduled to appear, although they had not been publicly listed by the committee, for its first meeting of the parliamentary session.

NDP and Liberal MPs immediately balked at their presence as soon as they arrived at the committee, pointing to elements on the group’s website they called shocking. Several MPs on the committee are immigrants.

Sections of the site include one on so-called “Chinafication” and “Arabization,” and a video interview with Canadian white supremacist Paul Fromm and others from a conference of the “racialist” group American Renaissance.

The site is called the Canadian Immigration Report, with the title: “The impact of immigration and racial diversity on Canada and Canadians.”

A survey on the site asks how long immigration to the west should be halted.

“If you want to protect and preserve Canada, stop immigration for at least 50 years,” Madi Lussier writes. Continue reading

Manitoba’s Chinese community risen to highest echelons

On August 4, 2009, the Honourable Philip S. Lee, C.M., O.M. was installed as Manitoba’s 24th Lieutenant Governor.

Winnipeg Free Press – PRINT EDITION
Hard-working Chinese immigrants, once banned, have risen to the highest echelons of Manitoba

By: Larry Kusch

Posted: 07/28/2012 1:00 AM | Comments: 17 (including replies)

They helped build the railway that bound a new nation from coast to coast.

But once the last spike of the CPR was driven into the earth at Craigellachie, B.C., in 1885, low-paid migrant workers from China were no longer welcome in Canada.

At a time when Europeans were being offered free land to settle the still-fledgling nation, the government imposed a ‘head tax’ of $50 on new Chinese immigrants — the equivalent of more than $1,000 today. Continue reading