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HALIFAX: ‘Muslim Canadian of African descent’ Mohamed Yaffa claims discrimination because of his ‘race, national or ethnic origin, colour and religion’

Halifax man alleges discrimination at Air Canada’s hands

Mohamed Yaffa, who specializes in diversity and inclusion, testified in ongoing case he faced “enhanced security screening” due to his skin colour and religion.

By:  Staff Reporter, Published on Tue Aug 19 2014

Mohamed Yaffa, a diversity and inclusion co-ordinator in Halifax, is demanding to know whether Air Canada trains its staff on just that: diversity and inclusion.

In a case currently before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, he alleges the airline subjected him to “enhanced security screening,” including “enhanced questioning,” on six different occasions from March to June 2010 because of his race, national or ethnic origin, colour and religion.

Yaffa, who describes himself in tribunal documents as “a Muslim Canadian of African descent,” is the diversity and inclusion co-ordinator for Capital Health, which provides health services in the Halifax region. He did not return several requests for comment. Continue reading

Students express anger after anti-immigration flyers distributed at York University

Joshua Freeman,
Published Thursday, August 14, 2014 4:47PM EDT
Last Updated Thursday, August 14, 2014 5:32PM EDT

Students at York University are expressing anger after racist posters were distributed around the campus and to nearby homes Wednesday.

The posters were found Wednesday at York’s Keele Street and Steeles Avenue campus and in mailboxes of nearby homes where many students live. The posters contain anti-immigrant messages that decry the shrinking majority of “White Canadians” on university campuses. Continue reading

VANCOUVER: Words like “racism” used as scarecrow when discussing the impact of rich Chinese immigrants on greater Vancouver

In Vancouver, race undercuts the discussion on affordability


VANCOUVER — Special to The Globe and Mail


Last updated 

It helps to have a thick skin when reporting on the nexus between Chinese money and Vancouver’s sky-high property market. It also might help if that skin, like mine, isn’t white.

Accusations of racism flow thick and fast whenever an attempt is made to connect wealth-based immigration, primarily by rich Chinese, and housing prices here. Since influential condo marketer Bob Rennie delivered a speech to the Urban Development Institute in May, in which he said “sensational” stories making that link were “bordering on racism,” an array of industry figures have lined up to support his proposition.

But now, some in the Chinese community are pushing back. “Guys like Bob Rennie, they are trying to stop full conversation and intelligent conversation by using words like ‘racism,’” said long-time Chinatown activist David Wong. “People are afraid to speak when people start throwing that word around.”

Mr. Wong, an architect who has campaigned on behalf of impoverished Chinese immigrants, said it was vital to have a frank discussion about the impact of rich immigrants on greater Vancouver, where average detached house prices top $1.2-million. “Every time people want to talk about this, they get labelled a racist, especially if they are non-Asian,” said Wong. “That’s nonsense. We’ve got to talk about it. The politicians are gutless because they are afraid they are going to lose the so-called ethnic vote.” Continue reading

MONTREAL: Jewish tourist punched in the face

CTV Montreal
Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5:23PM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2014 8:11PM EDT

Montreal police are investigating a possible hate crime in which a Jewish man was punched in the face in Snowdon on Monday.

The alleged assault is just one of seven reported cases of anti-Semitism in Montreal since last weekend, a direct effect of growing tensions arising from increased violence between Israel and Gaza.


A French tourist, the man, who does not want to be identified because he fears for his safety, said he was walking out of a kosher restaurant on Queen Mary Rd Monday, talking to his sister about Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when two men approached them in front of the Pharmaprix drug store.

One of the men punched him.  Continue reading

Gatineau: Group claims bouncer outside Le Fou du Roi in Hull refused to let them in because they were black

A group of people claim a bouncer outside Le Fou du Roi in Hull refused to let them in because they were black.

Gatineau bar accused of racism
Co-owner says bouncer suspended until further notice
CBC News Posted: Oct 26, 2012 9:17 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 26, 2012 7:42 PM ET
Video Content
Bar accused of racism

A group of people claim a bouncer outside Le Fou du Roi in Hull refused to let them in because they were black. A Facebook page has been created, calling on people to boycott the bar. Police said the incident happened on Oct. 20. (Still from Facebook video)

The co-owner of a bar in Gatineau’s Hull sector says she’s personally sorry after a group of people claimed a bouncer refused to let them in because they were black. Continue reading

Calgary: Murderer Mohamed Karim alleges abuse by sheriffs was racially and religiously motivated

Calgary murderer alleges abuse by sheriffs

Jack Beauchamp

Mohamed Karim says he was verbally, physically and sexually assaulted
Meghan Grant CBC News Posted: Oct 23, 2012 6:47 AM MT Last Updated: Oct 23, 2012 6:46 AM MT Facebook

Instead of making their sentencing submissions, Mohamed Karim’s lawyers are poring through hours of surveillance videos.

Mohamed Karim was convicted in the death of Jack Beauchamp, 49, the head of a mortgage lending company, who was shot six times and found dead in his downtown office in January 2006. Continue reading

Lin Mei Zhang can’t be buried in China because Citizenship and Immigration Canada lost her ID

Late refugee can’t be buried in China because Citizenship and Immigration Canada lost her ID

Published on Sunday October 21, 2012

Gao Zhi Xiang, left, his late mother Lin Mei Zhang and young brother Zhi Xin pose in a photograph taken years ago in China. Lin Mei Zhang died of cancer three years ago.
Nicholas Keung 
Immigration Reporter
Three years after Lin Mei Zhang died of cancer, her ashes remain in storage at a Toronto funeral home because immigration officials have lost the refugee’s Chinese ID card. Continue reading

NDP accuse Conservatives of inviting witnesses with links to hate groups to Immigration Committee

 Nazi and Communist propaganda posters

“In an article posted by the Canadian Immigration Report entitled “CIR response to ‘Milwaukee Sikh Temple Tragedy: White Supremacism, Nazism & Islam are Same Murderous Ideologies’”, they offer a defence of the Nazi National Socialism ideology.”

NDP MP   Jinny Sims

The Nazis argued that capitalism damages nations due to international finance, the economic dominance of big business, and Jewish influences.[142] Nazi propaganda posters in working-class districts emphasized anti-capitalism, such as one that said: “The maintenance of a rotten industrial system has nothing to do with nationalism. I can love Germany and hate capitalism.”[148] Continue reading

MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS: Banning Canadian Immigration Report’s presentation from the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (French and English)


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