Trampled Under Foot: The Diversity Industry’s Attack On Traditional Canadian Identity

Trampled Under Foot: The Diversity Industry’s Attack On Traditional Canadian Identity

by Brad Salzberg, November 2015

Canadian history informs us that our country was founded in the year 1867, but you would never know it by our nation’s leading advocates of ethnic and cultural diversity. For these folks— a loose affiliation of government-supported immigration and multiculturalism organizations—our nation may as well have been founded in 1988, the year the Multicultural Act of Canada first came into existence.

Yonge St. in the 1970s

At the time, few understood the true impact of this piece of legislation, and in many respects this continues to be the case. How many Canadians are aware, for example, that for purposes of promoting the cultures of the nations from which they came, 20 billion tax payer dollars have been handed to our largest, wealthiest, and best politically organized “ethnic” communities?

Considering the multi-faceted effect of this policy, however, the financial aspect is not the worst of it. Indeed, it nearly pales in comparison to how multiculturalism has become as weapon to denigrate and disempower the descendants of the founders of our nation—Canadians of European heritage.

How can this be? For decades Canadians have been informed by government and media of the virtues and social benefits of multiculturalism. Has something gone wrong in Canada’s collective journey toward a multi-ethnic utopia?

It darn well has, and if allowed to continue unabated, it will spell the end of Canada as it was defined by the founders of our nation.

Will Canada become an extension of Islamic EU and beyond?

Will Canada become an extension of Islamic EU and beyond?

Will Canada become an extension of Islamic EU and beyond?

Minister McCallum,

You have been in politics for a long time. I trust you are a strong Canadian and very fond of our democracy and values as most Canadians do.

You’re about to go to work to bring in 25,000 of the millions refugees chaotically invading the EU. First, and although you must be well briefed by our security authorities, I want to stress that these refugees cannot be screened, not before December, not ever.

The EU is likely doomed and it`s coming here.





Regardless of which party comes into power in Ottawa, one thing is evidently clear, the deconstruction of what remains of OUR COUNTRY will continue in haste. This is the reason why people are hesitant to vote or are voting for the candidate or party that will bring about the least amount of damage to Canada. If you have been following the debates, issues surrounding our existential self-determination are purposely avoided or dismissed altogether. This is why we are encouraging Canadians from coast to coast to purposely spoil your ballot with a statement rather than voting for someone you “less bad”. If we do not make a statement at this juncture in time to bring awareness then anticipate the following betrayals to worsen:

Vlad Tepes blog: Interview with organizer of ‘Draw anything you want’ day, cancelled by Heritage Canada

Interview with organizer of ‘Draw anything you want’ day, cancelled by Heritage Canada

Posted on May 21, 2015 by Eeyore

Physicist, child of Soviet dissident from satellite state of the former Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Canadian blogger for  freedom, Alexandra Belair, granted an interview to describe exactly what happened when the event she had advertised for Parliament Hill on May 20th 2015 was first cancelled by Heritage Canada, and then after some publicity came out about the event cancelation, Heritage Canada claimed they had never granted her a permit in the first place.

This is an interesting few minutes for a number of reasons.

Tim Murray: The Truth Is Hateful

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Truth Is Hateful

by Tim Murray

Jack Nicholson: You can't handle the truth

The Truth is hateful.

As such, it must not be heard. Especially in a multi-ethnic society whose government is intent upon making it even more diverse through mass immigration.

The juxtaposition of ethnicities with incompatible core values in ever more densely populated cities — fed by relentless in-migration — makes for a highly combustible mixture. Urban Canada is a tinderbox waiting to explode. Friction can become ignition. And unfettered speech can be the match.

Therefore frank discussion must be punished. It must be smothered in its tracks.

We cannot have a genuine conversation about race. We cannot give the truth a podium or an opportunity to rear its ugly head. We must not risk discord or sacrifice harmony on the altar of freedom of expression because if free speech is a right, then it must be balanced off against other rights. Rights like the right to live peacefully cheek to jowl with other ethnic enclaves. Harmony uber alles. It’s the Canadian way.

If necessary, harmony must be imposed. We cannot permit dialogue, lest the truth come out. We must not let the people understand that the superficially peaceful co-existence of mutually antagonistic worldviews and ethno-religious affinities is but a truce that cannot endure the test of serious adversity. We must not let them see through the veil, and realize that once the lid of imposed harmony is removed — as it was in Yugoslavia in the wake of Tito’s passing — ethno-nationalism and tribalism will break free and manufactured consent will be cast aside. Human nature will throw off its shackles.

Instead, any discussion about diversity must be a monologue about its inherent virtues. Citizens must be repeatedly reminded that cultural diversity is an unmitigated good, that “diversity makes us strong” and that there is “unity in diversity”. They must not learn what they already know to be true. That across the world, multiculturalism is a spectacular failure and that Canada is no exception — despite what they are told.

They must not be exposed to studies like those conducted by Robert Putnam or Robert Birrell or Frank Salter. They must not have their suspicions confirmed by the facts. They must not be provided documentation that ethnic heterogeneity erodes public trust, civic participation and social cohesion. They must not heed the advice of William Rees, that to establish the consensus needed to face the seemingly insuperable challenges ahead, Canadians, at the very least, must create “a more integrative model of multiculturalism”. To put it mildly.

Tim Murray: The Department of Grovelling Apologies

Announcing  the formation of D.O.G.A.

The Department of Grovelling Apologies

tim apologyNavigating through a labyrinth of government agencies, departments and ministries to locate the appropriate service provider or information source can be exhausting and time-consuming to say the least.  To remedy this problem, governments at both the federal and provincial level have established  central directories which efficiently steer citizens to the department that would best be able address their questions.  “Inquiry BC”, “Service BC” and “Service Canada” are examples that come to mind.

These centres are one-stop points of contact for hundreds of services provided on behalf of government ministries, agencies, Crown corporations, various levels of government and private sector organizations. They provide toll-free access to basic Government information over the telephone to millions of callers.

Sadly, however, no contact centre has been available to capture the growing number of callers who are summarily accused, tried and convicted by the MSM and social media for making off-hand comments that are judged to be hateful, insensitive, racist, sexist, homophobic or ‘Islamophobic’ .  These callers are desperate to make immediate amends by contacting the identity group they have offended.  In such cases, timing is decisive. A tardy apology can be a career-ending mistake with devastating social repercussions.  Finding the right contact quickly can be the difference between damage control and damage out-of-control.