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QUEBEC: Accoucher au Canada pour obtenir la nationalité canadienne pour leur enfant (+Google translation)


Accoucher au Canada pour obtenir la nationalité canadienne pour leur enfant


Le tourisme de bébé prend de l’ampleur et J.E. a levé le voile vendredi sur une nouvelle façon de procéder.

Le phénomène des «bébés passeport» n’est pas nouveau. Une femme vient accoucher au Québec en payant une facture pour les soins reçus. Certaines paient, d’autres pas, mais elles sont unanimes: elles viennent assurer un meilleur avenir à leur enfant en venant chercher la nationalité canadienne.

Manque de vérification

Malgré la photo sur la carte d’assurance-maladie, les vérifications ne sont pas simples: «Dans le gros “rush” je ne commencerai pas à dire : “Est-ce que c’est bien vous sur la carte”, a reconnu une infirmière. Continue reading

Pressure from opposition pushes feds to speed up Syrian refugee intake

Canada speeding up Syrian refugee intake 




OTTAWA – Canada has taken in 1,500 Syrian refugees, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander told the House of Commons Monday.

The government had been under pressure from opposition politicians to bring more refugees to Canada more quickly.

“If they are here, where the heck are they?” NDP MP Andrew Cash asked. “Response by this government has been incredibly slow and it’s not commensurate with the tragedy unfolding.”

Alexander said the system has been improved so that refugees can get to Canada more quickly.

“Since 2009 we set a record amongst our allies bringing in 20,000 refugees, 1,500 from Syria alone,” Alexander said. “What we need now is military action to protect millions of other refugees.” “‹

A report last year said that government cutbacks at a centralized office in Winnipeg caused a backlog of claimants.

CALGARY: Anya Sass desperate to bring her Syrian husband to Canada

Ottawa blocks Canadian from getting Syrian husband out of danger

Woman from Calgary forced to choose: Leave him there or risk her life and stay

By Kathy Tomlinson, CBC News Posted: Sep 22, 2014 3:00 AM MT Last Updated: Sep 22, 2014 6:17 AM MT

Ottawa blocks Canadian from getting husband out of Syria

Ottawa blocks Canadian from getting husband out of Syria

A Canadian woman and her Syrian husband are speaking out from a Damascus suburb because they’re frightened and desperate to flee the escalating danger together. They’re distraught because her government is doing nothing to help.

“All we want to do is leave here. We want to just go to Canada and have a normal life,” said Anya Sass, who was born and raised in Calgary.

“We are living in fear every day … I feel like it’s not being taken seriously. They are just saying, ‘Sorry you are in a war zone — but that’s too bad. We have a lot of paperwork to do.’”

Sass said she was travelling through the Middle East three years ago, on a break from post-secondary studies, when she met Habib Alibrahim, fell in love, and married him.


“I never made it further than Syria,” she said, with a smile. “It’s not easy living here right now — but it’s actually a lot harder to be away from him.” Continue reading

MISSING: Rebekah Isaac and her two children last seen near Sheppard Ave. and Progress Ave. in Scarborough

Toronto mom and her two children are missing

Toronto police are concerned for the safety of a missing family.

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Rebekah Isaac, 34, and her two children, Jonathan and Joyline, were reported missing after they were last seen near Sheppard Ave. and Progress Ave. in Scarborough



By:  Staff Reporter, Published on Sat Aug 23 2014

Police are looking for a mother and her two children after they were reported missing Saturday afternoon.

Rebekah Isaac, 34, Jonathan, 7, and Joylin, 5, were last seen near Sheppard Ave. and Progress Ave. in Scarborough around 2:30 p.m. Police say Rebekah was wearing a yellow dress and Jonathan was wearing khaki pants and a yellow checkered shirt with a black cowboy hat. Joylin was wearing a pink T-shirt with a pink hat.


Anyone with information is asked to call 42 division at 416-808-4200.

Due to family negligence, 83-year-old Chandrowci Basdeo leaves home around 10 p.m. and gets killed near highway 400

83-year-old victim was suffering from Alzheimer’s

CBC News Posted: Aug 07, 2014 5:57 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 07, 2014 5:36 PM ET

The driver of a vehicle involved in a fatal collision that killed a pedestrian on Highway 400 this morning has turned himself in to police and is now charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

Police were looking for a grey 2010 Ford Escape after an 83-year-old woman was struck and killed near Highway 400 and King Road.

Chandrowci Basdeo  — who was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease — wandered away from her home on Wednesday night at around 10 p.m., according to her family. 

Shortly after 4 a.m. police found her body on the road, close to a service station, amid some broken parts of a vehicle.

Police said the driver did not remain at the scene, triggering a search for the vehicle. Continue reading

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OTTAWA: Accused of unsanitary work, Dr. Christiane Farazli agrees to give up practicing medicine

Andrea Janus,
Published Friday, July 25, 2014 8:26AM EDT

An Ottawa doctor whose clinic was at the centre of an infection scare has agreed never to practice medicine again after the College of Physicians and Surgeons found her unprofessional and incompetent.

The College held a disciplinary hearing for Dr. Christiane Farazli on Thursday after dozens of patients also came forward to say that she had brutalized them during procedures, such as colonoscopies.

In reports submitted to the College’s discipline committee, Farazli’s former patients said they endured “unbearable pain” and “inadequate sedation” during procedures in her office. Another said Farazli enlisted the help of a visiting sales rep during a procedure when her nurse failed to show up for work. Continue reading

TORONTO: “Canadian Workers Come First!” Rally

Message from Dan Murray

“Dear Members, 

On June 19, 2014 (this Thursday), the Migrant Worker Alliance will be holding what they refer to as a “Migrant Worker Solidarity Picket”. The objective of this picket is to demand immigration and challenge the “unjust” ban that has been placed on food sector businesses from using Temporary Foreign Workers.We at Immigration Watch Canada believe that Canada is in need of a significant reduction to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program which in 2012 allowed  a record 491,547  non Canadians to work in Canada. The 491,547 consists of 213,573 new workers who entered Canada in 2012 plus another 277,974 who were already here. We believe this  program has been widely abused by employers and should probably be reduced to nearly zero. In any recession or in times of high unemployment, it is madness  for a country to be importing large numbers of immigrants as well as large numbers of Temporary Foreign Workers.

Our plan is to arrive at this picket as members of the opposition. Our message will be simple and clear: “Canadian Workers Come First!”.

If you agree with our message and want to actually do something that will help impact change, this is your opportunity!

Please meet us at:
Scotiabank (corner of Bloor St W. & Spadina), 11:30 AM ’sharp’.
Please look out for the IWC sign.
Once we are all gathered together, we will proceed to march to the headquarters of the Canada Food and Restaurants Association (which is about a block away).

We should be there no longer than 1 hour.

*Please bring signs*.

Any questions can be directed to Dan Murray via email to:

Facebook event page:

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