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TORONTO: “Canadian Workers Come First!” Rally

Message from Dan Murray

“Dear Members, 

On June 19, 2014 (this Thursday), the Migrant Worker Alliance will be holding what they refer to as a “Migrant Worker Solidarity Picket”. The objective of this picket is to demand immigration and challenge the “unjust” ban that has been placed on food sector businesses from using Temporary Foreign Workers.We at Immigration Watch Canada believe that Canada is in need of a significant reduction to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program which in 2012 allowed  a record 491,547  non Canadians to work in Canada. The 491,547 consists of 213,573 new workers who entered Canada in 2012 plus another 277,974 who were already here. We believe this  program has been widely abused by employers and should probably be reduced to nearly zero. In any recession or in times of high unemployment, it is madness  for a country to be importing large numbers of immigrants as well as large numbers of Temporary Foreign Workers.

Our plan is to arrive at this picket as members of the opposition. Our message will be simple and clear: “Canadian Workers Come First!”.

If you agree with our message and want to actually do something that will help impact change, this is your opportunity!

Please meet us at:
Scotiabank (corner of Bloor St W. & Spadina), 11:30 AM ’sharp’.
Please look out for the IWC sign.
Once we are all gathered together, we will proceed to march to the headquarters of the Canada Food and Restaurants Association (which is about a block away).

We should be there no longer than 1 hour.

*Please bring signs*.

Any questions can be directed to Dan Murray via email to:

Facebook event page:

Cambodian boy sponsored for 7 years through World Vision


Andrea Wong and her partner Michael Rapawy met with Bros Pich and his mother while in Cambodia.

Breaking down barriers through sponsorship

Support from Canada could help Cambodian boy become a doctor

By: Terri Favro Published on Thu Apr 24 2014

When Canadian toxicologist Andrea Wong spent a month in Asia, including Cambodia, she already had a connection to the country through 11-year-old Bros Pich, whose name means “diamond boy.” Wong had been sponsoring him for seven years through World Vision. Continue reading

Over 50% of B.C.’s residents oppose foreign workers program while 22% want it abolished : poll

Over 50% of B.C.’s residents oppose foreign workers program while 22% want it abolished : poll

Recent media coverage has had ‘huge influence on public perception’


 A recent poll by Insights West suggests that a majority of British Columbians hold negative views toward the temporary foreign workers program, but only a minority want to see it end.Overall, 53 per cent of those surveyed oppose the program, but only one in five (22 per cent) want to see it abolished, and three in five, or 60 per cent would like to see the program continue, but with greater scrutiny.

The Insights West survey, which polled 824 British Columbians over the age of 18, showed that only four per cent would keep the program as it is with no change. Continue reading

Morton Beiser and Harald Bauder say Canada’s immigration reform is “ugly”

Canada’s immigration system undergoing quiet, ugly revolution

Ottawa has quietly made massive changes to our immigration policy as if those changes have nothing to do with the kind of society Canadians want to build for the future.

By: Morton Beiser and Harald Bauder Published on Mon May 12 2014

Canadians are rightly upset about recent scandals involving the temporary foreign workers program. But let’s not fool ourselves: this program and its mismanagement are only part of a massive and stealthy reform to a system that may or may not need fixing. Continue reading

Typhoon Haiyan used by Filipinos to get into Canada

Immigration keeping secret how many Typhoon Haiyan victims rejected

The Harper government won’t say how many Filipinos applying for promised “fast track” visas after Typhoon Haiyan were turned down — or how long the processing took.

By:  GTA, Published on Tue May 27 2014

In the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, the Canadian government touted a promise to fast-track visa applications for Filipinos “significantly and personally affected” by the deadly superstorm.

Six months later, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is keeping information on how the special measures fared secret.

The government will say only that roughly 1,100 applications have been approved; officials won’t reveal how many typhoon victims applied, how many were rejected and how long it took to process the emergency claims.

Immigration has ignored the Toronto Star’s repeated requests for this information over the past two weeks.

“I cannot think of any reason why they would not answer this question,” said Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch, an organization that advocates for a more open and accountable government. Continue reading

Immigration to Canada: Quebec opens doors for skilled workers

Three popular immigration streams, including investors and entrepreneurs, open for applicants

By Majorie van Leijen
Published Thursday, April 03, 2014

Positive news was announced for all who are interested in migrating to the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada. Three of its popular immigration programmes will accept new applications this year.

The three programmes are the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP), The Investor Programme (IP)and the Entrepreneur Programme (EP).

Quebec Skilled Workers Programme

With immediate effect, the QSWP programme has been extended to laud in another application year starting from April 1st, 2014. From this date to March 31st, 2015, 6500 applications will be accepted for review, committed the Government of Quebec. Continue reading





Canadians United against Terror is pleased to announce a series of national events to coincide with our support for the proposed Quebec Values Charter.

 Our first major event of 2014 will be a picket in front of VALLEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL in Toronto to oppose Islamic prayers and gender apartheid in that publicly funded secular school.

 At the same time our Quebec and Atlantic Canada branches will be staging rallies.

We are a grassroots national movement to oppose the intrusion of fundamentalist religious ideologies into our society, with special focus on those that violate our norms of gender equity and other cherished values.

 We support the proposed Quebec Values Charter and will lobby to have similar legislation implemented across the nation. We have assembled a national team of prominent leaders to achieve this.

 We shall shortly announce a date for the Toronto VALLEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL PICKET. There will be simultaneous rallies in Montreal and Halifax.

 Media Contact Email: Website:

 Dr Bikram Lamba (National Spokesman, Ontario Regional Leader)

 Andre Drouin (Quebec Regional Leader)                       

Michele Walsh (Atlantic Canada Regional Leader)             


WORLD: Swiss nationalists want swift action on immigration limits

Women pass by election placards , poster in center is for a stop of immigration, and posters at left and at right are for a yes to immigration, in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday, Feb. 10, 2014. (AP / Anja Niedringhaus) Read more:

Swiss nationalists want swift action on immigration limits
Read more:

The Associated Press
Published Sunday, February 16, 2014 8:30AM EST

GENEVA — The nationalist Swiss People’s Party called Sunday for swift action to prevent a mass influx of foreigners to Switzerland this summer, when a temporary limit on immigration from eight Eastern European countries expires.

The demand comes a week after Swiss voters narrowly backed the party’s plan to cap immigration for all types of foreigners, including those from the European Union, within three years. Continue reading

Passport investigator Trina Kennedy reassigned for alleged affair with Iran-linked businessman Arian Azarbar

Passport investigator reassigned for alleged affair with Iran-linked businessman


, Last Updated: 2:13 PM ET

MONTREAL — Passport Canada has reassigned a senior investigator for an alleged affair with an Iranian-Canadian businessman.

Trina Kennedy is the second Canadian public official to be reassigned for alleged links to Montrealer Arian Azarbar.

Montreal police Sgt.-Det. Philippe Paul was reassigned last month amid allegations he had leaked information to Azarbar. Continue reading

WORLD: Meet Sylvi Listhaug


Sylvi Listhaug

Sylvi Listhaug (born 25 December 1977) is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party and has been Minister of Agriculture and Food in the Solberg cabinet since 2013. Between 2006 and 2011, she served as city commissioner of welfare and social services in the city government of Oslo.

Political views

Proposals by Listhaug include a stricter policy on psychiatric patients[6] and hanging up posters of convicted rapists in their local community.[7] She has also proposed to close down the annual gay parade in Oslo as she suggested that “half and almost wholly naked people dancing around in the streets of Oslo” could rather lead to less tolerance of homosexuals.[8] She also oppose same-sex marriage[9] and wants to reverse the law that implemented it in Norway.[2] Continue reading