RISECANADA.com ad: Justin Trudeau #justnotoneofus

The national group RISE CANADA released this ad outlining Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s notorious Islamic links and policies.

SHOCK VIDEO: Reporter votes wearing full, face-obscuring Muslim niqab

SHOCK VIDEO: Reporter votes wearing full, face-obscuring Muslim niqab

UPDATE: Watch the shorter, 90-second version of our undercover video here, with the highlights. (PS: It’s perfect for sharing.)

We sent a reporter to attempt to vote while wearing a full, face-obscuring niqab.

We sent David Menzies, a six-foot tall man. We gave him three instructions:

1. Don’t take off the niqab;
2. Don’t lie or try to trick anyone; and
3. Keep his undercover camera rolling, no matter what.

What do you think happened? What do you think Elections Canada officials said to David? What do you think they did to determine his real identity? Watch our full-length report:

If you’re as appalled as we are, SIGN THE PETITION demanding that Elections Canada ban wearing a niqab or any other face mask while voting.

It’s one thing to insult Canadian culture by degrading women. It’s just insane to let people vote without showing their face. Please forward this to all of your friends and ask them to sign the petition.

More here 


TORONTO: Ron Banerjee and a couple of friends promote Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party

At Yonge and Dundas in downtown Toronto, Ron Banerjee of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and a couple of friends promote Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party, while chanting about barbaric Islamic cultural practices that must end in Canada.

He and others have been doing this for a week now and will be active through til the election date Oct 19th.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fb0_1444522660#RmCZOLG2JG0xKMGo.99

SOCIETY AT LARGE: Trivializing Rape

August 8, Montreal


A gaggle of feminists with male satellites in tow flocked to Bethune Square in Montreal to manifest against rape culture and peripherally the presence of Roosh V in the city.

The assumption here, for any reasonable person hearing the term rape culture for the first time, is that these women are raising awareness towards sexual violence, which would be more than laudable. Unfortunately, this is very much not the case as it was explained by the first speaker.

During the opening remarks, rape was defined as employment discrimination, racism, intolerance, emotional aggression and another half dozen or so social issues not even remotely related to forceful sexual intercourse. Apparently, third-wave feminists have openly appropriated this horrific word and redefined the crime of rape to include any emotional (but especially female) feelings of powerlessness.2015-08-08 12.32.57_resize

In their view, the term rape is transposed to mean something violent on a purely meta-linguistic level, a sort of brutally poetic description of catching a man peeking at a woman’s cleavage for instance.

However, the common definition of rape is not terribly ambiguous. These girls are using the word because it instantly elicits sympathy. Absolutely nobody but a sociopath would “support” a rape culture, and they hedge on this fact to gather crowds. Their crusade against “rape culture” oversimplifies the world of sexual dynamics, trying to expand the notion of actual rape to other types of interaction (kissing, touching, etc.).

Two ineloquent keynote speakers went on to talk about consent, which they did not even attempt to clearly define. This is consistent with their very overt and awkward attempts to swim in a linguistic morass of victim buzzwords and hazy concepts. Since they have desexualized the term rape, then what is the definition of consent and how does one “obtain” it? No clear answer was given.

Montreal not afraid of Christmas

Flashmob de Noël au Complexe Desjardins 6 décembre 2014

Flashmob organisé par les trois Pieux Locaux de l’Église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours au Complexe Desjardins à l’occasion de la période de Noël.L’événement s’est tenu le samedi 6 décembre 2014 en 2 représentations (16h15 et 16h45).

L’objectif était d’offrir aux spectateurs une opportunité de réfléchir l’origine et au sens de la célébration de la fête de Noël par le biais d’un potpourri de chants de Noël présentés par une soliste (Marianne Lambert), un quatuor (Jérémie Baldi, Yuri Carter, Jean-Michel Carter et Olivier Carter) et plusieurs chorales de la région Montréalaise.

L’ensemble comptait plus de 230 personnes.

Canadian Immigration: How many is 250,000+?

By Brian McLeod