Unable to swim, Congolese Richis Bondo Katumbay dies while tubing on Chestermere Lake without wearing life jacket or flotation device

Congolese Richis Bondo Katumbay dies while tubing on Chestermere Lake without wearing life jacket or flotation device

Man’s body pulled from Chestermere Lake

Nadia Moharib, Calgary Sun

First posted: Thursday, August 11, 2011 7:38:43 MDT PM

The search for a man presumed to have drowned in Chestermere Lake may be at an end. Richis Bondo Katumbay, a 33-year-old a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was tubing on the lake, pulled by friends when he disappeared on Saturday.

Toronto: Wong family crest to be officially unveiled at the Wongs’ National Convention

Does this new name crest include both ways of writing the Wong character in Chinese?

World’s Wongs hold massive Toronto reunion
CBC News
Posted: Aug 13, 2011 10:05 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 13, 2011 10:05 PM ET t

Toronto is hosting a family reunion for the record books — the Wongs’ National Convention, with more than 12-hundred people named Wong arriving by the busload from across Canada and the United States, even as far away as Hong Kong.

Canadian Wongs come together every few years in meetings that date back to the 1950s, but the Toronto convention, which lasts through Sunday, is expected to be their largest gathering yet.

“I think everybody shares, that if you’re Wong, you’re family,” says Greg Wong, a Wongs’ National Convention organizer. “I think it’s special because a lot of the people came a long way, to see family, old friends.”

The Wongs aren’t a family in the traditional sense and many aren’t related by either blood or marriage.

Islamization of Newfoundland and Labrador: Growing Muslim population in St. John’s needs space to celebrate religious event

St. John’s Muslims searching for space to hold Eid
CBC News
Posted: Aug 13, 2011 8:07 AM NT Last Updated: Aug 13, 2011 8:07 AM NT


In St. John’s, the Muslim population is growing so fast that they have run out of room for Eid, the large celebration that marks the end of Ramadan.

The Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador estimates there are between 1,500 and 1,800 Muslims living in the province.

Group of anarcho-communists inciting to London-style riots in Montreal find no support

Normand Bethune statue, Guy-Concordia metro station, Montreal

By CIReport.ca

CIReport.ca broke a story about a group of pathetic anarcho-communists that attempted to capitalize on the unrest in London to incite riots in Montreal.

Thanks to a vigilant police presence and a miserable show of support for these lowlife lefties, the event turned out to be more smoke than fire.

Tim Murray on the impact of PC indoctrination in our universities

The Impact of PC Indoctination In Our Universities

As you may know, it has long been my hypothesis that for the past several decades, schools and colleges have had a corrosive effect on independent thinking. Two generations of Canadians who have passed through system have emerged with a culturally relativistic, permissive and globalist mindset, and I think an examination of opinion polls taken in the wake of recent incidents involving phoney refugees bears that out. I have highlighted sentences in the following stories that merit your attention. I find vindication in their findings.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada joins the choir that condemns Jason Kenney’s comments on judicial independence

Speaking on the matter for the first time, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin applauded the Canadian Bar Association on Saturday for protesting comments Kenney made last winter, when he said Federal Court judges weren't toeing the line of the Harper government's immigration policies.

Supreme Court chief justice backs protest against immigration minister’s comments
By Richard Foot, Postmedia News August 13, 2011
Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.
Photograph by: Chris Wattie, Reuters

HALIFAX — The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada has added her voice to the legal profession’s condemnation of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who sparked an uproar earlier this year on the issue of judicial independence.

Reducing the number of family reunification visas for parents and grandparents vital for economic growth and prosperity

How can Ottawa deal with the problems associated with an aging population?
By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – 17 hours ago

To offset the costs associated with an aging population, governments must act now with policy measures to boost fertility, increase the number of younger immigrants, and encourage people to work longer.

These recommendations come in a report, commissioned by the Conservative government, on the rising cost of health care and retirement benefits in the face of a shrinking number of working-age taxpayers.

Peter Showler concerned that aleged war criminals will have only 15 days to get their cases together

Failed refugee claimants only allowed a ‘half appeal’?
August 11, 2011 6:14 PM |
By Laura Payton
Jason Kenney and Amnesty International Canada have been going back and forth lately over the government’s push to deport people linked to crimes against humanity.

The government has already arrested six of the 30 men whose identities were published, and found one is no longer living in Canada. Canada Border Services Agency has deported three of the men arrested, the most recent on Thursday.